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Lincs Haunts

Lincs Haunts

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Published by Lee Streeter
Reported hauntings and supernatural activites in the lincolnshire and humberside area
Reported hauntings and supernatural activites in the lincolnshire and humberside area

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Published by: Lee Streeter on Oct 02, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ClubfootLocation: Binbrook - Former Binbrooke RAF BaseType: Haunting ManifestationDate / Time: Twentieth centuryFurther Comments: The nickname given to an Australian worker on the base who blew himself uptrying to sabotage a Lancaster bomber during World War Two was maybe a bit too unkind, and hewas seen for years after his death walking around on the perimeter road. A ghostly NCO also madea comeback at the former base. Sergeant Sinclair was in charge of loading bombs onto the aircrafthere during the Second World War; a mistake caused a bomber to explode on take off, killingSinclair while he was trying to flag the aircraft down to alert them to the error. For a short while hisghost was seen on the runway, arms waving wildly in the air.Black LadyLocation: Bradley - Bradley WoodsType: Haunting ManifestationDate / Time: 24 December (reoccurring)Further Comments: Said by some to be a phantom nun and by others to be a woodsman's wife,local legend says this woman dressed in black will appear on Christmas Eve is one calls out 'BlackLady, Black Lady, I've stolen your baby!'.One of Three ShucksLocation: Brigg - Bridge along Wrawby roadType: ShuckDate / Time: UnknownFurther Comments: One of three bridges in Lincolnshire that is said to be a haunt of the blackshuck, this one normally manifesting on a Saturday night. Location: Brigg - General areaType: Haunting ManifestationDate / Time: 24 December (reoccurring)Further Comments: An old lady who left her house to beg for money to buy her Christmas lunchbecame lost in the snow and fog, and froze to death. Her ghost is sometimes seen, asking for directions home.Ghost Train GhostLocation: Cleethorpes - Former Wonderland amusement park (now a market and car salesroom?)Type: Haunting ManifestationDate / Time: 1980sFurther Comments: Owner of the former Wonderland Dudley Bowers reported a phantom old manhaunting the site. Though non-threatening, the ghost would vanish into thin air when spotted. Someworkers and visitors to the site would hear their name being called, though no one else would bearound. A local legend said that someone had once hanged himself in the ghost train that oncestood on the site, and it was speculated that the entity was connected to the suicide.FootstepsLocation: Cleethorpes - Knoll House, aka The KnollType: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: November 2011Further Comments: Staff have reportedly heard footsteps walking along empty corridors and thesounds of doors being closed when there are none open. A local legend says the location is homeof a phantom woman who floats in the air.Thomas de GrethamLocation: East Halton - Thornton AbbeyType: Haunting ManifestationDate / Time: UnknownFurther Comments: For the crime of witchcraft, the Abbot Gretham was bricked up alive in thedungeons. He has been seen in the ruins of the abbey, and gazing out of the gatehouse.Chimney GhostLocation: Grimsby - Choof Cottage (no longer standing)Type: Haunting ManifestationDate / Time: Eighteenth CenturyFurther Comments: This spirit was far from friendly; it whispered to locals to kill their loved ones,and was blamed for an accident in the cottage that resulted in several deaths. Mrs DraytonLocation: Grimsby - Corporation Arms, Freeman StreetType: Haunting ManifestationDate / Time: 2000sFurther Comments: A landlady at the pub who died in 1918, Mrs Drayton presence is often felt,though falls shy of being seen. Airman with Hand GrenadeLocation: Grimsby - Former RAF Waltham (aka RAF Grimsby)Type: Haunting ManifestationDate / Time: 1982Further Comments: Several former pilots walk this old RAF base, both along the aging airstrips andthe perimeter road. One of the ghosts that has chosen the perimeter to haunt is said to have blownhimself up with a grenade after being declared unfit to fly. Another spirit has appeared by thememorial laid for the Number 100 squadron. Old Man in HabitLocation: Grimsby - Newton Grove
Type: Haunting ManifestationDate / Time: October 1967Further Comments: A family fled their council home after the resident ghost, described as an uglyold man dressed in a monk's habit, was blamed for turning gas taps on at night. Tall NunLocation: Grimsby - Old house at Nun's Corner Type: Haunting ManifestationDate / Time: Early 1970sFurther Comments: The ghostly nun spotted wearing old fashioned attire did not have a face, only aglowing ball of light shining from her headdress. Rupert TrousersLocation: Grimsby - Shoe Factory ShopType: Haunting ManifestationDate / Time: 1980sFurther Comments: Mary Frost, the manager of the shoe shop, watched a white haired old manwearing yellow tweed 'Rupert the Bear' trousers walk through a wall. Other staff reported doors thatopened and closed on their own accord and rows of shoes that fell down with no explanation. Loud BangLocation: Grimsby - Sky over the townType: Other Date / Time: 18 January 2012, around 19:00hFurther Comments: The RAF denied that any of their aircraft were responsible for a mysterious loudbang heard over the town. The sound was said to have shaken some homes.  Abduction

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