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Published by Manish Pruthi

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Published by: Manish Pruthi on Oct 03, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Institute Of Management Technology-Ghaziabad
HRmony aims at churning the wheels of the participant’s mind in order to assess their ability
to utilize the potential of the currently changing global workplace and understanding itsimpact on organizational culture and functioning. The event will provide a platform forfuture HR managers to showcase their abilities to deal with various challenges that arepresent in the contemporary workplace. The key role of HR managers is to generateHARMONY in the highly diversified and rapidly changing organizations.
Every team will comprise of 3 members, currently pursuing Post Graduation inManagement.2.
All the members of the team should be from the same college.3.
More than one team can participate from the same college.4.
No participant can be a part of more than one team.5.
best entries will be short-listed for the on-campus rounds.6.
Teams who do not adhere to the rules and regulations can be disqualified at any phaseof the event.7.
In case of any dispute, the decision of the judges and event co-ordinators will be finaland binding.
EVENT DETAILSPreliminary Round
The preliminary round will put forth different scenarios that an HR encounters in anorganization. You will be given 5 case-lets with a corresponding question each.Prove your mettle by providing the best possible solution to the case-lets provided below.
 Institute Of Management Technology-Ghaziabad
“Aisha”, is an executive assistant at a large consumer products company. At one time, Aisha
and a Shifa were close work friends. They had lunch together, ran errands for one another,and routinely helped each other with work. However, when both Aisha and Shifa wantedthe same vacation slot and Aisha won because of greater seniority, the relationship quicklyturned sour. Shifa would drop the remnants of he
r lunch in Aisha’s wastebasket, falsely
inform others that Aisha was on leave when she had just stepped out of the office, andengaged in other unpleasant behaviours. Despite thinking of revenge ideas and discussing itwith other colleagues (like forwarding her e-mail id to some of the spammers), Aisha says,
“So far I haven’t got the guts. But I’m working up to it.”
Q. As an HR manager involved in direct public relations, you have received complaintsfrom others in the department. How would you handle this situation?CASE 2
Jake Brown, CEO of New York-based ad agency Diadem has decidedly mixed feelings whenhe reads employees Facebook status updates and tweets about topics such as how
demanding a boss he is, how hung over they feel, and how “totally not into” a client theyare. On one hand, he finds the messages engrossing. “I can’t lie. It’s entertaining”, he says.
On the other hand, he tends to wince at some of the sensitive and potentially damaginginformation revealed. Given the nature of social networking sites such as Twitter and
Facebook, it’s a concern most employers share. They don’t want to suppress or control what
many employees believe is free and personal expression.
Q. What do you think is the best strategy through which this issue can be addressed withthe employees, without letting them feel their freedom of expression is being encroachedupon, while creating a safe situation for the virtual reputation of the company?
 Institute Of Management Technology-Ghaziabad
Compliant technologies are handling a high priority project from an important client. Inorder to meet deadlines, the management forms a team with the top ten performers fromeach domain. However, one week into the project, work doesn't seem to be getting done atthe expected rate. Most of the team members do not know what is going on. The blamekeeps shifting from one to the next"
Q. Identify the problem with the team and provide possible solutions to ensure that thework gets done on time and that the quality is not compromised.CASE 4
Rita belongs a tier 3 MBA college. After joining a reputed organization, she works very hardto meet deadlines and exhibits exemplary performance. However Harita, who hails from atier 1 college, receives a higher appraisal rating, despite being an average performer at best.Rita finds out that Harita's higher rating can be attributed to the better rating of her college.
Q. Rita has now decided to bring this issue to the HR manager of the company, how wouldyou as an HR manager tackle this issue?CASE 5
Gringotts Technologies took over Diagon limited in the year 2006. Gringotts tech had a verystrict work environment, such as 9.5 working hours daily , 15 leaves in an year, variable paycomponent of Rs 20000, private offices etc. Diagon on the other hand had a relatively morerelaxed work culture, you could work from home, take 25 leaves per year, variable paycomponent was Rs 30000 , participative management styles etc. After the acquisition,Diagon had to incorporate Gringotts policies in their daily operations. This led todissatisfaction amongst the employees of Diagon, as they found Gringotts structure toostringent. This in turn led to a steep rise in the attrition rates since the takeover.
Q. How would you as the HR manager of Gringotts reduce levels of employeedissatisfaction of Diagon's employees, as they are now an integral part of theorganization. You have to ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible.

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