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VAOIG Orlando SecretaryResponse

VAOIG Orlando SecretaryResponse

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Published by Jennifer Peebles

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Published by: Jennifer Peebles on Oct 01, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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(Original signed)
Eric K. Shinseki
Administrative Investigation of VA’s FY 2011 HR Conferences in Orlando, FL
Appendix D VA Secretary Comments
Department of 
Veterans Affairs
September 28, 2012
Secretary (00)
Office of Inspector General (OIG) Draft Report – Administrative Investigation
of FY 2011 Human Resources Conferences in Orlando, Florida (12-02525-197)
Office of Inspector General (50)
Thank you for the opportunity to review and comment on the subject draftreport. The OIG review outlines the results of its investigation into questionsof wasteful expenditures related to the conferences held in Orlando, Florida,in July and August 2011. A workgroup comprised of senior Departmentofficials, including leadership from the Veterans Health Administration, theOffice of Management, the Office of General Counsel, and the Office of Information & Technology thoroughly reviewed the subject report andidentified areas of agreement with its contents. These are noted in theattachment, “Response to Office of Inspector General (OIG) AdministrativeInvestigation of FY 2011 Human Resources conferences in Orlando, Florida.”This collaborative document provides detailed VA responses, as well asimplementation plans to the OIG recommendations.We appreciate your consideration of the comments provided with the goal of publishing a comprehensive final report. We will ensure that future effortsapply the lessons learned and build a foundation to improve upon conferenceplanning, execution, and accountability.
VA Office of Inspector General 82
Administrative Investigation of VA’s FY 2011 HR Conferences in Orlando, FL
Response to Inspector General Administrative Investigation of FY 2011 Human ResourcesConferences in Orlando, Florida (12-02525-197)
IntroductionThe mission of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is to honor and serve America’sVeterans. This is a sacred obligation both for the Department and for the Nation. As the needfor benefits and services increases, so does the urgency of VA’s mission.Our commitment to our mission informs our response to the report from the VA Office of Inspector General, “Administrative Investigation of FY 2011 Human Resources Conferences inOrlando, Florida.” This report assesses allegations of wasteful spending and insufficientoversight related to two conferences sponsored by VA’s Office of Human Resources andAdministration (HR&A).The Inspector General’s report identified several examples of wasteful expenditures. Thesefindings are troubling. The actions cited in the report represent lapses in oversight, judgment,and stewardship.The Department is committed to effectively addressing the issues outlined in the IG report. Thiswill include appropriate personnel measures. It will also include the enforcement of currentguidelines and, as needed, the enactment of new rules and procedures to improve accountabilityand help ensure that such incidents do not occur again.In fully addressing the incidents alleged in the report, the Department must also continue toprovide the kind of training that has improved its performance and increased the competencies of its employees.Recommendations Regarding Individual VA EmployeesIn Recommendations 1-18 of his report the IG has recommended that the Secretary takeappropriate action with regard to named VA employees. The Secretary responds to the IG’srecommendations as follows:Recommendation #1 – The Secretary accepted the Inspector General’s recommendation that hetake appropriate action with regard to Assistant Secretary Sepulveda. He carefully reviewed theIG’s conclusions and the evidence upon which they were based. He spoke at length with Mr.Sepulveda concerning the IG’s findings. The Secretary has accepted Mr. Sepulveda’s resignationeffective September 30, 2012.Recommendation #8 – Recommendation #8 – The Secretary has discussed the matter of the2010 review of the proposal for the Human Resources Conferences with the COS. He hasinformed Mr. Gingrich that the policies and procedures that were in place to review and monitorthe expenses of the conferences were inadequate and that he should have asked more questionswhen the proposal was submitted for authorization. The Secretary further directed the GeneralCounsel to develop a comprehensive policy to address the issues identified in the IG’s report.
VA Office of Inspector General 83
Administrative Investigation of VA’s FY 2011 HR Conferences in Orlando, FL
Recommendations #2-7 and #9-18 – The Secretary will assign responsibility to appropriate VAofficials outside the Office of Human Resource Management to review these recommendationsof the Inspector General and all available evidence related to such recommendations. Afterconsultation with human resource officials from outside VA’s Office of Human ResourceManagement, and with the Office of General Counsel, the assigned officials shall determinewhat administrative action is appropriate with regard to each individual. The Inspector Generalwill be informed of the Department’s conclusions and any action taken.VA Training Conferences and the Advancement of the Organizational MissionOngoing military operations assured continuing growth of a Veteran population withincreasingly complex health care concerns. In 2009, VA recognized that the changing needs of Veterans required it to improve and enhance the training of its employees. At that time, trainingprograms were scattered, siloed, and underutilized.The Veterans Affairs Learning University (VALU) was created to meet the need for higherquality training for all employees on a consistent and easy to use basis. VALU identifies criticalknowledge, skills, and behaviors needed to accomplish our mission, compares them to currentorganizational capabilities and targets training to fill the gaps. This process informs the courseofferings in our training programs, including training conferences. As training courses aredeveloped, we give strong consideration to ensuring courses are available to the largestpopulation of employees, and are carried out in a cost-effective manner. VALU also developeda training evaluation methodology – regularly reporting training completion, training results, andfuture training needs.These priorities and processes provide context for our training conferences and prepare ouremployees to carry out our mission effectively, efficiently and ethically.VA Measures to Ensure Effective, Cost-Efficient ConferencesConference oversight is not a new priority. Since 2009, VA has implemented a series of newpolicies and controls on the planning and execution of conferences:
On January 29, 2009, VA issued the first of several memoranda establishing a centralizedconference review process to assure the prudent use of our resources.
Another VA memo, issued on August 12, 2011, required Under Secretaries, AssistantSecretaries, and other key officials to submit a consolidated list of proposed conferences andtraining events for FY 2012 to the Office of the Secretary for review. This memo required thatany proposed conference or training session involving 50 or more VA employees must besubmitted to the Chief of Staff for review and authorization.
In November 2011, VA’s Office of Management published a detailed conference-planningpolicy document, which made clear that all conference travel must be performed in the mosteconomical and effective manner, and should be limited to those expenses that are necessary toaccomplish the purpose of the conference.
VA Office of Inspector General 84

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