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Original PlanA General Description and Proposal

Original PlanA General Description and Proposal

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Published by Gina Judd
This goes with the following document called Matrix Nelson 3
This goes with the following document called Matrix Nelson 3

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Published by: Gina Judd on Oct 01, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Original Plan A General Description and ProposalPrepared April 30, 1998Last edited July 26, 1998ContentsIntroduction A. BackgroundB. OrganizationC. LogisticsD. PersonnelE. TimelineF. Budget A. BackgroundThe impulse for the research proposed here can be traced back over the past 35 years,during which time excellent experiments have demonstrated that human consciousnesscan interact with delicately balanced physical systems, in particular, REGs. During thepast five years, these experiments have been brought out of the laboratory and into"field" situations where the REG devices show characteristic behavior in the presenceof people participating in deeply engaging activities. Most recently, the experimentshave been extended to gather data during extraordinary global events such as thefuneral ceremonies for Princess Diana, with results indicating a measurable effectcorrelated with the widely shared emotional resonance. It is research which suggeststhat further explorations might be very productive. A.1. ImplementationThe Global Consciousness Project can be conceptualized as an international networkdesigned to record subtle, direct interactions of globally coherent consciousness with aworld spanning array of sensitive detectors. The core of the GCP is a network of REGsplaced to record data at sites around the world and report it via the Internet to centralcomputers where the data will be automatically archived, analyzed, and displayed on adedicated website. To do this experiment, a refined protocol built on the foundation of earlier, rigorous anomalies research has been developed. The data will be integrated ina variety of standard, well-tested analyses summarizing local and global statistics, withparticular attention to anomalous deviations from chance expectation and unexpectedstructure in the data arrays, correlated with predictions made prior to data acquisition.Correlations with major events that engage the world population will be the primaryvehicle for tests of coherence and patterns in the globally distributed REG data. A.2. TechnologyThe technological heart of the system will be the central servers, the computers where
all data will be gathered and redundantly archived. These machines will runsophisticated programs to create and maintain the growing database generatedcontinuously at a rate of one or more data-points per second at each node in the EGGnetwork. Here also will reside the analytical software and the integrative algorithmsdesigned to reveal patterns and structure in the data. Common statistics will becalculated, but also a variety of refined measures developed in recent years to extractsubtle information from backgrounds of random noise. The analyses will be augmentedby graphical displays designed to serve both scientific and aesthetic purposes.Data-driven music may be generated, and may allow perception of inherent patternsthat escape conventional analysis. A.3. Three PhasesThe GCP is designed in three phases, the first of which is focused primarily on buildingand testing system components in a small network. Phase 1 and part of the subsequentphase will be conducted with considerable attention to confidentiality to allow theacquisition of as large a database as possible prior to broader public engagement. Thiswill allow an assessment of effects of growing public awareness due to publicity thatmight -- if the fundamental EGG hypothesis is correct -- create perturbations which canbe observed in the data.During this period, preparations will proceed for Phase 2, intended to have up to 28sites at opportune university, commercial, and individual sites. Phase 2 will permit theimplementation of more complex analysis procedures derived from computationaltechnologies such as quantitative electroencephalography, which require input from acertain minimum of sources. Assuming the results of the second phase show structure in the REG data warrantingdeeper exploration, Phase 3 will increase the number of sites to 100 or more and willask more incisive scientific questions. This phase will address issues generated fromfirst principles as well as questions raised by previous results. It will explore effects of simple factors such as the relative density of the network's spatial array, and morecomplex issues including potential applications. We expect to implement web-basedforms to provide public access (qualified by suitable automatic filtering) for people whowish to download data for well-defined analyses.B. OrganizationB. Organization and DirectionThe project has been designed to be both interdisciplinary and inter-institutional. Itoperates under the aegis of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, a 501(c)(3) research entity,which will manage the funding for the project. A Planning Group (see below) will haveresponsibility for the design of the project, its implementation and subsequent analysisand interpretation. The Project Director will have day-to-day operational control of theproject and will be the central communications nexus for the project. All members of thePlanning Group participate in the Global Consciousness Project as individuals, and notas representatives of their affiliated institutions.
B.1. Principles and PoliciesThis is a voluntary, participatory undertaking. We believe the talents and time neededfor all the work will be given freely by people interested in the concepts and willing tohelp. Because this is a project to assess interactions which, while often defined anddebated, are poorly understood, a significant effort has been made to: Assure that while all of us have some personal ego needs that will affect our engagement in the GCP, we intend that it should be protected from undue andavoidable influences from this source. Assure that the project is protected from destructive influences and individualswhose motivations are inimical to resonant, cooperative interactions. Assure that during the planning and development period, there will be no publicdescriptions of the project. More generally, we will be quiet about grand intentions andexpectations, and sensitive to implications.We do not know whether there is a global consciousness, but we recognize thatscience is not about what we know will work; rather it illuminates what we believe isworth exploring. We acknowledge that we implicitly assume some form of globalconsciousness. Therefore, we will be respectful and caring when we describe theproject and our expectations. We do know the Earth is beautiful and that nature'ssystems are elegant, with an inherent integrity. The Global Consciousness Projectintends to emulate this character. The project is committed to the highest standards of integrity and scientific excellence. The members of the project are pledged to act withmutual respect, honesty, and dignity, and to work toward public presentations which areelegant and principled.B.2. Intellectual PropertyThe Global Consciousness Project is a product of efforts and intellectual contributionsfrom many people, all of whom share in the intellectual property rights according to thetype and degree of their contribution. The descriptions, documents, plans, websitepages, and other materials comprising the project are the property of the GlobalConsciousness Project, and these are considered to be copyrighted by members of theplanning group.C. LogisticsB. Organization and Direction istics and SupThis is a project in the research portfolio of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS). Theproject will be administered by Roger Nelson, the Project Director, who will haveresponsibility for the content, quality, and style of the GCP. The Institute of NoeticSciences is an internationally known, 501(c)(3), not-for-profit research organization. Alldonations are tax- deductible. Checks may be made out to IONS-GCP, earmarking thedonation for The Global Consciousness Project, and addressed to:Institute of Noetic Sciences101 San Antonio RoadPetaluma, CA 94952

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