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October ParentBulletin

October ParentBulletin

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Published by Jan Iwase

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Published by: Jan Iwase on Sep 29, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Hale Kula Elementary SchoolOCTOBER 2012 Parent Bulletin
Office: 622-6380
Waianae & Ayres Aves on Schofield Barracks, Hawai’i 96786
Aloha, Parents!Welcome back! We hope that all of you had a safe and relaxing Fall Intersession.If you are new to Hale Kula, we’d like to share a warm “Aloha!” with you. We welcomeand invite you to join our `ohana (family). You will have many opportunities to participate inactivities or to volunteer at our school throughout the year. We hope to see you!Our vision is:
Hale Kula Elementary School – Working, learning, andsucceeding
We are committed to providing a quality education for your children -- our students -- and we need your assistance. Parents are so important, and there aredifferent ways in which you can get involved at our school. You can support your children'sschooling by attending school functions and activities such as PTO meetings and parentworkshops. You can provide encouragement to your children to do their best at school; you canmonitor homework, or read aloud to your children at home. Parents can volunteer to help outwith school activities or work in the classroom. Or you can take an active role in the governanceand decision-making to develop an Academic and Financial Plan which focuses on improving studentachievement.We thank all parents who have been active, involved participants in our school. Nearly 100parents attended the Common Core State Standard Workshops in September. We also had agreat turnout for the Book Fair Family Night and the Cross Country Invitational.We are concerned and will be problem-solving issues with attendance – absences andtardies. According to the State, last year, 19.7% of our students were absent more than 15school days during SY2011-2012. We are also tracking students who are chronically tardy. Wewill be discussing these issues and seeking input from parents about possible solutions.Thank you for your continued support of Hale Kula! We look forward to seeing you aroundour school!Mahalo!, Jan Iwase, Principal
Federal Survey cards
Please turn Federal Survey Cards in as soon as possible. The office has to call and followup on every card. Every child in the state was given a card and they must all be turned in.
Leaving Hale Kula
If you find out that you are leaving Hale Kula, let the office know immediately. It takestime to process your exit paperwork.
Nene Reading Discussions
 4th & 5th graders are invited to participate in the Nene Lunch Reading Discussions.Students can borrow these books from the Hale Kula Library or ask their teacher for a copy.(Book Fair profits and a generous grant from the PTO has made copies available to all 4th & 5thgrade classrooms.) Students need to read the book and respond to a question on theNene Blog:http://halekulalibrary.weebly.com/nene-blog.htmland will then receive a pass to come to thelibrary with their lunch.The schedule is as follows:October 17 Ghost Dog SecretsOctober 31 The Book of Elsewhere: The ShadowsNov. 1 The Strange Case of Origami Yoda
Taking care of library books
Mrs. Colte, librarianOne important part of our library lessons is teaching the children to take care of theirlibrary books. By taking care of books, more students will be able to borrow and enjoy thebooks, but it also saves parents money. Students who damage books will be assessed fees.Today, ten library books were returned with writing, water damage, food stains and torn pages.Please help your child take care of his/her library books by following these rules at home:Turn pages at the topKeep water & food away from booksKeep books away from younger siblings & petsWash hands before reading booksDo not draw or write inside booksWater bottles go outside the backpack & library books insideThank you for your help!
School Bus Riders
The office is accepting payment for Quarter 2. The quarterly fees remain at: $72.00 roundtrip; $36 one way. Checks should be addressed to: Department of Education. For current riderswho pay by the quarter, bring in your bus pass to be punched. Coupons are available at$12.50/sheet of 10 (cash only). For questions about the bus, please call the school's office.
Health room
Health Room is accepting donations of rubber flip flops (or slippers) in all sizes.Students are asked to return the ones they borrowed
Physical Education Matters
 Jerry Bevacqua & Ted EnokiOur annual complex cross country event was September 26 and the runners werewonderful despite the rain. Hale Kula won the team trophy and it’s proudly on display in theoffice. They did it with excellent team running. For example, The 3rd Grade boys had threerunners in the top 10, plus an 11th and 13th place. The best group of all was the Third Gradegirls. These girls not only put ALL FIVE SCORING RUNNERS IN THE TOP 10, they even put theirsixth runner in the top 10!!! Their score of 21 points was the best of any team for the wholemeet!!!Individual Hale Kula medalists are: Ariana Rankin, 3rd Grade Girls 1
place, Kalea Blevens,3rd Grade Girls, 2
place, Pierre Summers, 4th Grade Boys 1
place, Sean Smith, 4th Grade Boys2
place, Kira Garcia, 5th Grade Girls, 3
place, Brandon Fox, 5th Grade Boy's 1
placeSpecial thanks go out to Mr. Enoki, Mrs. Petry, and Mrs. Iwase. Also, a huge mahalo to allthe volunteers, parents and soldiers that helped with this event.
Transition Center
Connie Blevens, Transition CoordinatorHale Kula Transition Center’s mission is to assist new students and families in theirtransition to our school. We offer daily tours and informational sessions about our campus.Tours are available Monday, Thursday and Friday afternoons at 12:00pm or 11:30am onWednesdays. We also offer a morning orientation and tour every Tuesday at 9:00am.We would like to welcome the following students to our ‘ohana who arrived in September:Alizabeth Blankenship, Bradley Brammer, Cody & Trevor Buck, Brianna Cosalter, Conner & NoahDawson, Dakota & Summer Denton, Hailey Frondorf, Nia Gallegos, Sophia Geniuk, Dalilah, Dolores,& Raven Gonzales, Madison Hamor, Derek Hiszem, Angelo, Ja’Dyn & Zion Johnson, Julian Jones, JT& Rson Kinere, David Knight, Hunter Laven, Lilliana Mahoe, Antonio McInnis, Darrien Melton,Lillyan Morris, Evin Morrow-Green, Dylan Moseley, Joshua Myers, Madison Nakamoto, Adriel &Sincere Nikolao, Trenton Peterson, India Rice, Loren Robbins, Georden Rogers, Daniel Rouse, AaronSabado, Diego Saucedo, Maggie, Jonah, & Joshua Smith, Jonathan Sweezer, Kamei White, andAngelica Yoshida.
Parent Teacher Organization Updates
Thank you to all the families who are supporting the Hale Kula PTO.
Hale Kulaparents helped raise
at our last Domino’s Pizza Night. Thank you for your support. Ournext Domino’sPizza Night is
12 and we hope to raise
.Hale Kula PTO has joined the social media craze. You can find us on Facebook at
HaleKula Parent Teacher Organization
. Like us today to see some of the wonderful things thePTO is doing.It is never too late to join the Hale Kula PTO. Membership is only $10 and you can findmembership forms in the office and P14. Again thank you to those who have joined and thank youfor supporting Domino’s Pizza Night

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