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What is Trillium Shorts f Story 2011

What is Trillium Shorts f Story 2011

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Published by Miriam Pia
See how a quiet day in a residential neighborhood includes the disclosure of a scientific discovery - among friends.
See how a quiet day in a residential neighborhood includes the disclosure of a scientific discovery - among friends.

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Published by: Miriam Pia on Sep 29, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Miriam PiaIm Lienert 727313 DorverdenGermanyJune 2011Dear Editor,The following story is 4,600 words long not including the extract from an online websitedeclaring a true version of the SF story’s topic: the discovery of a new element.This is the 2
story entered into this year’s Short Fiction Contest.Miriam Pia*****************and now for something true**********related piece***********
http://www.webelements.com/Element 117 discovered?
A paper just published (5 April 2010) in Physical Review Letters by Yu. Ts. Oganessian andothers claims the synthesis of a new element with atomic number 117. The abstract states"The discovery of a new chemical element with atomic number Z=117 is reported. Theisotopes
117 and
117 were produced in fusion reactions between
Ca and
Bk. Decaychains involving eleven new nuclei were identified by means of the Dubna Gas FilledRecoil Separator. The measured decay properties show a strong rise of stability for heavier isotopes with Z>=111, validating the concept of the long sought island of enhancedstability for super-heavy nuclei." Read more:WebElements: the periodic table on the WWW [http://www.webelements.com/]
Copyright 1993-2010  Mark Winter The University of Sheffield and WebElements Ltd, UK]. All rights reserved.
1***********************************************************************************************Fiction along a similar vein***************************
What is Trillium?
By Miriam PiaJason bent over, picked up one of the rabbits and as he began to stroke it asked,
“What’s trillium?”There was a grown man conversing with a boy outdoors of a tidy middle classneighborhood. The grown man had a few pets, some lawn sculptures and was well knownin the area for being good entertainment for children for between half and hour to one and ahalf hours. The reason that he was so much fun was mainly that he was strange. He wasnot an evil person, but he was very unusual.So, Jason asked him again when the man seemed distracted by the motion of hisweather vane at the top of his house, “What is trillium?”“There is more than one kind,” the man said.“Go on,” the boy said, petting the bunny and holding it to him when it struggled briefly.“Please support the rabbit’s feet properly,” the man replied.The boy did so.“There are trillium which are flowers,” the man began. Jason thought he spoke asif he had been asked to explain the entire world and everything in it.2The boy looked at the grown man, and tilted his head. Jason then turned andlooked at the weather vane. Sure enough, the arrow floating on top of a metal rooster waschanging direction.Really, the man needed people to talk to. When he had moved to the town he hadnot predicted that half of his friends would actually be children. He viewed himself as asolitary but friendly fellow. He was not really sure why he had no wife or serious girlfriend
except that, when he thought about why not, he realized that he had never tried. All of hismarried friends and sought out partners with fervent interest - many of them for years before settling into anything permanent, but always either chasing after someone or dealingwith someone. He had not really done that. As the wind pushed his weather vane, he hadto admit to himself that he was really probably single for lack of trying.He had come out for some fresh air, to take a break from his laboratory only to findthat yet again, there was a neighborhood boy in his yard playing with one of his pet rabbits.He realized that this was probably his big chance to have social contact for the day. He wasgrateful but still felt strange that the guest was about 10 years old.The kid was looking at him strangely, with a mixture of curiosity and somethingnameless.The man felt self-conscious. He straightened up and took a deep breath. “Trilliumis also an atomic element,” he told the child. The boy had a reputation for being reasonablyclean and responsible as well as friendly. He had come to visit this solitary man - usually just outdoors in the yard for nearly a year.3“No it isn’t,” Jason said. “I have memorized the Periodic Table of the Elements for school and there is no such thing as trillium.”The man laughed. He was very slender, so he seemed to almost bow in the breezelike a sunflower. “That’s just it - what did you say your name is again?”“I’m Jason,” Jason said.“That’s just it, Jason,” said the man. “Most people don’t know about ‘trillium theatomic element’. I’m impressed, that you’ve learned the Period Table at your age,” he

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