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Angle Measurement

Angle Measurement

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Published by jalham

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: jalham on Oct 03, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Topic 6: Angle measurement:Intersection and resection
Traversing with total stations
The main advantage of using a total station for traversing is that angles anddistances are measured simultaneously at each station. The obvious advantage ofthis is that it reduces the time taken to complete the survey.Also: as total stations can carry out coordinate calculations, they can also computethe traverse as shown below.
The procedure for completing this is as follows:The total station is set up at point A –and a back sight is taken to point BThe coordinates of A and B are entered into the instrument and the horizontal circleis orientated to display the whole circle bearing from station Ato backsightB.Following this the total station is rotated through angle A
and station 1 is sightedon the traverse. The instrument will now display the whole circle bearing along lineA1.The horizontal distance D1 is measured and the coordinates of station 1 arecalculated by the total station.The total station is moved and set up at 1, point A is sighted as a backsightand thehorizontal circle is orientated along this direction.By rotating though angle A
to sight station 2, and by measuring the distance D2,the coordinates of station 2 are obtained.This process is repeated.To end the traverse, measurements are taken from the last traverse station to aclosing point C (whose coordinates are known)Once this is done the total station will display any misclosures

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