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Organizacion Mundial Del Turismo :: Marketing de Destinos Turísticos

Organizacion Mundial Del Turismo :: Marketing de Destinos Turísticos

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World Turism Barometer (september 2012)
Statistical Annex of the UNWTO World Tourism Barometer
WTO World Tourtims Organization
OMT Organización Mundial del Turismo
Publicado en el Blog de Marketing Online PauKlein.com
World Turism Barometer (september 2012)
Statistical Annex of the UNWTO World Tourism Barometer
WTO World Tourtims Organization
OMT Organización Mundial del Turismo
Publicado en el Blog de Marketing Online PauKlein.com

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Published by: Blog de viajes pasaporteblog.com on Sep 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Quick overview of key trends 1Transport 7Hospitality 10Meetings industry 14Business intelligence 16Statistical Annex Annex-1 to Annex-29
This issue and the accompanying
Statistical Annex 
of the
UNWTO World Tourism Barometer 
include an analysis of preliminary results for international tourist arrivals as reported bydestinations around the world, air transport and hotelperformance for the first half of 2012.This release is available only in electronic format, throughthe UNWTO elibrary, and is free of charge for members. Therelease is provided in English only, while the Statistical Annex isavailable in English, French, Spanish and Russian.
22 million more internationalarrivals in the first half of 2012
In a context of lasting concerns over the global economy,international tourism demand continued to show resiliencein the first half of 2012. Some 22 million (+5%) moreinternational arrivals were reported by destinations aroundthe world between January and June compared to the sameperiod of 2011. Arrivals through June totalled 467 million. Innormal years the first six months account for approximately45% of the total volume of the year (as July and August, thetraditional high-season months of the Northern Hemisphere,attract most arrivals).
Quick overview of key trends
International tourism on track to hit one billion by the end of2012
 A total of 142 countries and territories have so far reporteddata on international tourist arrivals for one or more monthsof 2012 (out of 220). Of these, 119 countries (84%) havereported an increase in tourist arrivals, with 48 (34%)reporting double-digit growth. Only 23 countries (16%) haveposted a decrease.
116 countries have reported results for at least the first sixmonths of 2012. Based on this sample of destinations, it isestimated that destinations worldwide recorded 467 millioninternational tourists between January and June 2012, some22 million more (+5%) than the 445 million recorded in thesame period in 2011.
International Tourist Arrivals, monthly evolutionWorld(million)
Source: World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) ©
International Tourist Arrivals(% change)
Source: World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) ©
-0.3-*/11 YTD Advanced economiesEmerging economies
The best growth was recorded in March, when internationaltourist arrivals grew close to 7% compared to the samemonth last year. January and February 2012 were alsostrong in tourism activity (both up 6%). April was somewhatweaker (+4%), but this was partly due to the shift in theEaster holiday date from late April in 2011 to early April in2012, resulting in a share of the Easter holiday arrivals takingplace in March. May showed a robust 5%, while for Junegrowth is estimated at a more modest 3%.
The over 50 countries that have already reported data up toJuly indicate that growth is slowing somewhat, as mostcountries report weaker results than in previous months.
Volume 10 • September 2012
   D  e   l   i  v  e  r  e   d   b  y   h   t   t  p  :   /   /  w  w  w .  e  -  u  n  w   t  o .  o  r  g   I   P   A   d   d  r  e  s  s  :   8   4 .   1   2   6 .   1   0 .   1   9   3   d  o  m   i  n  g  o ,   3   0   d  e  s  e  p   t   i  e  m   b  r  e   d  e   2   0   1   2   6  :   1   2  :   4   9
PauKlein.com :: Marketing Online 
World Turism Barometer (september 2012)Statistical Annex of the UNWTO World Tourism BarometerBARÓMETRO OMT DEL TURISMO MUNDIAL Y ANEXO ESTADÍSTICO(SEPTIEMBRE 2012)WTO World Tourtims OrganizationOMT Organización Mundial del TurismoPublicado en elBlog de Marketing OnlinePauKlein.comhttp://www.pauklein.com http://es.linkedin.com/in/pauklein @pauklein 
