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Prophecies about New Jerusalem - The prophecies of Sundar Singh

Prophecies about New Jerusalem - The prophecies of Sundar Singh

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Published by billydean_en
"After the shocking planetary changes and a flashing grim war, there will finally remain neither defeated nor triumphant. There will only be three categories:
- the dead;
- the wounded and maimed in war;
- the survivors entirely untouched.
And the number of the killed and affected ones in war will be that large, that nobody will speak either about defeat or about wining."
"After the shocking planetary changes and a flashing grim war, there will finally remain neither defeated nor triumphant. There will only be three categories:
- the dead;
- the wounded and maimed in war;
- the survivors entirely untouched.
And the number of the killed and affected ones in war will be that large, that nobody will speak either about defeat or about wining."

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Published by: billydean_en on Oct 03, 2012
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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The prophecies of Sundar Singh about New Jerusalem
Sundar Singh was born on September 3, 1889, in Rampur, a village in Punjab, in a rich lan-downing Hindu family. In order for him to have a good education his mother sent him to the Presbyte-rian missionary school nearby. It was there that he burned his Bible on December 16, 1904 in a protestagainst Christianism. He experienced a conversion the following year after an extraordinary spiritualvision in which Jesus Christ has appeared to him and spoke to him (after which his family threw him
out of the house and disinherited him). He was baptized at St. Thomas’ Church in Simla on September 
3, 1905. Thirty-three days later he took on the ascetic lifestyle of a sadhu.These prophecies were revealed after his visit in Romania, in 1922. They have been circulat-ing as manuscripts for a long time during the communist dictatorship in Romania.Considered by many skeptics as mere suppositions and digressions, the Sundar Singh prophe-cies are amazing through clarity of exposure, simplicity and mostly through fairness due to the ob-vious lack of interest which a Christianized Indian could have had about Romania future.We cannot say how much of these sayings of this enlightened man is true, even though in ouropini
on they are veridical. These can only be verified by time passing and that’s why it’s absolutely
your personal decision to believe them or not. Still, if you read these prophecies you will find some of them already fulfilled.There were other connected prophecies also revealed in the New Testament and by means of Nostradamus, of the Christian saint Seraphim of Sarov and others.When Sundar Singh disappeared in the foothills of Himalaya in 1929 the world mourned forhim.Sundar Singh was known in his lifetime as India's most famous convert to Christianity. Histwenty-three years pilgrimage as a sadhu
a wandering, penniless pilgrim
had led him across morethan twenty countries on four continents. He had profoundly influenced tens of thousands of people.He never accepted the religion as such but he instead emphasized the life-changing starknessof Christ's original teachings.
As German scholar Friedrich Heiler once put it, “He is India’s ideal of the disciple of Christ – 
 a barefooted itinerant preacher with burning love in his heart. In him Christianity and Hinduism meet,and the Christian faith stands forth, not as something foreign, but like a flower which blossoms on anIndian stem.
The prophecies of Sundar Singh about New JerusalemDon't be surprised about this way of addressing because I'm doing it not to leave youdeceived by this so skilful satanical frame-up.I know that Romania has a great Divine mission for spiritual restoration, which willprepare it for being a genuine spiritual model, worth to be followed by whole humankind. It isnecessary to proclaim this confession-prophecy to every world nations, Christian or other re-ligions, because all signs indicate the amazing spiritual changes that will soon come. Mywords are not to determine you consider me a fanatic sympathizer of Romanians who dreamschimerical phantasms, because the one who inspired me these prophecies, without any doubt,is the Holy Virgin. Therefore, I remind you again that as far as I feel, the first place to protectRomania is taken by the Holy Virgin and then by the Great Cosmic Powers, and the majorityof heaven saints.Then, almost all nations will open their eyes soon and will contribute to fulfill the real-ity meant by God and they will subdue much more properly than anytime. In those times thehuman stubbornness which makes possible so many bad interpretations of the Divine will isgoing to give in. The perpetuation of evil will cease, the Divine revelations will cover thewhole world, so that all that is pleasant to God will come out into the light and help peoplereach the wisdom and make them perfect.Now, when I'm conveying these prophecies to you, if I had a Romanian origin, maybeI could be considered guilty of nationalism. Had I been a European from the Latin communi-
2ty, then there could emerge some reasons to be judged for in a human way, with human pas-sion. But, since I'm an Indian illuminated by Jesus Christ and I am steadily established in theChristian faith, I can speak at ease, and assure that now I'm doing nothing but expressing Godwill.In the years and months to come, in the country of your living (Romania), the earthsurface will start burning, the climate will suffer some changes. Earthquakes will destroymany buildings, hurricanes and strong winds, terrestrial and maritime, will destroy the humanboldness based only on the so-called power of science. The human cleverness put in service tothe evil will show to the world the most horrible crimes and world will find out the most terri-ble illnesses that will come to destroy the lives of the bad and perverted men.In those times of great changes, in other places on earth, a quarter of humanity willsuddenly disappear; then, at a second trial, there will die almost a quarter again out of thoseescaped alive and terrified. The others will strive for God body and soul - from the baby at hismother breast to the most obstinate tyrant walking on earth.But I'm telling you not to count the time of these spiritual changes of this world, by thetimes of your mean interests. Because as far as I have seen, those changes will come over andtake you unawares, no matter you will stick to your obstinacy and you will continue not tobelieve in God.Many peoples in Asia will suddenly set themselves toward the Christian religion, andmany wild tribes will become Christian, also due to the large spreading of the Bible, whichwill be known to all peoples, of all languages, from the North Pole to the South Pole.Those times are close when England will loose its power and France will be assimi-lated by the surrounding nations. (European Union?)
