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Masturbation - Genetic and Spiritual Viewpoints

Masturbation - Genetic and Spiritual Viewpoints

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Published by Healthcare87
Masturbation - Genetic and spiritual viewpoints
Masturbation - Genetic and spiritual viewpoints

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Healthcare87 on Sep 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Masturbation - Genetic and spiritual viewpoints
ENDOCRINOLOGY, NEUROLOGY AND PSYCHOLOGYThe instinct of this irrational command from nature regarding the procreation of thechildren has its blessing and dangers. When man is deceiving himself and he is steppingout of his role by flesh, he will not get away unpunished, he will be severely punished.To understand this automatic punishment of the vices where the men instinct is tending, pushing the people to a life against the flesh, some knowledge of endocrinology andneurology won’t hurt.We have separated throughout our body about 7-8 glands with internal secretion. Thestudy of these glands is called endocrinology and their secretions, hormones. Hormonesare chemical substances, kind of salts having the role to enlighten the intellect, to makeour lives pleasant and with interest for it – in one word the hormones are the agents of stimulation of life. In blood are also the vitamins, a cellular secretion of each tissue,toxins, germs and everything else. All together are creating our internal environment,our endocrine environment or our humoral environment. For the good function of the body, this environment must have a normal determined composition; and if it doesn’thave, it will show up organic and functional disturbances, a full chain of disabilities.Among these glands are the ones who bear the man seed; these glands unlike the other glands have a double function: an internal function for secreting hormones and anexternal function for producing, germinating the cells. We are interested in effects,defects and conflicts.
The glands where the hormones are coming from and which are located in the lowestsector of the body have besides the other tasks the role of giving a very energized andsmooth specific configuration to the entire body, as a man or a woman.Then they have the role of stimulating the function of the other glands, whose hormoneshave still the mission of rousing and activating other functions in the other sectors of the body. All together have a role and influence especially on the nervous system and brain, its capital. Here’s how is starting a conflict relation or a good understandingsituation between reason and instinct.The next scheme makes us understand the step that needs to be followed:
From this technical drawing we can understand the following: the instinct, even thoughit is without mind, it still cannot proceed in action without the mind’s will and withoutapproval of the other censorships. (Good! and bad, when mind’s leadership is corruptedand censorship bought!) Then the hormones, the bullets of instinct being everywhere inthe blood structure, are taking the brain as a target, the capital of the nervous system.The hormones act at the first motivation signaled by the eye running straight to themind announcing the opportunity and the command of the instinct. Besides, the eyes,ears, nostrils and mouth are erogenous zones; there are many doors where the outwardenvironment is knocking the inward environment, igniting with the spark of lust theflame of deeds.The drawing is also letting us think on one aspect. The genetic functions are waking upever since the time of childhood when the mind doesn’t know how to stop them.Why is this order turned upside down…?If we consider the duty of our parents to supervise and prevent their children at the righttime about this delicate aspect, of course the responsibility of the fall is not only inchildren’s care or in the care of God, but the parents will be held responsible. Thechildren are counting on the mind of their parents.In the neurological and endocrine frame, meaning by flesh, this is how it’s supposed to be: this forbidden energy has to emerge since childhood so that under its action todevelop and refresh the entire body and especially the nervous system. The hormonesare generated for a certain reason, but their action must be accompanied by abstinence,otherwise the healthy growth of the body and the nervous system would be alteredorganically and functionally in depth, meaning either the hormones will be missingfrom the body or the abstinence.It seems that in many respects and areas, the values are emerging from warmed upcontradiction, like most of the fire sparks.INVITATIONS TO THE RIGHT JUDGEMENTUnderstanding abstinence as a condition of health of the nervous system and fornicationas a road to imbalance, it’s good to emphasize the biological and psychological limits of these commands.There are people who would like to run their life according to their right judgment, butnobody dares telling them upfront. Even the authors of the books referring to thiscommandment, are giving worse advice than they would give to the cattle. They don’tconsider the man both in his moral and spiritual being. If they would lead them like

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