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Alice's Media Sixth Sense Work

Alice's Media Sixth Sense Work

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Published by Amelia C Kennedy

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Published by: Amelia C Kennedy on Oct 02, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Camera, M-E-S, Editing and Sound
Non-Diegetic Sound
 Within the first ten minutes, there is quite a bit of non-diegetic sound heard.
 The first non-diegetic sound is during the credits. It immediately creates atense atmosphere. The music is very eerie and has a low dramatic tone. The violins within it create suspense. Towards the end of the opening credits, themusic gets louder and faster. This gives us an idea as to what genre it is.
 Again the next non-diegetic sound heard is as Bruce Willis approaches theman in the bathroom. The music is very low, the pace of which is very slow and gets increasingly faster to build the tension. This again informs us as theaudience that the genre of the film is a thriller.
 After Bruce Willis is shot a large amount of violins start playing short sharpharsh notes. This is used to show the horror of what happened. This was asound bridge as it connected the scene with the man in the house to the nextscene.
Diegetic Sound
 The first diegetic sound heard is of the basement door squeaking open andloud footsteps. This is stereotypically used to scare the audience and create atense mood. We hear the wind howling throughout, which again isstereotypically when something bad will happen.
Many diegetic sounds are heard in the next shots back in the living roomand bedroom. There is diegetic jazz music occuring in the background whichcontrasts with the scene before where there was non-diegetic low tense musicas in this scene the diegetic jazz music is happy and calming. There is multipleconversations, laughing, the tinkling of a wind chime, screaming, yelling,shivering, crying, whispering, breaking glass underfoot and gunshots. These allhelp to show that The Sixth Sense is a thriller.

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