Gradually the states powers will vanish, for in their place to come a new power,named World States Federation, with one president, one currency, one ruling council, onearmy, air-carried, used only for defense or internal safety, it's soldiers having the duty tomaintain order in the affected zones.In that period Russia will become one of the most authentic Christian countries onearth, the Bosfor and Dardanelles will sink and completely disappear, also many islands willdisappear, being destroyed by earthquakes, the earth crust being jolted by a great number of scourges which will fall over men.The holy gifted churches will gather in one, surnamed Christian Church, Right Con-victed, Apostolical and Missionary which will prepare almost the whole world for the spiri-tual changes taking place on the entire planet. Also, in those times will came the antichrist, i.e.all those who, more or less aware of it, will be fighting against the true spirituality, lookingfor the triumph of the obscure forces of darkness and lie. This will keep the human being in astate of unconsciousness and lethargycal slavery, and many struggle ideas will dawn, withoutany kind of physical weapon, in order to annihilate the veritable faith in God.All these and much more, although it seems incredible now to some people, later, will
later come true by God’s will.
 The only ones to escape the punishment of the destructive fire and the massacres allover the world will be Romania and the surnamed holy places from Palestine. Also preservedfrom sword will be the citadel of Vatican but its power of influence, so much craved for, willbe gone.Romania will pass through some stages of fundamental changes finally becoming, ow-ing to its exemplary spiritualization, an authentic spiritual hotbed, worth to be compared tothe mythical
New Canaan
, and Bucharest will become an essential centre of this hotbed.This capital of the spiritual pole of the planet will be almost entirely rebuilt, at last remaininga building setting, ring-shaped, having 7 km diameter, which will be considered by all nationsas an authentic
New Jerusalem
of the world.
3Even if my words are staggering you, it is necessary to say that for everybody, thesewill happen exactly as I'm saying, in those future times, because all of these represent the all-powerful will of God and not of humans. All the world nations will participate at differentcommon activities having equal rights in this new spiritual centre, considered to be the shapeof the biblical New Jerusalem, where the equality in rights of all countries and nations natu-rally is an essential condition in front of Good Lord.Romania will pass through great worries and through some foreign changes in the fu-ture that will acknowledge it in the international political environment. Thanks to the mercifulfate it will escape almost untouched by the world warlike situation and it will proclaim itself aneutral country, by its extraordinary spiritual process and it will itself assume the role of per-fect nucleus of divine wisdom and love.Finally, all enemies of Romania will come down to their knees, at the boundaries of this country and will humbly recognize its spiritual mission that will manifest through theterrible power of God. Then, all of you will see for it will be a heavenly sign. In the futuretime wars, fire and destructions will surround Romania, but it will remain untouched, exactlylike a heavenly green oasis, in the middle of the frightful destroying desert caused by the hu-man cleverness in the service of evil. The satanic intelligence will be using this in the lastclench that men don't even think of now.After the shocking planetary changes and a flashing grim war, there will finally remainneither defeated nor triumphant. There will only be three categories:- the dead;- the wounded and maimed in war;- the survivors entirely untouched.And the number of the killed and affected ones in war will be that large, that nobodywill speak either about defeat or about wining. For its consequences will be so huge that allsurvivors will be frightened. Crimes, leprosy, cholera and many other terrible diseases, someof them completely new, unknown before, will haunt the earth surface, especially affectingthe bad ones. Wild beasts will swoop upon the cities and villages, attacking people.Many changes will shake the earth and all these great wraths, mostly unexpected, willsometimes come in a flashing way.Rising over the ashes, the pains and tests of all these changes and disasters, the unaf-fected witnesses and the survivors will strongly search the path of getting closer to GoodLord, whom they have, more or less neglected for so long. Then everyone will convince him-
self that there’s no religion higher than t
ruth, that only the knowledge of TRUTH can release
man and give him back to the Divine Absolute. There he’ll become One with God. Only then
man will understand that he is embraced by God and God is alive, eternal, allmighty and om-niscient in each man, as divine spirit.All that I'm telling you will happen and many of you will convince yourself in thosetimes of beginning of pains and trials, and all that I'm saying now will be found out by youlater, even if the world will persist not to believe it.In those times will appear those pure men, endowed with extraordinary divine gracesabout whom it has been spoken 2000 years ago. Those having a high spiritual level of con-science, which in those times will successfully pass through different hard trials, willrepresent a clean, wise and holy third worthy of God illumination. In those times to come,Romania will become and will remain a heavenly garden of divine bless, of love, of happi-ness, of purity and wisdom, the perfect place for a spiritual life to lead. An elevated and purelife supported by sublime living in fast and meditation, in spirit and truth, just like in the first
Christians’ times. Happy countries and happy people are the chosen ones to lives among R 
o-manians, because many of them will enjoy the immense kindness of God.

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