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Dance Ed ePortfolio Assessment New

Dance Ed ePortfolio Assessment New

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Published by Kori Wakamatsu

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Published by: Kori Wakamatsu on Sep 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dance Education ePortfolio Submissions2012-2013Learning Outcome: Dance Theory and Curriculum
Students will demonstrate understanding of dance theory within a comprehensive dancecurriculum, including:a. Dance history and its application within social and cultural contexts;b. Dance science and somatics in relation to movement and dance technique;c. Music theory and accompaniment;c. Dance production;e. Technology and its application within classroom and performance settings.
: two artifacts (each one from a different course) that represent criticalanalysis, interpretation and/or research.1)
A minimum of one written research paper.2)
The other could be a digital recording of an oral presentation or creative work.  Courses: D342, D343, D355, D460, D461, D464, IP&T 286
Learning Outcome: Instructional Strategies, Behaviors, and Standards
Students will demonstrate competency in teaching by:a. Applying principles and concepts set forth by the National Dance Standards and theUtah State Core Curriculum;b. Demonstrating a variety of teaching strategies to produce new knowledge and skills inothers;c. Facilitating artistic development through process-oriented instruction.d. Utilizing reflective practice that leads to increased pedagogical skill and classroomeffectiveness.
: three artifacts that demonstrate teaching competency.1) a digital recording of a 10 minute segment teaching K12 students (not classmates orprivate studio)2) a copy of the final CPAS evaluation (either from the mentor teacher or universitysupervisor)3) a copy of section 4 of the Teacher Work Sample.Courses: D348R, D366, D466, D476
Learning Outcome: Professional Engagement and Interaction
Students will demonstrate professionalism through:a. Active participation in professional organizations which support the fields of dance andeducation;b. Appropriate social interactions with students, peers, advisors and parents;c. Advocating for developmentally appropriate dance in public schools, private schools,and the broader community.
: two artifacts of professional engagement and interaction:1)
Section 7 of the Teacher Work Sample (required)2)
an additional artifact of choice, such as Relicensure Point Sheets from professionalconferences, a digital recording/conference proceedings of a conference presentation,a
written response to an advocacy letter, class disclosure document,class newsletter, email correspondence with parents or administrators, etc.Courses: D276, D465, D466, D476, ScEd 350, ScEd 353, CPSE 402.
Learning Outcome: Dance Technique, Performance, Choreography
Students will demonstrate proficiency in dance technique, performance, choreographyand improvisation.
: students will provide three artifacts (one from each category).1.
Contemporary Technique: digital recording demonstrating technical proficiency. 5minutes and a minimum of one complete sequence. Students are encouraged tochoose segments that highlight strength, agility, fluidity, alignment, and jointarticulation.Courses: D340, D341, D440, other approved enrollments such as professionalworkshops.2.
Performance: a digital recording of a staged performance in which the student is thefocal point. 5 minutes (each segment should be a minimum of 1 minute).Courses: D348, D368, D468. Other acceptable recordings: Faculty Works Concert,Senior Showcase, other approved performances.3.
Choreography: a digital recording of an independently choreographed piece (it ishighly suggested that you use your senior capstone choreography, but stagedchoreography placed on secondary students or dancEnsemble will also be accepted).5 minutes.
Courses: D368, D469, D476, other approved works.

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