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Newsletter October 2012

Newsletter October 2012

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Published by littlevalleyumc

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Published by: littlevalleyumc on Oct 03, 2012
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Little Valley United Methodist Church109 Court Street, PO Box 221Little Valley, NY 14755(716) 938-6150 Joseph Pascoe, PastorOffice Hours: Monday – Friday 9:00-12:00Monthly NewsletterOctober 2012
Greetings in Jesus name,If you recall we have been looking at the change the world around us is so desperately seeking. The need is realand the desire of God is that we would live out His commission with all people in all places. Quite possibly over thelast month you have looked at your relationships and realized there are many opportunities to live it out, but you justaren't sure how or ready to do it. Maybe you looked at your life and were able to identify people that you knowwouldn't fall into the "friend" category, that is ok because it is quite possible that those people are the ones God isnudging you to make your mission field. Hopefully you have come to the realization that your identity is not yourown but Christ's alone, and you are His and He will shine through you if you let Him.You might be wondering how you are going to make this mission field effective, or how you are going to beGrace in it? I have no doubt that some of you even have thoroughly justified reasons for the previous relationshipstatus with those that you are frustrated. God's word says in Matthew 5:44 though that, "we are to love our enemiesand pray for those who persecute us". I might also add that God's love is for them as well as it is for you. Theremust be an understanding of the grace of God which has been done for and in you; it is that grace which willenable you to be Christ's love for and with them.My first charge for you/us is to pursue Righteousness and then living it out in action through radical actsof kindness. There must be great care taken in this commission though to not allow this to be worksrighteousness, or doing good deeds so that your salvation is evident for all to see, but rather let it be amindset of your heart. You see Jesus Christ performed one huge act of kindness that gave all access to theFather through His blood. It is through that kindness that you are saved and it is through that kindness that you canoffer hope to those who are desperately seeking it.A recent example of this was on our mission trip to Chillicothe. We had a chance to eat a nice meal together andour waitress was busy and from the worlds perspective not able to give us the greatest service as her patrons. Shewas slightly irritable and seemed to want to be anywhere but there at that moment. I happened to look at the billwhen we were leaving and saw that the leader had left a huge tip. I asked him what gives as that was not a reflectionof the service for sure, but expecting something radical. His response was, "Joe radical acts of kindness with nostrings attached, that's how we are going to reach people with God's love". God's love for us with no stringsattached! Grace.......Amen!!!!I realize that this might be easier with those you don't have a record of wrongs with, but God doesn't distinguishhis grace between those lists. Rather he cancelled them for all of us by nailing them to the cross. The opportunityfor you to make a difference is that much larger as those who don't deserve your grace get it. It is also in thatrelationship that you cannot perform, so you must rely on Him who is in you. You must allow Jesus Christ to shinethrough you.We have the ability to give the world what it needs. The evidence shows that it is needed, and it is real that we asChristians have what the world needs. Now is the time to start living it out. As you start seeking new "friends" andgive God the chance to restore old ones. Lets start with
Allow Christ to change the world through you, don't try to understand who or where just act in love.IHG,Pastor JoeI am always looking for dialogue around any topic that has been written or email pastorjoe@littlevalleyumc.org
Transforming Lives By Knowing Christ And Making Christ Known
Worship and Celebration Ministry Team News
Worship! We look forward to coming together before God and hearing His word. Weencourage you to get involved in worship…be an assisting minister or greeter…lead aChildren’s Moment…volunteer to share your gift of music or greeting others as they enterworship. Call any of the team members below to find out how you can serve.If anyone has any feedback or comments regarding worship, please contact anyone on theWorship and Celebration Ministry Team (Annette Andrew, Al Ormond, Glenda Campbell, LauriePeters and Pastor Joe).
See you in worship…
An intimate time of prayer and fellowship. Time and place varies each week.See Annette Andrew for details.
Two Prayer Times for Wednesday evenings:
7:00pm -
New prayer time
: We meet in the conference room for a time of structured and focused prayer,coming together as the body of Christ for corporate prayer. All are welcome. See Evonne Phillips orLaurie Peters for details.7:30-10:00pm -
Worship and Praise time
: We meet in the sanctuary following worship band rehearsal.We worship with the
 I Worship
DVD’s or other music for a personal time with the Lord. Afterwards wecome together for prayer as the Spirit leads with prayers for the church, pastor and concerns of thecongregation. All are welcome. See Bonnie Hurley for details.Outside we have a mailbox for prayers if you forget on Sunday or if the church isn’t open. Anyone inthe community is welcome to use it so please tell others about it. God tells us where two or more aregathered in His name…There is also a prayer box in the back of the sanctuary for your convenience.We meet in the sanctuary before the service on Sunday mornings and everyone is welcome to join us.We pray for Pastor Joe and the worship service.
Office hours will be 9-12 Mon-Thurs. unless conflicting appointments or by appointment, Fri.-day off,Saturday-Sabbath, Tuesdays Men’s Breakfast at the VFW 8am, Wednesday 7pm Prayer,Sunday Youth 5:30-8pm10/2 - Ministerial meeting. 10am10/3 - Class 10am10/4 - Worship meeting. 9am10/7-8 - Youth Amazing Retreat10/12-14 - Friends of Findley work weekend10/15 - Class 2pm10/16 - Sr. Luncheon10/20 - Mission Dinner 3-9pm10/22 - Class 2pm10/25 - Missions meeting. 6pm10/25 - LDT meeting. 7pm10/28-11/1 - Vacation
Crop Walk which will take place Oct 7, beginning at the Little Valley Wesleyan Church at 1:00.More details to be announced in church as information becomes available. Let Pastor Joe knowif you are interested. We have at least 5 people from our church walking that would love to haveyou sponsor them.
Youth Group Calendar for 2012-2013 year
Youth group will be starting back up September 16, 2012. All youth grades 6-12 are encouraged and invited to joinus. We will be looking at separating into junior and senior high groups after the first meeting. Parents are alsostrongly encouraged to stay for the beginning of the first meeting. We look forward to partnering with you in thischallenge of raising truly great kids in Gods Kingdom right now! See you all there. Pastor JoeSenior High - 5:30-7pmJunior High - 6:30-8pmSeptember:30 - Regular mtgsOctober7-8 - Amazing Race ($59 per person)14 - Regular mtg21 - Regular mtg28 - No MTGNovember4 - Regular mtg11 - Regular mtg17-18 - Fall Gathering ($85 per person)25 - NO MTGDecember2 - Regular mtg9 - Regular Mtg.16 - Regular MTG23 - Christmas Party (Combined Groups)30 - NO MTGJanuary6 - Regular Mtg.13 - Regular Mtg.20 - Regular Mtg.27 - DCYM Winter Event 4-8pmFebruary3 - Regular Mtg.10 - Regular Mtg.17 - Regular Mtg.24 - Regular Mtg.March3 - DCYM Worship @ BPUMC10 - Regular Mtg.17 - Regular Mtg.24 - No Mtg.31 - No Mtg.April7 - Regular Mtg.14 - Regular Mtg.21 - Regular Mtg.28 - Regular Mtg.May5 - Regular Mtg.12 - Regular Mtg.19 - DCYM Worship @ Trinity UMC Olean26 - No Mtg.30-June 1 – Campout

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