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Munich meeting on Nov 4, 2000

Munich meeting on Nov 4, 2000

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Published by Terry Welch
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Published by: Terry Welch on Sep 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Munich meeting on Nov 4, 2000 
 Thought I'd give you a quick rundown on the meeting we had herein Munich yesterday, Sat., Nov. 4th.Peter ran the show (and you all know him a little by now) forthe most part, and there were discussions and ideas galore.We also invited a young cancer patient that we've been treatingwith the waters for 6 weeks (primary testicular CA withmetastases to the lymphatic system) and he changed yesterdayfrom Breaker to Balance and also tested well on Anna's sample ofTurkish spy- I bought a few waters from Anna Ramsey and Roger(ie the Turkish spa) so I will make sure the patient gets some.The patient got up and told the group how he felt during thechemo's after drinking Breaker- and reported that he experiencedNO nausea. he ran out of water half way through his last chemo,and he said the nausea came back but was approx. 10% as strongas before he took the water.Peter structured the meeting in three parts: First he askedeveryone to introduce themselves and tell why they came to themeeting. The main interest with this group was clearlymarketing.Then he tested Robert Fuchs (the 29 yr. old cancer patient) andhad him talk about how he feels on the waters.Then Marcel had a thorough test, and everybody watched. Theneverybody got to test themselves and each other while Peterstood by and gave them tips and ideas about testing the waters.That was it.I don't think we ever told you about the N. Carolina/Atlantameeting. The N.Carolina meeting was a bit cool, there were 3couples there: Arthur Sawyer and his partner were the waterpeople that came, then there were 2 MD´s , that seemed prettyreserved about seeing the waters tested, but the female MD has asick horse, so I told her about JoAnn´s work and gave herJoAnn´s #. The last couple were patients of the acupuncturist'soffice that we were in.( We sold him a Prognos and were therebreaking him in and tested his whole crew on the waters. Hisname is Peter Kapatanokos, Carolina Health Center, Arden, N.Carolina/ (828) 684-5510) He's a sincere, honest guy who isopen-minded and willing to try new things.We had water samples sent to him for his Prognos testing.) Thecouple consisted of a 40 yr. old woman in a wheelchair diagnosedwith MS and has been through every treatment there is. Petertested the waters on her, successfully and her husband, who wasvery skeptical and a little bitter couldn't believe that thewaters could help. Peter talked to him about it.

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