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A Scanner Darkly - A Screenplay by Charlie Kaufman

A Scanner Darkly - A Screenplay by Charlie Kaufman



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Published by fucoid
Kaufman's screen adaptation of Phillip K. Dick's novel

Kaufman's screen adaptation of Phillip K. Dick's novel

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Published by: fucoid on Jan 18, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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a screenplay byCharlie Kaufmanadapted from the novel
 A Scanner Darkly 
byPhilip K. DickFirst DraftDecember 20, 1997
SHOT OF NOTEBOOK PAGE DAPPLED WITH SUNLIGHTPOV of someone skimming a hand-written entry. Thecorresponding voice-over is offhand, dispassionate. In the background, children can be heard laughing and playing.BOB ARCTOR (V.O.)Lately, Jerry Fabin stands all dayshaking bugs from his hair. Thedoctor says there are no bugs in hishair.The sound of fingers scratching scalp begins and grows louderthrough the following montage.EXT. COCA-COLA BOTTLING PLANT - PRE-DAWNSUBTITLE: ORANGE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA, IN THE YEAR 1994 A massive, unlit Coca-Cola sign is eerily silhouetted against the early morning sky. Antiquated delivery trucksset out from loading docks, as red futuristic cargo planes,emblazoned with the Coca-Cola logo, take off from the roof.EXT. FREEWAY - PRE-DAWNBirds-eye view of Coca-Cola trucks spreading out through thecity. Coke planes shoot by close to the camera.EXT. 7-11 - DAWN A Coke truck pulls into the parking lot.EXT. SUPERMARKET - DAWN A Coke plane lands gracefully on the roof of the supermarket.EXT. MCDONALD'S - DAWNUniformed delivery men enter, hauling cases of Coke syrup.EXT. RESIDENTIAL STREET - DAWN A Coca-Cola truck rumbles slowly past a row of low-income, plastic pre-fab houses. We hold on one house whose frontlawn is strewn with furniture and cleaning products.INT. JERRY FABIN'S LIVING ROOM - DAWNThe windows are spray-painted over with silver paint. single pole lamp with bare, harsh spot-lights illuminatesthe room, which is emptied of furniture, covered in a sicklygreen shag carpet, and littered with fast-food wrappers. In(CONTINUED)
the center of the room stands Jerry Fabin, thirty, with wild-eyes and a long, tangled mass of hair. He is naked, draped over a metal garbage can, and vigorously scratching hishead. This process continues for an uncomfortably longtime. A Golden Retriever sleeps in the corner.INT. JERRY FABIN'S BATHROOM - LATER Jerry Fabin stands under a hot shower. Steam fills thestall. He scrubs his hair violently with tensed fingers.INT. JERRY FABIN'S LIVING ROOM - LATER  We hear the shower. Steam pours out the open bathroom door.EXT. JERRY FABIN'S HOUSE - MID-DAYThe sun is high; the day is bright and hazy. A few hippiesstroll by or sit on front steps, discreetly smoking joints. We hear the distant sound of Jerry's shower.INT. JERRY FABIN'S BATHROOM - LATER Jerry is still in the shower, scrubbing away. He finallyturns it off and steps out, a drowned rat. He drieshimself, wipes the mirror and squints nervously at hisreflection. Tiny bugs hop around on his head. He screams.INT. JERRY FABIN'S LIVING ROOM - LATER Jerry lies on the cruddy shag carpet, open volumes of theEncyclopedia Brittanica spread around him. He scratcheshimself as he studies one of the volumes. Insects hop up and down all over his body, and on the rug. When he exhales, acloud of bugs pours from his mouth; he shoos them away.EXT. JERRY FABIN'S HOUSE - DAYJerry heads up the walkway carrying a shopping bag. Severalcans of Raid and other bug sprays poke out of the bag. Bugshop around on Jerry. He puts the bag down on the stoop toscratch himself. He notices tiny bugs chewing the shrubs.INT. NURSERY - DAYJerry consults with a man behind the cash register. NURSERY CLERK Eating the bushes? Could be aphids.2.CONTINUED:(CONTINUED)

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