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South Asia Tribune weekly UK

South Asia Tribune weekly UK

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The South Asia Tribune weekly is independent of political parties, private interests and government. Our policy is to provide readers with a news and information service that is fair, accurate and balanced. We adhere to the system of self regulation overseen by the Press Complaints Commission. SAARC International Ltd. is an independent organisation and has no affiliation of any kind with the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC), but we support and promote the objectives of SAARC as defined in its charter among South Asians abroad.
The South Asia Tribune weekly is independent of political parties, private interests and government. Our policy is to provide readers with a news and information service that is fair, accurate and balanced. We adhere to the system of self regulation overseen by the Press Complaints Commission. SAARC International Ltd. is an independent organisation and has no affiliation of any kind with the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC), but we support and promote the objectives of SAARC as defined in its charter among South Asians abroad.

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Published by: Mohammad Shahid Khan on Oct 03, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Year 2
Issue 12
Thursday, 04.10.12
See  page 17
South Asia
 Wo r ld  re me m be rs  Ma ha t ma Ga nd h i
The phrase has already been incorporatedinto the conference backdrop and JohnDenham, Ed Miliband’s parliamentary aide, told the World at One thatfrontbenchers would be using the phraseto describe the party “repeatedly over themonths and years to come”. Accordingto the BBC, it is being viewed as a
rebranding exercise as signicant as Tony 
Blair’s decision to christen the party “new Labour”.The leader of Britain’s main oppositionLabour party Ed Miliband stated hisintention on Tuesday to “rebuild Britainas one nation” as he sought to raise his
own personal prole.
Labour has conrmed that it will in futuredescribe itself as the one nation party.
Miliband vows to rebuild UK as‘one nation’ in bid to boost prole
Babar Ahmad and Syed Ahsan are to challenge adecision of the top prosecutor in England and Walesnot to consent to them facing private prosecutions inthe UK 
Both are ghting extradition to the US where they are
 wanted on terrorism charges.Computer expert Ahmad has been held in a UK prison without trial for eight years after being accused of raising funds for terrorism.
Jailed without trial Babar Ahmad andSyed Ahsan challenge DPP move
Babar Ahmad seeks
injunctionto prevent extradition to US
Miliband: No promises on hospital closures
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South Asia Tribune
Thursday 04 October 2012
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 Andy Burnham has vowed to reversethe “rapid” privatisation of NHShospitals in England if Labour winspower.The shadow health secretary warnedthat some NHS hospitals wereplanning to double the number of private patients they treat under new freedoms.Now more than ever, the healthservice needs folk with the faith to
ght for it and Labour is its best hope,
indeed its only hope, the shadow health secretary Andy Burnham toldthe Labour party conference. Here ishis speech“A year ago, I asked for your help.
To join the ght to defend the NHS
– the ultimate symbol of Ed’s OneNation Britain.Hundreds of private contractssigned in ‘biggest ever act of NHSprivatisation’Labour says contracts worth aquarter of a billion pounds have beensigned this week Contracts for almost 400 NHSservices, worth a quarter of billionpounds, were signed this week resulting in the “biggest act of privatisation ever seen in the NHS”,Labour’s health spokesman Andy Burnham has said.
In a brieng before his speech
to the Labour party conference,Burnham said he had new “evidenceof accelerating privatisation” –citing a rash of examples acrossEngland which he said showed thegovernment was committed to a“market in healthcare”.Burnham pointed out that “non-emergency” ambulance servicesin the north-west would soon berun by the bus group Arriva andthat Lancashire county council hadawarded the contract to run “patient
advocacy” groups to a private rm,
Parkwood Healthcare.However the “biggest privatisation”so far was in “community services”– those areas of healthcare offeredoutside of hospitals. Labour usedfreedom of information requests tosurvey England’s NHS primary caretrusts on the “range and value” of community services being offeredto the private and voluntary sectorunder the government’s “any 
qualied provider” policy.In the rst wave, 398 contracts were
signed this week in eight NHS areas– including musculoskeletal servicesfor back pain, adult hearing servicesin the community, wheelchairservices for children and primary care psychological therapies foradults.Labour says £262m of services havedrawn bids from 37 private healthcarecompanies. In about a quarter of thecases – 110 times – the health trustsstated “they had no plans to tender before the government instruction”.Burnham said he was “against themarket in the NHS, not privatecompanies”. He said the use of markets had seen “care beingfragmented and services becomingdisjointed”. For example, inLincolnshire six private providerscompete to offer patients diagnostictests as well as the NHS.
