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Religion and Spiritually Part 2

Religion and Spiritually Part 2



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Published by Timothy

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Published by: Timothy on Jan 19, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Vital Religious Wisdom Vital Religious Wisdom Vital Religious Wisdom Vital Religious Wisdom 
With so much apostasy, here’s some information on the 21st Century’s new ministries deceiving theflock. They certainly have common goals of promoting the World Faith Movement. They desire tomake the religion to be acceptable to the establishment. They also compromise on many occasionsfrom core Christian tenets. Recently, it’s been found that the Korean false prophet Sun Myung Moonhave political and economic connections to apostate Christian leaders on numerous levels. Moon isthe founder of the Unification Church.
He was funded by the Rockefellers and his critics call theUnification Church as apart of the Moonies. Sun Myung Moon has been key in funding theestablishment religious leaders who claim to be “conservative.”
Moon’s critics say that theKCIA or the Korean Central Intelligence Agency aided Moon in order to exist as a political tool of theKorean government (back in 1961). Rev. Bright allowed Sun Myung Moon to arrive in America at thebehest of the KCIA. Bright received the pro-New Age Templeton Award in 1996 (The people whogive out the award are made up of different religions). The real Templeton himself was a New Ageproponent and pantheist.
According to Dr. Cathy Burns’ book entitled “Billy Graham and HisFriends” from pgs. 103-104, Moon had ties to Ted Kennedy, Freemason Mark O. Hatfield,Mason Jesse Helms (who recently died), and the late William F. Buckley
. Sun Myung Moon isnot a real Christian at all since he claimed that Jesus Christ failed at his mission and he believes thathe is the Messiah. That’s blasphemy of course. Even the late Jerry Falwell admitted that he received$2.5 million from Moon in 1994 (via a pro-Moon organization called Womens Federation for WorldPeace.
It’s headed by Tim La Hay’e’s wife Beverly La Haye) in order to bailout out his LibertyUniversity from Lynchburg, Virginia. Even Tim LaHaye worked with Moon for years (asadmitted by Moon’s right hand man Bo Hi Pak. La Haye formed the CNP in 1981
. The CNP orthe Council on National Policy is an elitist group made to try to infiltrate real conservative Christiansand act as a religious version of the CFR. I would stay away form the CNP (some have accused the
CNP of having ties with the cult of Scientology. Scientology was founded by L. Ron Hubbard whobelieved that an alien being created man 75 million years. He loved Aleister Crowley‘s works),because it’s elitists and promotes the establishment’s agenda of the war on terror, political agitation,and supporting the 2 party fraudulent system.
Robert Schuller
Robert Schuller is a 33rd Degree Freemason whose friend was Billy Graham. Graham, NormanVincent Peale, John Wayne, W. Clement Stone, and Rich DeVos (founder and chairman of AmwayCorporation), are all 33rd Degree Freemasons. Masonic brother Billy Graham helped Schuller tocreate his ministry. He preaches a gospel based on self-esteem instead of the blood-broughtsacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ. Schuller embraces positive thinking, but he wasn’t the first man touse that false doctrine.
See, he was a protégé of Norman Vincent Peale, a 33rd Degree ScottishRite Freemason, who also used Positive Thinking. Peale assisted Schuller’s ministry andPeale died in 1993. Before Peale died, Schuller cried in tears that Peale was his mentor andinspiration
. The Illuminatus Armaud Hammer gave money and helped Robert Schuller into Russiato put him on a lot on Russian T.V. What the history books don’t tell you is that Armaud was aJewish top Communist under Lenin and Stalin who utilized bad tactics in America. His own father,Julius, named his first son after the Communists’ arm and hammer symbol. Armaud Hammer is awell known 33
