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Published by Jennifer Peebles

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Published by: Jennifer Peebles on Sep 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Department o Veterans Afairs
Labor Management Relations |
DVA /AFGE Master Agreement
Section 1 - Purpose
A. Ocial time as a necessary part of collective bargaining and relatedactivities is in the public interest. The parties recognize that goodcommunications are vital to positive and constructive relationshipsbetween the Union and the Department. These communications shouldfacilitate and encourage the amicable settlement of disputes betweenemployees and the Department involving conditions of employment andshould contribute to the eective and ecient conduct of public business. They further recognize that this consolidated unit is very large and complexand requires Union coordination of its representational activities atseveral levels.B. As provided in 5 USC 7131, ocial time shall be granted as specied in lawand in any additional amount the Department and the Union agree tobe reasonable, necessary, and in the public interest. Ocial time shall begranted for activities as specied in law and in amounts specied by thisAgreement or otherwise negotiated. Ocial time shall be used for:1. Handling grievances and other complaints;2. Handling other representational functions; or,3. Engaging in appropriate lobbying functions.
Section 2 - Designated Union Ofcials/Representatives
A. Ocial time in the following amounts is authorized for each of theseUnion ocials:1. National VA Council President - 100%2. Three National VA Council Executive Vice Presidents - 100%3. National Treasurer - 50%4. Fifteen District Representatives - 50%5. Twelve Appointed National Representatives - 50%6. Five Appointed National Safety and Health Representatives - 50% These national Union representatives may designate a Union representative attheir home station and transfer unused ocial time to that representative toperform the duties of the position for which ocial time is authorized.
Department of Veterans Aairs
Labor Management Relations |
DVA /AFGE Master Agreement
B When the Union assigns individual(s) who are not subject to a national orlocal 100% ocial time allocation to participate on a national task forceor committee, the Department will aord such individual(s) ocial timefor preparation, travel, and participation related to such assignment VACentral Oce (VACO) LMR will work with local facilities to obtain the time asneeded This time will come from the bank of hours described below, if theemployee is not otherwise on 100% ocial time Should the bank of hoursbecome unavailable, the Department will authorize the time to participateC Two members of the VA Mid-Term Bargaining Committee and two membersof the VBA Mid-Term Bargaining Committee will be on 100% ocial timeVACO LMR will work with local facilities to obtain the time as needed forthree other members of each committee, who will be allowed ocial timewhile preparing for, traveling and participating in activities related to eachmid-term bargaining issueD The Union will provide the Department with a listing of the NationalUnion Ocers, District Representatives, National Representatives, andNational Safety and Health Representatives so that each local facility maybe informed The Union will also provide a timely notice of any change inNational Union representativesE Travel and per diem is authorized for National Union Ocers, DistrictRepresentatives, National Representatives, and National Safety and HealthRepresentatives in connection with the semiannual meetings describedin Article 5 - Labor Management Committee
 Travel and per diem is alsoauthorized as provided elsewhere in this Agreement or where otherwiseagreed to by the parties or where required by law, rule, or regulationFWhen Union ocials visit a facility other than where they are employed forthe purpose of engaging in representational activities, they will notify theDepartment prior to their visit The Department will notify the Union of anyscheduling problems connected with the visit and the parties will attemptto work out a suitable arrangementG In addition to the above ocial time, the Union shall have a bank of hours fromwhich to draw in order to have subject matter experts, administrative supportduring negotiations, support for national grievances, labor-managementcollaboration support, special projects and Department initiatives, etc ThePresident of the NVAC shall assign the time in no less than one hour increments There shall be a one-time 25,000 hours for the rst calendar year in which thisagreement is in eect Any hours remaining at the end of that calendar yearshall carry-over until depleted Prior to the use of this ocial time, VACO LMRand the Union will develop a tracking accountability system for the bank of hours within 30 days after the eective date of this Master Agreement VACOLMR and the NVAC President may arrange for additional hours to be added tothe bank after the rst contract year
Department of Veterans Aairs
Labor Management Relations |
DVA /AFGE Master Agreement
Section 3 - Accumulated Ocial Time
Ocial time authorized for National Union representatives may be used asneeded; however, upon request, the Union representatives will be advancedocial time from future time accrual for that leave year Any time not usedduring any pay period will be accumulated for the remainder of the leave yearAny time that was not used as needed by the end of the leave year will not becarried over to the next leave year
Section 4 - Additional Time Allotted
 Time spent in connection with national bargaining and LMR Committeemeetings shall not be charged against other ocial time allotted
Section 5 - Travel to Other Locations
A Once ocial time is authorized for a specic function that requires traveloutside a Union representative’s duty station, the representatives will bepermitted to leave the facility to discharge their functions after notifyingtheir respective supervisor of their destination, expected return date/time,and the category of representational activity involved The categories are:1 Negotiation of term collective bargaining agreements;2 Negotiating changes to conditions of employment;3 Dispute resolution; and/or,4 General labor-management relationsB Where travel to another location within the jurisdiction of a local unionis necessary for representational activities consistent with the provisionsof this Agreement, and the transportation is otherwise being provided tothe location for ocial business, the Union will be allowed access to thetransportation on a space-available basis and also authorized ocial timefor travel Personal transportation expenses (POV, mileage, etc) will bereimbursed to the extent permitted by Federal Travel Regulations
Section 6 - Other Activities
A For the following matters, union representatives will be on ocial time:1 All activities related to Labor-Management Committees (Forums);2 Quality Program; This ocial time will not be counted against any allocated ocial time asdescribed in this agreement

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