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Published by B. Merkur

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Published by: B. Merkur on Sep 28, 2012
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g-d holds our handsin the darkness ofexile and redeems us
A Jews asks: How is it possible, amidst these
difcult and challenging times of exile, toproperly serve G-d and prepare to usher in theera of the true and complete redemption?! *Even though “darkness shall cover the earth,”that has no bearing on a Jew at all, knowingthat G-d Alm-ghty is present with him in everycircumstance.
Translated by Boruch Merkur
how can a jew remainunaffected by thedarkness of exile?
Toras Emes
, the Torah of Truth, tells a Jew that we arepresently in the final days of exile and that we have to preparefor the true and completeredemption. Yet, one’s perceptionmay well contradict this truth,leaving him perplexed. He seesthe world steeped in darkness,as in the verse, “darkness shallcover the earth, etc.” (Yeshayahu60:2), and that we are still farremoved from experiencingthe revelation of G-dly light,certainly not the sublimerevelation of the future era of redemption, when “G-d shall beto you for an everlasting light”(ibid 60:19). If so, he reasons,how can one remain unaffected by the darkness of the world?How is it possible, amidst thesedifficult and challenging times of exile, to properly serve G-d andprepare to usher in the era of thetrue and complete redemption?!
G-d returnswith the exiles
In response to this, there is alesson derived from the weeklyTorah portion related to today’sdaily study – the verse, “And G-dshall return (with) your captivity,etc.” (Nitzavim 30:3): A Jew must know that theDivine presence resides withthe Jewish people even as theysuffer in exile (and it remains with us until the final momentof exile). And when the Jewishpeople are redeemed, it shall bein a manner of “‘And G-d shallreturn (with) your captivity,etc.’ – it does not say, ‘He shall
return your captivity
,’ but, ‘
Heshall return
your captivity,etc.,’ inscribing redemption forHimself, for He shall return withthem” (Rashi on the verse).Therefore, even though“darkness shall cover the earth,etc.,” that has no bearing atall, for a Jew knows that G-dis present with him in everycircumstance. Accordingly it is understoodthat when G-d Alm-ghtycommands the Jewish peopleto prepare for the true andcomplete redemption, and toprepare the entire world forthe revelation of G-dly light, by means of illuminating one’shome and environment with thelight of Torah and Judaism, it isabsolutely certain (without anydoubt at all) that each and everyJew can succeed in His G-dlymission, for G-d is with him.Thus, he fulfills his service with joy and with a good spirit, as it is written, “serve G-d with joy.” Infact, his joy adds to the successof his service.In this manner, we willsoon merit to go out of exile, asdescribed in the commentary of Rashi (on the verse ibid 30:3),G-d “literally holds the hands of every single person, [taking him]out of his place, as it is said, ‘youshall be gathered one by one, Ochildren of Israel’ (Yeshayahu27:12).”
(From the address to the N’sheiU’b’nos Chabad, 24 Elul 5741,bilti muga)
Erev Sukkos 5773
D’vAr MAlcHus
all, they are very aware of theBible and our being the ChosenPeople. Whenever they encounterus, they remind us that we arethe Chosen People. Numerousdistinguished and older peoplecome to the Chabad house and want to help us. I had an entirestaff of volunteers for Pesach.I mentioned the touristseason before. During the otherseasons of the year there aretorrential rains. Three yearsago, right before Yom Kippur,there was a serious storm. At theend of the block, people wereswimming. Two story houses were completely submerged, andit was nearly dry here. They allsaid that the reason our blockremained dry is because there is aholy house here. Aside from that, we work very hard on the Seven NoachideLaws. We have a class once a week on the topic and peoplekeep asking for more. There wasa Filipino who was very seriousabout this. He has a command of Chassidic concepts that is betterthan a lot of people I know. Oneday, he happened to attend alecture where they spoke againstChabad and Moshiach and hegot up and announced that hehad once kept Shabbos but thenhe understood this is not forhim. His role, he announcedto the surprised audience, is tohelp Chabad shluchim, becausehe knows that the Rebbe is theMessiah. When he finished whathe had to say, he began singing Yechi.
Does it make an impressionon others that the Filipinos areready to welcome Moshiach?
Definitely. I see it all thetime, on the non-Jews and onthe tourists, who are open tohearing about it, and mainly with the children. At the last daycamp we ran, we spoke aboutMoshiach. We showed picturesof the Rebbe to the children anddescribed what will happen, andthe children accepted it. A few days later, on RoshChodesh Kislev, I gave birth and we invited the children to sayShma with the baby. The shliach,R’ Yehuda Friedman, came to usfrom New York for the bris. Oneof the girls came into the house,saw him, and began shouting,“Moshiach arrived!” She saw a white beard and Chassidic dressand was sure it was him.I consider the children asshluchim more than myself.
What do you mean?
Children have a special way of saying things. There’s no foolingaround. They can go over topeople and say or do things that we wouldn’t dare say or do. Mychildren were born to shlichusand they love it. I try to give thema good time and not to talk allday about what’s hard, painfulor upsetting and they accept it beautifully. When we lookedfor a new building, for example,they were more excited than we were. My oldest, who is three anda half, urged us to write to theRebbe.
Where do you see the Rebbein your shlichus?
 What?! The Rebbe iseverything! He is the only one who makes things happen hereand we see this constantly. Forexample, there was a couple whocame from Eretz Yisroel. He is akibbutznik, a Kohen, 60-70 yearsold. She is a divorcee. They spentyears together but when theycame here, the Kohen latched onto Chassidus. He sat for hours with my husband, came to all thet’fillos, learned Chitas, and wasenthusiastic about everythingJewish. She was very upset.She had come here to tour, andinstead of touring with her he was sitting in the synagogue frommorning till night. This causedthem to separate.It sounds simple, but it’s huge.They had lived together for years,in a relationship that is forbiddenfor him and her. There was nochance of their separating, andyet the Rebbe ensured that we wouldn’t even have to expendenergy on explanations about theforbidden relationship between aKohen and a divorcee. We consult with the Rebbeabout everything. For example, before my first birth which was Purim time, I wanted toreturn to the US and be nearmy mother and have a midwife who experienced something like12,000 births. But the Rebbe’sletter said that on Purim there would be many people at theChabad house and from this Iunderstood that I should stayhere. With my second child theRebbe also wrote to stay and notto worry. With this birth, I hadthe midwife I wanted. She wasin India and was willing to “passmy way” on her way home. I gave birth on her last night here andit was a quick, good birth andBoruch Hashem worry-free, asthe Rebbe had promised. We see the Rebbe’s guidinghand in the numbers of people which constantly change.Sometimes we have manypeople, several minyanim a day,and sometimes we have less.It’s nice to see how sometimesthere is the power of the group,and other times, the one-on-one relationship is effective. It’samazing!
 Readers are invited tocontribute towards the Chabadhouse of the Philippines at
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