‘’The NHS desperately needs a Labour win in 2015’’
Call to halt NHS ‘privatisation’
Miliband vows to rebuild UK as ‘one nation’ in bid to boost prole
The “one nation” slogan is traditionally used by Prime Minister David Cameron’s Conservativeparty but was employed in the speech to thecentre-left party’s conference to show Labour would help Britain through hard times.The hour-long speech was light on policy butfull of detail about the background of Miliband, who surprised many by winning the leadershipcontest against his brother, former foreignminister David Miliband, two years ago.Observers said it was a brazen attempt to take back the centre ground that Cameron has triedto occupy.Miliband, who walked around the stage anddelivered the speech without notes, soughtto court Conservative voters, saying he couldunderstand why they had turned away from thethen Labour government and voted for Cameronin 2010.But Miliband said the coalition government of the Conservatives and their junior partners, theLiberal Democrats, had let the country downand failed to stimulate economic growth andcreate jobs.“When David Cameron says to you ‘Let’s justcarry on as we are and wait for something to turnup’, don’t believe him, don’t believe him. If themedicine isn’t working, change the medicine.“And I tell you what else to change, change thedoctor too, and that is what this country needsto do,” Miliband said to loud applause.Miliband also teased Cameron for his closenessto a key former Rupert Murdoch aide RebekahBrooks, who has been charged with phone-hacking offences.He said Britain could not move forward if itremained “two nations, not one, the bankersand the rest of the country”.“We must have a one-nation banking systemas part of a one-nation economy,” he said.In a lengthy personal passage of the speech,Miliband contrasted his own education at astate school in London with thatof Cameron, who was educated at the elite fee-paying EtonCollege. Polls show that while Labour are aheadof the Conservatives with more than two yearsto go until the next general election in 2015,Miliband himself does not enjoy high personalpopularity.
Labour would extend theFreedom of Information Act : Sadiq Khan
Sadiq Khan, the shadow justice secretary, hasannounced that Labour would extend the Freedomof Information Act to cover private companiescontracted to do public sector work. As the Press Association reports, he said in his speech FoI
legislation would apply to private rms running
prisons and delivering education and healthservices. They would all be subjected to the“disinfecting transparency” of the FoI regime, Khansaid in his speech. The pledge to extend Freedomof Information legislation to private companies by Sadiq Khan, the shadow justice secretary, will covercontracts to deliver public services, such as prisons,hospitals and schools. They will be required to share with the public information on contracts which arefunded with public money.Khan said it was time to “address this blind spot inour freedom of information laws” and in contrast toTony Blair’s view in his memoirs that he had been an“idiot” to introduce FoI in 2000, the shadow justicesecretary said he was proud of the achievement,however awkward it could prove to be.“Not only will the next Labour government protectFOI, we will seek to extend it,” Khan promised the
conference. “For the rst time, FoI will cover the
delivery of public services by private companies.This includes our prisons, our schools, and ourhealth service. Public, private or voluntary,subjected to the same disinfecting transparency of FoI.”On his justice brief, Khan also plans to create adedicated minister for mental health within theMinistry of Justice and the creation of a women’s justice board similar to the existing youth justice board. He also unveiled a new proposal to makeit obligatory for the courts consider the option of restorative justice as part of any sentence that ishanded down.Labour, the one nation party of strong and safecommunities.The party of neighbourhood and responsivepolicing.The party of open and fair justice and civilliberties.The party of constitutional reform in the interestsof the nation, not ourselves.The one nation party that stands up for and protectsthe many, not the few.
Miliband: Nopromises on hospitalclosures
The day after the Labour Party leader wowed
delegates with his condent “one nation” speech,
Ed Miliband told Channel 4 News he could notguarantee that the NHS would be saved frompublic sector cuts under a Labour government.
“Of course I can’t promise there won’t be hospitalclosures and then some services get changed,” he said.
