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Fire Monitor C

Fire Monitor C

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Published by Zack Lee

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Published by: Zack Lee on Oct 03, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Fire Protection
Manually-Operated Monitor ValveFP405-11Typical Applications
A  B   
Features and Benefits
• Quick & easy manual opening
requires only
ofpilot handle• High flow capacity• One piece vulcanized diaphragm• No distortion due to high differential pressure• Reliability• Quick cover removal –
minimal down-time
• Simple design –
cost effective
Unobstructed flow-path
with no supporting ribs
Optional Features
Seawater service
• Corrosive environment materials• Remote hydraulic control• Foam resistant materials and coatings• Fire Hydrant and Monitor Valves• Hydraulic remote-controlled systems• Zone isolating valve• Manual-operated flood valve• Hydraulically-operated hydrants
Fire Protection
Manually-Operated Monitor ValveFP405-11Tender Specifications
The monitor valve shall be a direct-diaphragm actuated, globe pattern valve.The main valve body shall bemanufactured from a single non-fabricated material.Valve actuation shall be accomplished by a vulcanized, one piece, balanced direct-diaphragm, with metal insert.Thediaphragm assembly shall be peripherally guided.The diaphragm shall be the only moving part and shall form asealed chamber in the upper portion of the valve.The valve cover shall be removable for in-line service, enabling all necessary inspection and servicing.The valve shall have an unobstructed flow path, with no stem-guide or supporting ribs.The control pilot system shall be factory pre-assembled and integrated to the main valve, hydraulically-tested andsupplied as an assembly consisting of:• "Y" strainer• Manual release pilot valve, requiring only
turn for full opening or closing• Spring-loaded check valve• Non-corrosive trim of uniform metal, neither steel nor galvanized piping is permittedThe manufacturer shall be certified according to ISO 9001 standards.The main valve shall be UL-listed for SpecialSystems.
The BERMAD Model 405-11-Z is a simply designed, manually-operated, on/off valve.It is particularly suited formonitors and industrial high-capacity hydrants.The Model 405-11-Z is held closed by line-pressure
applied to the control chamber
of the valve.The closedvalve prevents the water (or water-foam) from passing through the valve until the pressure is released from thecontrol chamber by a
turn of the pilot handle
.In the closed condition, the line pressure is applied to the control chamber of the valve.The pressure holds thediaphragm-plug of the main valve to the valve seat
.Sealing is drip-tight and keeps the downstream piping dry.To open, water is manually released from the control chamber.Water exits the control chamber
, allowing theopening force on the bottom of the diaphragm-plug to push open the diaphragm allowing water to flow into thesystem.
Valve Closed
(set condition)
Valve Open
(operating condition)
to drain
Fire Protection
Manually-Operated Monitor ValveFP405-11
System Components*
- Main Valve, BERMAD 400E Series
- Manual Emergency Release
- Fire Monitor
Hydraulic Remote-Controlled Monitor Valve
is suited for several types of fire monitors:• Remotely-located manually-operated• Oscillating• Hydraulic remote controlledEasy
turn of the pilot handle ensures quickresponse to any situation.
Local Manually-Operated Monitor Valve
replaces mechanical valves that often "stick"after “waiting”long periods in the closed position.This valve is built to wait and then react easilyfrom either the closed or open position.

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