Volume 10 • September 2012
UNWTO World Tourism Barometer 
is a publication of theWorld Tourism Organization (UNWTO). By monitoring short-termtourism trends on a regular basis, UNWTO aims to provide allthose involved, directly or indirectly, in tourism with adequate up-to-date statistics and analysis in a timely fashion.The
UNWTO World Tourism Barometer 
is periodicallyupdated. Issues contain as regular sections: an overview of short-term tourism data from destinations, generating countriesand air transport; the results of the latest survey among theUNWTO Panel of Tourism Experts, providing an evaluation of and prospects for short-term tourism performance; and selectedeconomic data relevant for tourism. The objective for futureeditions of the
UNWTO World Tourism Barometer 
will be tobroaden its scope and improve coverage gradually over time.The
UNWTO World Tourism Barometer 
is prepared byUNWTO’s Tourism Trends and Marketing Strategies Programme,with the collaboration of consultants, Nancy Cockerell and DavidStevens. The UNWTO Secretariat wishes to express its sinceregratitude to all those who have participated in the elaboration of the
UNWTO World Tourism Barometer 
, in particular all institutionsthat supplied data, and to the members of the UNWTO Panel of Tourism Experts for their valuable contributions.For more information on the
UNWTO World Tourism Barometer 
, including copies of previous issues, please refer tothe Facts & Figures section on the UNWTO website at<www.unwto.org/facts/menu.html>.
We welcome your comments and suggestions at<barom@unwto.org>, tel +34 915678205 / fax +34 915678217.
The World Tourism Organization is a specialized agency of theUnited Nations and the leading international organization in thefield of tourism. It serves as a global forum for tourism policyissues and a practical source of tourism know-how. Itsmembership includes 162 countries and territories and over 400Affiliate Members representing local governments, tourismassociations and private sector companies including airlines,hotel groups and tour operators.
Copyright © 2012 World Tourism OrganizationCalle Capitán Haya, 42, 28020 Madrid, Spain
UNWTO World Tourism Barometer
ISSN: 1728-9246
Published and printed by the World Tourism Organization, Madrid,Spain - First printing: 2012 (version 17/09/12)All rights reservedThe designations employed and the presentation of material in thispublication do not imply the expression of any opinions whatsoeveron the part of the Secretariat of the World Tourism Organizationconcerning the legal status of any country, territory, city or area, orof its authorities, or concerning the delimitation of its frontiers orboundaries.All UNWTO publications are protected by copyright. Therefore andunless otherwise specified, no part of an UNWTO publication maybe reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or utilized in any form orby any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying,microfilm, scanning, without prior permission in writing. UNWTOencourages dissemination of its work and is pleased to considerpermissions, licensing, and translation requests related to UNWTOpublications. For permission to photocopy UNWTO material, referto the UNWTO website atwww.unwto.org/pub/rights.htm.The contents of this issue may be quoted provided the source isgiven accurately and clearly. Distribution or reproduction in full ispermitted for own or internal use only. Please do not post electroniccopies on publicly accessible websites, UNWTO encourages you toinclude a link to the Facts & Figures section of the UNWTO websiteinstead at <www.unwto.org/facts/menu.html>.
World Tourism Organization
Capitán Haya 42, 28020 Madrid, SpainTel (34) 91 567 81 00 / Fax (34) 91 571 37 33barom@unwto.org
 Data collection for this issue was closed early September2012.The next issue of the
UNWTO World Tourism Barometer 
isscheduled to be published early November 2012.
   D  e   l   i  v  e  r  e   d   b  y   h   t   t  p  :   /   /  w  w  w .  e  -  u  n  w   t  o .  o  r  g   I   P   A   d   d  r  e  s  s  :   8   4 .   1   2   6 .   1   0 .   1   9   3   d  o  m   i  n  g  o ,   3   0   d  e  s  e  p   t   i  e  m   b  r  e   d  e   2   0   1   2   6  :   1   2  :   4   9

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