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Libyan Embassy Attacks and Film Coverage

Libyan Embassy Attacks and Film Coverage

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Published by NPRombudsman

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Published by: NPRombudsman on Sep 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Libyan Embassy Attacks and Film Coverage
9.12, “U.S. Condemns Killing Of Ambassador Stevens And 3 Others In Libya,” Morning
“The protests were sparked yesterday by an American
-made video circulating onthe Web that ridicules Islam and the prophet
- Montagne
“Apparently there‟s this video. It sparked protests also in Cairo, which did not end
did not turn deadly, certainly.”
- Montagne
“The Libyans say that it was not only a protest against this video but that there
were supporters of the ousted leader, Moammar Gadhafi, that got involved in this
attack.” – 
9.12, “U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens, 52, Killed In Libya,” Morning Edition
“Why would it be that the spreading of a video – 
because we are told that clipsfrom a film that depicts the Prophet Muhammad in an offensive way werespreading through the Middle East
that that was the reason for the attack. Whywould clips from a video then inspire large numbers of people to mount an armed
attack on an American facility?” – 
“We do know what happened and is continuing to happen in Cairo, and that is that
some ultra-conservative groups known as Salafis have mobilized protests at the
American embassy in Cairo because of this film clip.” – 
Wright (interviewed)
“You said at the beginning there we don‟t know precisely what happened inLibya. Based on the information that you‟re trying to sift, as everyone else is, is it
not clear to you what the motivation might really have been in Libya?
“So we‟re going to be extremely careful in describing motivations, here.” – 
“But the danger is that this film clip has an infectious effect across the region.” – 
 Wright (interviewed)
9.12, “U.S. Confirms Death Of U.S. Ambassador, Staff,” Morning Edition
“The attack was sparked in
part by an American-made video that mocked the
 prophet Muhammad.” – 
9.12, “US Ambassador Stevens And 3 Others Killed In Attack In Libya,” Morning
“Like the President and Secretary of State are trying to highlight, this is a small
part of the community here, the
especially in the attack in Libya, which wasreally violent extremists. They were not protestors. They went with RPGs and
weapons.” – 
“At the same time, there were people who seemed to respond violently to a film,
or at least clips of a film that had been made in the United States that criticized or
had a negative portrayal of the Prophet Muhammad.” – 
“Well, the trailer of this film, it‟s a 14
-minute trailer that portrays the prophet as abuffoon whose first convert to the religion is a donkey. So it is extremelyoffensive for Muslims who believe you should never depict the prophet at all. Butthe reason it became a rallying cry was that these clips were dubbed in Arabic andput on local channels here in Egypt, especially a channel called Al-Nas, a Salafichannel, which is an ultra-orthodox form of Islam. And so people
it became a
rallying cry.” – 
9.12, “Mitt Romney Addresses National Guard Convention,” Morning Edition
Quick news mention: “They died at the hands
of protestors in Benghazi,protesting an American-
made video that denigrated the Prophet Muhammad.” – 
9.12, “Attack In Libya Threatens To Upset U.S. Ties,” Morning Edition
No mention of cause of attacks
9.12, “U.S. Ambassador Killed In Attack In Libya,” Morning Edition
“That attack in Libya and another one on the U.S. embassy in Cairo were both
we‟re told, anyway – 
by the same event, the same film out of the United
States.” – 
“Well, this film is a low
-budget film. It was a trailer that was posted on YouTubein English, and then dubbed into Arabic. And it was broadcast on some prettyconservative fundamentalist Islamist channel here in Egypt. And it sparked a lotof outrage among all Muslims, but the most extreme of which went to protest
outside the U.S. embassy. Most people here understand that it‟s not a government project, that it‟s just some film coming out of California from a director who does
not like Muslims and does not like Islam. It escalated in Libya well beyond whatthey did here in Cairo, where they ripped down an American flag, were able to get
into the embassy parameters here.” – 
9.12, “Clinton: Libyan Attack Was By “Small, Savage Group,” All Things Considere
“It‟s unclear what motivated the attack. There is speculation that protestors had
gathered outside the consulate because they were angry over a trailer posted toYouTube for an American-made anti-