Degree Freemason. Robert Schuller’s Hour of Power show still occurs on Televisionevery Sunday. Schuller’s son is the new speaker on the show now because of Robert’s age. J. Edgar Hoover, Richard Nixon, and William Casey (ex-head of the CIA) were friends or allies ofArmaud Hammer. People like Schuller give themselves up to embrace heresy like his belief ofPositive Thinking, accepts Freemasonry, loves ecumenicalism, and are allied with the Illuminati.Papist Rupert Murdock (FOX News leader and Australian billionaire smut promoter) even financiallygave Schuller money to let him show his “positive thinking” false theology. He also seems so kosherwith the now deceased John Paul II and the Roman Catholic Church. While I hope Pope BenedictXVI to wake up, the Catholic Church is still overtly superstitious embracing wrong doctrines and acultic mentality on many levels. Robert Schuller praised the Pope John Paul II and Mother Theresa.He also created the “Churches Uniting in Global Missions” in wanting “a spirit of unity” betweenCatholics, Protestants, Orthodox, Evangelical, and Charismatic. One of his famous quotes is:“The most effective mantras employ the “M” sound. You can get the feel of it by repeating the words,“I am, I am,” many times over…Transcendental Meditation or TM…is not a religion nor is itnecessarily anti-Christian.” (Peace of Mind Through Positive Thinking,” pgs. 131-132)TM is from the religion of Buddhism and New Age, which is in it of itself is anti-Christian, so Schulleris lying that TM is not a religion and pro-Christian. Also, to have vain repetition is against the Biblefrom Matthew 6:7: “But when you pray, use not vain repetitious, as the Heathen do: for they THINKthat they shall be heard for their much speaking.” Self-esteem is not necessarily a sign of being true.You see, Jesus Christ suffered persecution, he wasn’t very popular with the world, and he wasridiculed like many good leaders have been. Isaiah 53:3 even prophesized that the Lord Jesus Christ[who is God] will not be the one possessing great “self-esteem.” Behold:“He (Jesus Christ) is despised and rejected of men: A man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief:and we hid as if were our faces from him; he was despised, and we esteemed him not.” DavidGibson had a picture of Crystal Cathedral in January 1998. This was when Schuller conducted aninternational conference of 2,200 church leaders. On the lower right hand side of the church appear
to be a symbol of the goats head meaning Satan as anyone knowledgeable of the occult realize.Just shows which god runs the mainstream religious groups. It’s certainly not Almighty God ofAbraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, and the prophets.
Kenneth Copeland
Kenneth has been accused of being a 33rd Degree Freemason, whose ministry is based on theWorld Faith Movement. This movement emphasize on the false claim that material gain is equatedto benefit, but they reject the truth that spiritual gain is an outcome of God’s blessing. Thismovement also views faith as a force that can be manipulated into positive ends via a formula.Kenneth Copeland teaches that financial prosperity and abundance is revealed in the Bible. Thetruth is that greed is forbidden in the Bible, and we shouldn’t be obsessed with our material wealth atall (Matthew 6:19). Kenneth Copeland spews the common lie that Poverty is a curse. Kenneth saysthat:
Poverty is an evil spirit
Kenneth Copeland,
Prosperity: The Choice is Yours 
, p.4).
Thereality is that Paul was poor and was in risk of his life daily for his Gospelpreaching. A true Christian leader must not be a lover of money (1 Tim. 3:2-3), anda greedy teacher will exploit his flock (2 Peter 2:3).
Salvation or our spiritual developmenthas nothing to do with our financial wealth at all. Copeland believes in praying to ourselves:
Prayto yourself 
, because I'm in your self and you're in My self. We are one Spirit, saith theLord." (Kenneth Copeland, "Believer's Voice of Victory", Feb. 1987, p.9). That’s wrongsince we are to pray to God alone. The New Age and occult teach that we are one with Godand we are God.
There is a picture of him displaying the horned-hand sign, which is the worship ofSatan and acknowledgement of being involved with the occult. With his Masonic handshakes withMasons and placing the Masonic Square and Compass on his tapes plus books, Kenneth Copeland

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