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More Speedway project details

More Speedway project details

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Published by The News-Herald

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Published by: The News-Herald on Oct 01, 2012
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Municipal Planning
Prepared By:
Ronald M. Traub, Director CommissionEconomic & Community Development
Meeting Date
:October 4, 2012
: David Bradt of Richard R. Bowen & Associates for Speedway, LLC
Status of Applicant
:Project Engineer for Speedway
Requested Action
:Conditional Use Permits and Preliminary Site Plan
: To construct a gas station (CUP) with convenience store with a reduction to the buffer set back and planting requirements (CUP).
Existing Zoning
: B-2, General Business
Parcel ID Number 
16-A-002-B-00-001, 002, 003-0
: 7590 Mentor Avenue
: Proposed building is 3,936 sq. ft. on a 1.45 acre site.
Existing Land Use
: furniture store
Surrounding LandUse and Zoning
 North: Mentor Garden Apartments; zoned R-10, Multi-Family Residential, car wash, EastCoast Frozen Custard and retail building; zoned B-2, General Business
East: Aspen Dental and vacant retail; zoned B-2, General BusinessSouth: Vacant residential lot and existing single family homes; zoned R-2, Single FamilyResidentialWest: Vacant (former Boaters World) building; zoned B-2, General Business.
Zoning History
: The furniture store was constructed in 1968 for a Kronheim’s. In November of 1989, theBoard of Building and Zoning Appeals approved a parking variance for a building additionwith the stipulation that any future use of the existing building and addition will be occupied by a furniture use only.
:Chapter 531 Noise Control1133 Site Development Plans1135 Conditional Use Permits1162 Landscaping, Screening and Buffering
Public Utilities
: Existing utility connections will be extended from the south side of the Mentor Avenue right-of way to the proposed building and parking lot inlet basins. Electrical service will beunderground from an existing overhead electrical pole located along the rear property line.
Engineering Comments
:1.A Building Permit is required for new buildings. Plans shall be submitted for permit review by the ChieBuilding Official for conformance with the Ohio Building Code and necessary permits obtained.2.An accessible route shall be provided from the accessible parking to the building entrance.3.Final site plan to conform to City standards (available upon request) as part of next submittal.4.Right of entry/easement from adjacent properties for off site work shall be acquired and a recorded copy provided to the City when submitting for a building
 permit.5.Sidewalk conforming to City standards shall be constructed along front property and curb ramps shall beconstructed in walkways and driveways. 5’ (minimum) uniform treelawn width shall be provided. Plans donot show existing walk.
/var/www/apps/conversion/current/tmp/scratch_3/112095506.docCUP-9-12-3367-3368 Site-11-09-1113
2, 3 & 6
6.Pavement open cut proposed for gas and water on Mentor Avenue, will require approval from Mentor CityCouncil. Right-of-way permit and Council approval to be coordinated through City EngineeringDepartment.7.All existing utilities and proposed service connections shall be indicated on plan in their entirety. Include phone/cable/electric connections.8.All existing cracked, and/or damaged, substandard sidewalk along front property line shall be replaced.9.If any existing drive apron is to be abandoned, reconstruct curb to match adjacent curbing. Area behind curbshall be restored.10.No cross access easement has been recorded with property to the east. Owner of property opposes crossaccess. Modify site plan accordingly.11.Drive apron shall be located the maximum distance from street intersections and be consistent with internaltraffic needs and movements.12.The results of the trip generation study do not indicate traffic impacts significant enough to require a trafficimpact study.13.Handicap signing and mounting heights shall be detailed on the plans. Signs shall be mounted to a 7’ heightto bottom of sign.14.All traffic control devices shall be designed, installed and maintained in conformance with the Ohio Manualof Uniform Traffic Control Devices and shall be detailed on the plan. Provide appropriate directional trafficcontrol to promote safe and free flowing traffic movement within site. All sign sheeting material shall beType H reflective sheeting. All signs shall be mounted at a 7’ height to the bottom of the sign.15.Provide a method for positive drainage between proposed landscape mound and adjacent residential parcels.
 Applicant shall provide written confirmation and plan modifications with next submittal as to the dispositionof each of the above comments.
Fire Department Comments
Turning radius shall be 25' inside and 50' outside.
Provide roll over islands in the aprons.
Provide fire hydrants per city ordinance.
Additional fire hydrant might be required.
Request Knox Box entry system.
Police Department Comments
 Noise and light concerns onto residential property to the south.
 No outside music
Gas tank location looks good for after hours gas delivery noise concerns.