Muslim film.” – 
“But there are also conflicting re
ports that the attack was well-coordinated and
 planned in advance.” – 
9.12, “Attack On US Consulate In Libya Grew Out Of Protest,” All Things Considered
“What people are telling me here is that the attacks began as an escalation of a
protest that started
was supposed to be peaceful. It started off as a protestbecause of this anger towards this U.S.-produced film that people here say was
insulting to the Prophet.” – 
Al-Shalchi (interviewed)
“There are some people who say, you know, well, you know, t
his was a naturalresponse to the anger of insulting our prophet. Other people say that, you know,
even though we‟re angry about the movie, that this shouldn‟t have escalated theway it did and they feel really sorry and ashamed.” – 
Al-Shalchi (interviewed)
9.12, “US Sends Marines To Libya After Consulate Attack,” All Things Considered
“In his public remarks, President Obama made no mention of the video that
sparked the protests in Libya. It ridicules Islam and the Prophet Mohammed.
” – 
9.12, “Anti
slam Film May Be Connected To Libya Attack,” All Things Considered
“We‟re going to hear more now about the film that was, at least in part, thecatalyst for the violence in Libya, as well as protests in Egypt.” – 
“The apparent assumption of the mob
that attacked the Libyan embassy was thatthis film was being broadcast widely on American TV for the anniversary of September 11
.” Aslan (quoted) “Aslan says those misperceptions are provokinggroups that don‟t need any more provocation to commit violence.” – 
9.12, “Many Questions Remain After US Consulate Attack,” All Things Considered
“What isn‟t clear is whether it was planned much ahead. It isn‟t even clear if there
were demonstrations like the ones we saw in Egypt against this new movie aboutthe Prophet Muhammad, whether there were demonstrations of any size outside
the consulate before the attack happened. They‟re trying to figure that out.” – 
9.12, “Ambassador To Libya Was Passionate About His Work,” All Things Considered
No mention of film
9.12, “Romney Criticizes Obama‟s Response To Libya Attack,” All Things Considered
“The president acknowledged that the attacks in Libya and similar protests in
Cairo were apparently caused by anger over an amateur film made in Americanthat
some Muslims felt insulted the Prophet Mohammed.” – 
9.12, “
Political Roundup:
The Turns Ahead On The Campaign Trail,” Talk Of The
“While news from Benghazi was just beginning to emerge, Mitt Romney
criticized a statement issued by the U.S. embassy in Cairo, where the assault onthe U.S. embassy there was thought to be motivated by a bigoted film on
YouTube that ridicules the prophet Muhammad.” – 
9.12, “Outrage Builds After US Embassy Attacks,” Talk Of The Nation
“The attacks in Libya
and another in Egypt where protesters scaled the wall of theU.S. embassy and tore down the American flag apparently in response to a smallonline film that ridiculed Islam and the prophet Muhammad, and which happened
to be made in the United States.” – 
“There are indications, or there is some speculation or reports out there saying
that this was armed Islamist militants taking advantage of the situation, takingadvantage of the anger over this film to attack the consulate in Benghazi. Butagain, that
‟s not anything that confirm or anybody really knows.” – 
But a film like this, of course, low budget, probably wouldn't have even gonestraight to DVD in the United States. Really, it was dubbed into Arabic and isvery - considered very insulting in Islam. So it's a great opportunity for groups,militant Islamist groups, to take advantage of the situation and attack in the way
they did yesterday.” – 
“The Afghan government condemned "Indore," the film, so there is a possibility
of protest there. And the Brotherhood here, who have called for peaceful protest,again, on Friday, against this film. The prime minister in Egypt condemned theattack on the embassy and said nothing justifies what happened at the embassyyesterday. But at the same time, the government is calling for a legal action to betaken against the producers of this film and the Egyptian-Americans or Egyptianswho live in the United States, the Coptic Christian Egyptians, who are accused of being connected to this film has been put on a watch list here. It's also importantto know that four men had been arrested in Egypt in connection with the attack on
the embassy last night.”
- Fadel
9.12, “Opinion Page: The South China Sea‟s Gathering Storm,” Talk Of The Nation
No mention of film
9.13, “How Benghazi Is Reacting To The Deadly Attacks,” Morning Edition

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