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Self Acceptance

Self Acceptance

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Published by desmondyeohsc

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Published by: desmondyeohsc on Oct 03, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Read more atwww.kriyayogamalaysia.org 
By Desmond Yeoh SC 
The title appears to contradict what I have been writing about because itpresumes the existence of a ‘self’. However, I am using the term becauseit can be easily understood. The other side of the coin is not acceptingoneself and that attitude actually reinforces the self or ego.We are all on the spiritual path and we tend to compare ourselves to themasters we admire. The admiration can inspire us to develop virtue onone hand but on the other hand, it may make us feel inadequate anddiscouraged. I may tell myself that I am not generous enough or lovingenough and so on. I may extend myself in helping others and instead of feeling good about it, I may feel short-changed. Instead of developingvirtue, I end up building a reservoir of anger, resentment anddiscontentment.That is why self-acceptance is very important on the spiritual path. If I amangry all the time, hitting myself for being an ‘angry person’ will onlyreinforce that ‘angry’ attitude. Everything that we resist - persist. Insteadof scolding myself for being angry, I can just acknowledge that anger. If Ithink that I am not generous enough, I can acknowledge my resistance togive instead of scolding myself for being selfish.We are the way we are and it may not be conducive for our self-development to force ourselves to do those things which we are notinclined to do. Doing so will only cause us to feel resentful ormanipulated.Virtue needs to and will arise naturally. When we train our mind to lookat reality, our attitude towards the world will change along with thechange in our perception, for example, looking deeply into the truth of inter-dependence can inspire love for all beings.
Read more atwww.kriyayogamalaysia.org 
Recently while sitting in a restaurant, I could clearly see how everything isinterdependent on each other. I thought about the infinite number of people and factors that contributed to the food on my table; from therestaurant owner to the waiters, to the farmers, transport companies andso on. Contained within the food are the contributions of all these peopleand factors. There are also those other customers who are contributingto my enjoyment of the food by not acting in a rowdy manner. Thecontemplation brought love to my heart. I felt a sense of gratitude to theworld and everyone within it.I was merely contemplating about the contributors to the food on mytable. There are many other things in my life that contributes to mysurvival and comfort. If I add all these things up, it is not difficult to seehow we are all interdependent on one another.Contemplating interdependence at work, I can see how everyone in myoffice is contributing to my career. This understanding makes meappreciate all my colleagues. Contemplating the workings of interdependence in my spiritual development, I appreciate those whohad brought me difficulties in the past because their very actions are thecause of the greater inner-peace that I now experience. Without them, Iwould not have progressed on my spiritual path.This is a very useful contemplation to apply in our daily life; not just whenwe are meditating. The contemplation inculcates gratitude and humility.It is seeing reality as it really is; a truth that can bring inner-peace and

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