: The applicant is requesting preliminary site plan approval to construct a Speedway Service Stationat 7590 Mentor Avenue. The request includes conditional use permits (CUP’s) for the servicestation use and a reduction in the buffer requirement. The service station will not have an outdoor  patio area. The site is located at the southeast corner of the intersection of Mentor Avenue andMiddlesex Road and is currently occupied by a furniture store. A separate demolition permit isrequired should the building be demolished prior to the issuance of a building permit for the gasstation.The site is zoned B-2, General Business and is surrounded in part by commercially zoned lands withthe exception of three (3) residentially zoned parcels located at the rear of the site. Existing homesare located on the two (2) parcels on Brentwood Road while the parcel on Middlesex Road is avacant lot in common ownership with the existing home at 7893 Middlesex Road.The existing conditions survey indicates the existing parking lot pavement extends to the propertyline and is currently screened with a six-ft. wood fence. The 27,687 sq. ft. furniture store is set back 25-ft. from the south property line and 24.5-ft. from the east property line abutting the residentiallyzoned properties.The applicant is requesting a reduction in the buffer requirement per Chapter 1162.11 Buffering
/var/www/apps/conversion/current/tmp/scratch_3/112095506.docCUP-9-12-3367-3368 Site-11-09-1113
Requirements in which a commercial facility with operating hours past 11:00 P.M. when adjacent toa residential land use requires Buffer Type H with a minimum 50-ft. set back, solid eight (8)-ft.masonry wall or fence and a six (6)-ft. high berm. The Speedway service station will be open 24hours/day. The site plan depicts the location of the 50-ft. buffer set back along the residential properties. The southwest corner of the building will be set back 42.5-ft. from the rear property line.The southeast corner of the building will be set back 47.7-ft. from the property line.The planting requirement for Buffer Type H per 50-ft. of buffer depth requires 14 canopy trees, 12understory trees, 48 shrubs and 30 evergreens per 100 lineal feet. The lineal buffer distance isapproximately 324-ft. requiring 45 canopy trees, 39 understory trees, 156 shrubs and 97 evergreentrees. The buffer proposal includes the installation of an eight (8)-ft. white vinyl fence along thesouth and east side property line. A four (4) to five (5)-ft. high earthen berm will be constructedwithin the 50-ft. buffer area and will be planted with a combination of 11 canopy trees, 31 pine treesand 39 ornamental grass. Positive drainage shall be provided between the proposed mound andadjacent residential properties. The final landscape plan shall include a plant material list detailingthe type and size of plant material to be installed.The Administration is recommending the buffer plantings include an Autumn Blaze Red Maple as acanopy tree and Colorado Spruce as a pine tree. The Autumn Blaze is a fast growing tree with aheight and spread of 40 to 60 feet. The Colorado Spruce has a spread of 20 – 25 feet and height of 60 -75 feet and will provide an excellent visual and sound buffer year around. Additional plantingsshall be installed at the west end of the berm mounding along Middlesex Road for headlightmitigation of the adjacent residential properties. Ornamental grasses planted within the front set back area along Middlesex Road will provide screening of vehicle headlights making left turns intothe proposed drive apron. It may be appropriate to approve the CUP for the buffer request as partfinal site plan request requiring a final landscape with a detailed planting list.Per Chapter 1135.01 Conditional Use Permits are required for Service Stations uses in the B-2General Business district. Speedway proposes to have six (6) gas islands with dispensers locatedunder a 28’ x 145’ canopy with a 3,936 sq. ft. convenience store. The floor plan provides the typicalstore layout with three (3) sales counters, food and beverage counters, beverage coolers including awalk in cooler, offices, storage room and restrooms. The facility will have a staff of 15 employeesfor three (3) shifts of five (5) employees per shift. Merchandise deliveries generally arrive on boxtrucks that unload at the front of the store and then wheel the merchandise through the front or rear door. A sidewalk will be constructed at the west side and rear of the building providing access to therear entrance door. A retaining wall will be constructed along the rear side walk adjacent to the proposed landscape mound. The final site and/or landscape plan shall provide a construction detailof the proposed retaining wall. Fuel delivers to the site are anticipated to occur approximately 20times per month. Speedway will limit the delivery hours of both fuel and merchandise to the hoursof 7:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. in compliance with Chapter 531 Noise Control. An air pump and kerosenedispenser are located at the west side of the parking lot. The landscape plan shall provide evergreen plantings around the perimeter of the air pump and kerosene dispenser for screening.Two ice machines and a propane exchange tank are proposed within a fenced-in area at the westside of the building. The outside sales area will be fence with six (6)-ft. high white vinyl fencing tomatch the buffer fencing. Per code section 1161.04 Special Provisions Applicable to CommercialZones, outside displays, storage areas or vending machines shall not occupy public or privatesidewalks, drive aisles, landscape areas or parking areas, unless designated as an outside vendingand storage area on a site development plan approved by the Municipal Planning Commission. Ascreened trash enclosure is located adjacent to the outside sales area and will be constructed of splitface block to match the building with a chain link gate with vinyl privacy slats.The site plan includes the location of the 30-ft. minimum building set back along Mentor Avenueand Middlesex Road. Proposed building set backs are 162-ft from Mentor Avenue, 175-ft. fromMiddlesex Road; and 62-ft. from the east side property line. The rear building set back encroaches
/var/www/apps/conversion/current/tmp/scratch_3/112095506.docCUP-9-12-3367-3368 Site-11-09-1113

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