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Axapta Project

Axapta Project



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Published by sony
Microsoft Dynamics IS the New Flavour from Microsoft For SAP People.
Microsoft Dynamics IS the New Flavour from Microsoft For SAP People.

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Published by: sony on Jan 18, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Business Solutions–Axapta
Project is a complete and easy-to-usemodule that helps you efficientlymanage project accounting across yourcompany with full financial overviewand control.Key Benefits
Help improve oversight of your operations tomaintain tighter control of project accountingand drive efficiencies.
Help improve cash flow management
Help improve productivity
Obtain strategic business insightMicrosoft Business Solutions–Axapta Project provides a strong platform to help you control project finances. It supports a wide range of functions and empowers your company to meetthe challenges of growth, while giving you theinsight into your business you need to succeed inan increasingly competitive global environment.Microsoft Business Solutions–Axapta is an all-in-one solution that gives you real-timeconnectivity across your business. In oneintegrated application. Microsoft Axapta Projectexchanges business information with many other functional areas in the solution, includingMicrosoft Axapta Accounts Receivable,Microsoft Axapta Accounts Payable, MicrosoftAxapta General Ledger and Microsoft AxaptaEnterprise Portal to improve your overall business performance. Microsoft Axapta Projectis divided into two components:
Project I: Control project accounting, enter time and materials consumed and conductfinancial follow-up on time and material projects and internal projects.
Project II: Advanced financial managementincluding work-in-process handling for morecomplex time and material projects, internal projects, and fixed-price projects.
Maintain tighter control of projects
Microsoft Axapta Project handles multiple project types, such as internal, time andmaterials, fixed price and those with a WIPcomponent. By allowing you to deconstruct alarge, complex project into manageable sub- projects and providing easy-to-use graphical project family trees, Microsoft Axapta Projecthelps you rapidly identify and address delays andavoid cost overruns.
You can specify different properties for each project task, such as start/end date, capacity loador the relationship between tasks. You can alsoschedule tasks for work center groups or work centers. A Gantt chart is provided to give you anoverview of capacity load.The solution helps you manage day-to-dayadministrative financial tasks and deal withunforeseen delays by letting you and your employees estimate and record the completion percentage of activities. Employees can register their time easily on-site or remotely using theInternet. That way, you can have an updated viewof the employee hours spent on a projectwhenever you need it.
Improve cash flow management
Microsoft Axapta Project serves as a central datarepository where your employees can keeprelevant project status updated. Having accurateinformation lets you shorten the billing cyclesince you can generate invoices immediately andget paid for projects faster. Invoices can appear in the currency of your choice, to suit the needsof your customers and vendors in projects or sub- projects. You can also bill multiple projects for one customer by creating a single invoice eventwhenever you need to. The solution helps youavoid delays and predict major cash outflows by planning when you will need to acquirechargeable equipment and materials throughout a project.You can keep your customers updated withtimely and accurate progress reports, sincecustomers who feel well-informed are less likelyto dispute invoices and more likely to pay ontime. If a customer’s requirements changethroughout the course of a project, you can addrevenue by easily adding revenue-producingconsumption to the project in progress or additional on account transactions.With Microsoft Axapta Project, you can also link  back office systems with companies with whichyou have both a customer and vendor relationship, in order to offset balances and savetime and money in administration.
Improve productivity
Microsoft Axapta Project can define new projectsquickly, by pulling data from the centralMicrosoft Axapta database. You can also speed project creation by using templates recycled from previous projects. A single view of all currentand planned projects helps you anticipate bottlenecks before they appear.The improved efficiency of Microsoft AxaptaProject may also let you move back officeresources from supporting current projects to
Manage multiple projects with user friendly project tree hierarchies
supporting sales to help increase new business.
Obtain strategic business insight
Microsoft Axapta Project lets you buildmeaningful hierarchies and categorize projectsusing sorting criteria, so you can understand thetrue costs of the services you render, and get anaccurate and detailed view of profitability. Thesolution can give you actionable data to help youidentify market trends, take on the right projects,and avoid committing to projects that you can’tstaff or that won’t be profitable.Microsoft Axapta Project also lets you useaccount categories to map parts of a project togeneral ledger accounts, in order to get a moredetailed analysis. You can summarize by projector cost category type, or you can define your own posting structure. You can also categorizetransactions based on hours worked, costsincurred, items issued and revenue to be billed.Accounting analysis dimensions provide a powerful way to run detailed analyses withoutcomplicating your chart of accounts. MicrosoftAxapta Project also gives you a flexible reportgenerator with multiple options.You can obtain insight either from the overall project statistics window, where you can filter among related projects and budget versus actualtransactions, or from standard reports, where youcan specify various data ranges. Using optionalOLAP analysis services, you can present data in pivot tables.
Part of a total solution
Microsoft Axapta Project is part of MicrosoftBusiness Solutions–Axapta, a customizable,scalable and global enterprise resource planning(ERP) solution that supports connectivity withyour business community and provides you witha fast and powerful way to gain a competitiveadvantage.
For more information about MicrosoftAxapta
To learn more about Microsoft Axapta, contactyour local Microsoft Business Solutions office, aMicrosoft Certified Business Solutions reselling partner, and/or visitwww.microsoft.com/BusinessSolutions.
About Microsoft Business Solutions
Microsoft Business Solutions, a business groupof Microsoft, offers a wide range of integrated,end-to-end business applications and servicesdesigned to help small, midmarket and corporate businesses become more connected withcustomers, employees, partners and suppliers.Microsoft Business Solutions applicationsoptimize strategic business processes acrossfinancial management, analytics, humanresources management, project management,customer relationship management, field servicemanagement, supply chain management, e-commerce, manufacturing and retailmanagement. The applications are designed to provide insight to help customers achieve business success. More information aboutMicrosoft Business Solutions can be found atwww.microsoft.com/BusinessSolutions.
Microsoft Business SolutionsFrydenlunds Allé 62950 Vedbaek Denmark Tel +45 45 67 80 00Fax +45 45 67 80 01www.microsoft.com/BusinessSolutions
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