On the day that the future of the NHS is beingdebated by delegates at the conference, theLabour leader admitted that the public sector asa whole was not immune to cuts under a Labourgovernment: “I couldn’t have been clearer thatthere will tough settlements in our public services,and it will make life harder for those who use them,and harder for those who work in them.”But Mr Miliband repeated the pledge that he would repeal the NHS bill if he became the nextprime minister in two years’ time, even if changes were already under way under the coalitiongovernment.During his keynote speech at the Labour Party conference in Manchester, Mr Miliband paidtribute to former Conservative leader BenjaminDisraeli and his idea of’ “one nation”. The Labourleader did not commit to whether he wouldapprove a referendum on Europe at any point inthe future, but said it was not a priority “at the
South Asia Tribune
Thursday 04 October 2012
 BBC documentary suggestingUK Government plotted 7/7  London bombings to boost  Iraq war sparks fury
 A CONTROVERSIAL new BBCdocumentary which claims the7/7 bombings were carried out by the Labour government to extendthe war on terror was branded“ridiculous” on Saturday. FuriousMPs and security experts criticisedConspiracy Road Trip, which ispresented by a comedian , “Thepremise that these terrible attacks were carried out by the governmentis ridiculous,” said Patrick MercerMP last night.One contributor, Jon, tells presenter Andrew Maxwell: “The BritishEstablishment did it. We neededthis excuse to continue this war –7/7 was an excuse.” At the end of theprogramme, three of the conspiracy theorists change their views.Series producer Riete Oord said:“The claims are out there on theinternet. There are people withthese conspiracies, 9/11 is alsoobviously a huge one, 7/7 follows onfrom that.Families of victims of the 7/7London bombings have slammedBritish television network, BBC,for a ‘disgusting’ documentary thatinvestigates conspiracy theoriessurrounding the atrocity.The programme, ‘7/7 Bombings:Conspiracy Road Trip’, aired onBBC3, and hosted by Irish comedian Andrew Maxwell, claims that the co-ordinated blasts were in fact part of a government plot to boost supportfor the Iraq War.The 7/7 attacks in 2005 had killed52 people, when four suicide bombers, who were British Muslims,detonated their home made deviceson the London Tubes and a busduring the morning rush-hourcommute.However, in the documentary show,producers blow up a double-deckerLondon bus in a bid to recreate theexplosion in Tavistock Square thatkilled 13 people.“The BBC can’t get any lower thanthis. They should have spoken to thefamilies,” the Daily Mail quoted JuneTaylor, as saying, whose daughterCarrie, 24, died in the underground blast near Aldgate StationBranding the programme‘disgusting’, she added: “They aretrivialising the tragedy. Peopledon’t want to be back in that dark place. It puts us through the pain allover again.”However, a BBC spokeswoman saidthe “the series takes conspiracy theorists on a journey to fully explore the facts and challenge their beliefs.”Though an original report, endorsed by a high-level Parliamentary inquiry and the government, insistedthat the bombers carried out theattacks on their own, constructing
explosives from chapatti our and
hair bleach mixed in the bath at a
at in Leeds, Yorkshire, there have
since been a wave of conspiracy theories around the attacks, thepaper said.Theorists have also accusedgovernment agents of setting off pre-planted explosives under thethree Tube trains and on the bus, itadded.
However the BBC documentary did not look into aspects as why four Muslims were involved? And
 who benetted from Bombing? The
supposed motive has never beenformally established. No one whoknew any of the alleged bomberssuspected they would become massmurderers. None were knownas being particularly political orreligious. None had a seriouscriminal record. None of thealleged bombers were pronounceddead at the bomb sites. The process by which bodies were recovered
and identied was ruled beyond the
scope of the inquests by the coronerLady Justice Heather Hallett. Assuch, we know very little about the way in which the alleged bombers’
remains were found, identied, and
concluded to be those of suicide bombers. The documentary alsofailed to address issue of dead bodies of bombers. Another majorissue was also overlooked by themaker of BBC documentary thatan already imprisoned known MI6asset Haroon Aswat link with the bombers. Why the US media andIntelligence was looking for himand who was protecting Haroon Aswat.
There are a number of apparent
inconsistencies in the ofcial
 version of events surrounding theJuly bombings which have led toquestions, rumours and conspiracy theories.Many of these can be found on the web. Some call themselves truthcampaigners, other are the samepeople who believe 9/11 and theassassination of JFK were all ordered by the American government.
To nd out why this terrorist attack 
happened, and who was behind it,
 we should ask: “who benets from
BBC 7/7 documentary 
7/7 the London Bombings, Islam and the Iraq War
George Galloway sues NUS
over ‘rape denier’ comments
Maverick Respect MP GeorgeGalloway is to sue the NationalUnion of Students (NUS)after theunion branded him a “rape denier”.Campaigners had earlier criticisedhis remarks on Julian Assange, whodenies sexual assault claims.He was quoted as saying the Wikileaks founder was accusedof nothing more than “bad sexualetiquette”. A spokesman said the NUS comments were “defamatory” and “offensiveand the MP was “absolutely clear thatno means no” and “non consensualsex is rape”.The action has been prompted by the NUS description of Mr Galloway and its ban on him from speaking at
events afliated to the union.
 A spokesman for the Bradford WestMP said today the union’s comments were “defamatory” and “offensiveand that Mr Galloway was “absolutely clear that No means No.Mr Assange, 40, is wanted in Swedenfor questioning on sexual assaultallegations made by two women.In August, Mr Galloway, who hadalso said the women’s claims were“totally unproven” and the Wikileaksfounder had been “set up”, wascriticised by anti-rape campaigners. Any damages recovered from hislegal action “will be donated to thedefence fund for Julian Assange andBradley Manning”.US army soldier Private Manningis the alleged source of Wikileaks’revelations. A spokesman for the NUS said it was yet receive a letter from MrGalloway’s lawyers, and would notcomment until it had.Mr Galloway himself was unavailablefor comment because he is in Venezuela ahead of the country’spresidential elections.

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