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The Christ Child.

The Christ Child.

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Published by glennpease

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Published by: glennpease on Sep 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE CHRIST CHILD.BY S. D. McCOELL, D. D.1 CORITHIAS xv. 47.Two babes have been born into this world inwhom the whole race has been concerned. Thefirst was "Adam," the second was Jesus. Thefirst grew to be human, the second came to knowthat He was divine. In the first the human ani-mal took the step upward and found his place inthe ranks of moral persons. In the second theman takes the ultimate step upward and takeshis place among the sons of God. Where Adamwas brought forth and where his cradle wasrocked no one can say. Did prodigies attend it ?Did savage beasts stand about it glaring andwith bared fangs? Probably. But the child,after that God had fashioned him into a man,came "to know good from evil." His childrenincreased and multiplied, delved and builded,prayed and fought and sang, and the earththrough the ages teemed with men. But thechildren of Adam reached the limit of theircapacities. " But when the fullness of time wascome, God sent forth His Son, made of a woman,306THE CHRIST CHILD. 307to redeem them, that we might be called the sonsof God."The ruling idea of Christmas time is that God
has, in some strange fashion, let himself into thelife of humanity. What was not possible beforethe birth of the Christ-child is now natural.The whole of human life has been lifted up insome way, and set to go forward on a higherplane. As the Adamites were an advance uponthe human brutes which went before them, andfrom whence Adam sprang, so the sons of Godare an advance upon the sons of Adam fromwhence Christ sprang. This is the belief withwhich the Christian Scriptures chiefly concernthemselves. They have little to say about thenature or attributes of God. They offer no codeof morality. They speak but seldom, and thenconfusedly, about the future life. They presentno fundamental system of doctrine or phil-osophy. But about one thing they never hesitatethe Christian is a new kind of creature. He isa man, but he is a new kind of man. He is bornagain, twice born. The foundation of his natureis Adamic ; the building is Christian. He is thesame kind of a person that Christ was and is.Jesus was "the first born among many brethren."A persistent heresy ever assails this truth. Itassaults it as the serpent tried to strangle theinfant Hercules in his cradle. It conceives of Jesus as an unique personality, who can have noreal imitators and no progeny. It isolates Him308 THE CHEIST CHILl).from both God and man, and makes Him theeternal monster ! And it does this in the guiseof reverence. Christianity has ever shown astrange reluctance to take Christ's own accountof Himself. His account is marvelous enough,indeed. But it is a marvel which is consistentwith itself. He is the founder of a new order
of beings. He is the first-born among manybrethren.To this is due the persistent and ever-recurringinterest in Jesus Christ. A thousand othershave played a thousand times more conspicuousroles than He, and have been dead and buriedand forgotten centuries ago. The interest inJesus is always fresh. He has a deeper holdupon men's thoughts now at the end of the cen-tury than He had at the beginning of it. Eachcentury finds a new interest in Him. Theologybusies itself at one time with Him, and when itfancies it has exhausted Him, history takes upthe task. When history has said its last word,sociology begins to study Christ. Humanitycannot long remove its eyes from Him. Thereason is, men feel that they are kin to Him, andthat on that side of their descent their hope lies.The Christian belief is surely so amazing thatnothing but the evidence of experience wouldkeep it alive for a single year. It ventures tobelieve that at a definite point in history, at aplace and time well considered and appropriate,there was produced a human personality inTHE CHRIST CHILD. 309 .* ' - x -whom humanity took the final step upward andbecame divine. The Christian race stands atChristmastide at the cradle of its ancestor.But what of the "Second Man's" progeny?How does the Divine Man propagate his kind?We are prone to think there is no mystery inthe transmission of life by .descent. Men beget,

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