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World Harmony Consensus

World Harmony Consensus



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Published by FRANCIS FUNG

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Published by: FRANCIS FUNG on Jan 20, 2008
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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From:"Francis Fung"Subject:World Harmony Consensus in response to David Gosset, Roger Cohenand Josuhua RamoTo:gdavid@ceibs.eduProf Gosset,Please review and comment. Your input will be greatly appreciated.Attached is the praise from the back of my second book "WorldHarmony Renaissance: Promise for a Better World".WORLD HARMONY CONSENSUSI read with interest the articles by David Gosset, Director AcademiaSinica Europea, "The Dragon's Metamorphosis" dated April 7, 2007 and"A New World with Chinese Characteristics" dated April 12, 2007, bothcarried by Asia Times. I quote from the articles, "With China'seconomic, social, political and cultural renewal, a five-century period of Western domination of the world has ended. One has to make sense of China's complex dynamics to apprehend a new world with Chinesecharacteristics." and "Democratization with Chinese characteristics willenrich the vocabulary of Western political scientists."Without being immodest I venture to quote from my essays "Socialismwith Chinese characteristics is Socialism with Harmony" and "The bestsystem for any country is a harmonious system developed from itsown culture with interaction from outside and not imposed fromoutside." "Harmony Propagates by Resonance." "Harmony is the orderof nature and resonance is nature's preferred way of propagation." "Itis time for America to advocate World Harmony Renaissance." Thesequotations are taken from World Harmony Organization publishedbooks "China's Harmony Renaissance; What the World Must Know","World Harmony Renaissance: Promise for a Better World." and morethan 30 essays on harmony renaissance, published by worldwidemedia and included in our blog site.Joshua Cooper Ramo suggested in "The Beijing Consensus", publishedby the Foreign Policy Centre, U.K. May, 2004 that the world now has

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