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2012 The Coming of Heaven on Earth?

2012 The Coming of Heaven on Earth?

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Published by GoddessLight

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Published by: GoddessLight on Jan 18, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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2012: The coming of Heaven on Earth?
Since the end of the eighties, powerful winds of change have been sweepingacross our beautiful planet. The whole of humanity is becoming increasinglyaware that time is accelerating, that our thoughts have a true impact on thereality surrounding us and that our health is directly influenced by both ourstress and our moods.On the environmental level, it seems that nature is in the midst of a full rebellionand that natural disasters are on the rise all around the globe. Some blamepollution and the outrageous exploitation of natural resources; others see in themthe harbingers of the Apocalypse. What if we were simply witnessing the rebirthof Heaven on Earth, promised since the very birth of humanity? If all thoseplanetary “symptoms” were only little tremors, like those of a chick trying tobreak through its eggshell, some inherent “contractions” necessary to allow the“delivery” of a New World, healthier and brighter?Let’s take a deeper look at this. Our world is changing. Mentalities aretransforming. It seems like some entire populations feel more and more confinedby the constraints of the social and political norms “tolerated” for manygenerations… These no longer make any sense once we become open to a moreglobal and universal vision.Everywhere, both in the Eastern and Western worlds, groups and communitiesare breaking their silence to express their views (as presently happening in Tibetfor instance). Peaceful demonstrations and worldwide meditations are beingheld (such as the one that took place on July 17
last summer), bringing togethermillions of people who dream of a better world.Books on spirituality or New Age are growing in numbers and attract increasingamounts of people. Conferences and seminars about the Universal Laws aremore and more popular (such as the Law of Attraction, which the film “TheSecret” gives a brief outline of). Isn’t this a tangible evidence of the emergence ofa new awareness?It is wonderful, fabulous and extraordinary at the same time! At last eachindividual on Earth is able to reconnect to the deeper meaning of his ownincarnation, his unique mission here: storing as much energy as possible to sharewith the whole of humanity, with the entire planet!
The end of duality?
For centuries, our world has been separated in two clans as if most of the soulsincarnating on Earth could only remember one part of the mission entrusted tothem.On one hand, we have those who focus all their attention on the need to "storeenergy" in all its forms: belongings, goods, money, power, etc.On the other hand, we find all those who give themselves unreservedly to others,even to the point of forgetting themselves, expecting that the entire planet wouldbenefit from the best possible conditions… Perhaps some of you recognizethemselves amongst those?I’m talking about those who would readily give everything, up to their last shirt,in order to help a person in difficulty. Those who get involved in theircommunity, their area, their country to get things moving and to improve theliving conditions of their fellow human beings or else are dedicated to defendingthe environment and/or endangered species…Yet, if the first ones appear to be entirely wrong in your eyes, you might noticethat the second ones don't do much better. Rejecting their own needs, living onlyin a dream and utopia and/or not being properly anchored in the material plane:doesn't this contribute to maintaining the general climate of duality in place? Upto the extent of even feeding some resentment towards the "other ones", those ofthe first group? How many wars have been fought for pseudo "benevolent" or"spiritual" motives?Fortunately, all this is changing on both sides. Quantities of people who onlyswore by material security and the power of money are now asking themselvesinnumerable existential questions about the meaning of life and the eventsaffecting them: "Why did I get sick?" , "Why did my wife leave me?", "Why can’t Icommunicate healthily with my children, my boss, my friends etc.."?These "Why" inevitably lead to "How": "How can I get healthy again?", "How canI have more fulfilling relationships with those near me?", "How can I be happy atlast and feel good about being myself?" As their spirits awaken to the awarenessthat everything originates from them, their vibrations rise accordingly.At the other end of the spectrum, resting on the "second tray of the scale", thosewho were irreparably turned towards others realize that they have a tendency to"drain themselves out" by continuously giving their energy away. More andmore people along their spiritual path are becoming aware of the importance of aright balance between "giving and receiving". They realize that beyond the acts
of generosity shared around them, people often only remember the contradictorymessage they send out of "the one that sacrifices himself for those around him toget better". Instead, most of them end up learning to "preach through example";that to "suffer" for another or with them doesn't take their pain away but, on thecontrary, that living in joy, serenity and abundance remains the most powerfulincentive for the other person to find their own solutions within.In short, mystics and awakened people "go down" more and more into matter,while materialistic people "lift up" their hearts, their spirits and their awareness abit more each day. Visualize the first ones, on one tray of the scale, slowly godown; while the second ones inexorably lift up towards the sky. At some point,both trays will no doubt end up meeting at the center, situated right in themiddle, in perfect balance... Isn't that the famous principal of the "Zero PointBalance", so popular in the late 90s?
A second of lucidity is enough!
Imagine that all those who have the financial "means" and the "power" to changethe world finally meet face to face with those who have for so long nourished the"vision" and the "precepts" of a better world... That the "human souls" that areopening to the universal energy and rising in the Light at last ally themselveswith the "spiritual beings" who are incarnating more and more deeply into thehuman plane.The only sparkle required to start that up is one intention, one prayer for peace inthe world, sincerely shared by the whole of humanity, for harmony to reestablishitself in all four corners of the world. It would only take a simple unanimousdecision, in solidarity, for pollution to cease and for a big cleanse to happen atthe blink of an eye everywhere on Earth. Thought creates. Collective thoughttransforms.We are presently witnessing a first in the history of our Planet. The divine andcelestial energy is "coming down" densifying into matter at the same pace as thetelluric and planetary energy is getting lighter and is purified on the vibratorylevel. As consciousness is taking root in every living being on the planet,everything is becoming possible again. Heaven on Earth is no longer apotentiality but rather a reality manifesting itself under our very eyes.Will 2012 be the year of that long awaited planetary birth? Why not!However, it is today that it is happening!

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