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Connection Paper #5-JLJ

Connection Paper #5-JLJ

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Published by Jakita L. Jones

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Jakita L. Jones on Sep 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Connection Paper #5COMM 605: Strategic Communication: Analysis and TheoryDr. John McArthurBy: Jakita L. JonesApril 4, 2011
According to
Charlotte Observer’s reporter, Ann Helms (2011)
, alocal billintroducedby Rep. Ruth Samuelson this week will allow the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school board tolaunch teacher performance pay without the approval of teachers. Superintendent PeterGorman and the board have long viewed teacher performance pay as a key to improvingeducational results. The plan is to identify and reward the most effective teachers whilehelping weaker ones improve or, if all else fails, getting rid of them. As CMS has movedtoward its performance pay plan, which is scheduled to take effect for teachers in 2014,resistance has grown from teachers and the support from parents has dwindled. Teachershave voiced concerns and feel that the bill is not in the best interest of students of CMS,teachers of CMS and therefore the economic stability of Mecklenburg County (Helms, 2011).In the matter above, it seems as though CMS leaders have botched communicationon this issue
and a “time out” should
be called to rethink and reorganize how CMS officialsare interacting with faculty. According to Ihlen et al. (2009),
Niklas’s Luhmann’s
concepts help us to understand that
a system (organization) can see onlywhat it can see, it cannot see what it cannot. Furthermore, it cannot see that it cannot seethis
(p. 190). On the other hand, Ihlen et al. (2009) adds that a system can begin to seewhat it cannot see through the concept of 
, which
would be beneficial to apply inthis circumstance. It is the notion that an organizational system sees itself from the outsideor observes itself as an observer and it sees differently from other perspectives (Ihlen, et al.,2009). As a result, the idea of reflection is the production of self-understanding in relation tothe environment.
CMS leaders can apply
Luhmann’s theory to the above
incident by utilizing theircommunication team to visit various school districts to gather and collect the concerns,frustrations, and positive or negative feedback from all teachers and administration throughsurveys, one-on-one interviews, or an open forum regarding the performance pay strategy.The documented observations and comments from school visitations will reveal how thedecision made to bypass the input of the teachers on this issue has affected them; how thefaculty feels it will impact
their future, and the employee’s perception of CMS’s
communicative approach toward the matter. Moreover,
reflection approachwould also comprise of CMS
communication team reflecting upon previous internalsituations to analyze and examine how the school board has operated or functioned duringthese types of affairs in the past. For example, CMS leadership can evaluate how theyinformed their internal public about the surge of new testing within the school system orinvestigate how they have communicated to the teachers about the School Quality Reviews.Looking back to review or assess how former affairs have been handled by CMSofficials can be helpful in exposing errors, mistakes, and miscalculations in theircommunication efforts and employee deliberation standards, thus developing self-restrictions out of consideration for its environment in order to secure its owninterdependence and self-referential development in the long term.For example, CMS officials should inspect how they have communicated in the pastto their internal public about the budget cuts and school funding complications. Allcommunication tools should be assessed such as sent e-mails, the written tone of directly

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