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May Clarification FINAL

May Clarification FINAL

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Published by Dani Rascon

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Published by: Dani Rascon on Oct 04, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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David Miller
Dani Rascon
Answers to
s billing questions about 4.75 hours dated June 21, 2012For dates: 5/15/12/ 5/16/12, 5/19/12, 5/22/12, 5/23/12=====================================================================David,Per the clarifications noted below, no corrections are necessary for the time I worked on yourcampaign in May. I have made the most conscientious effort possible to clarify the time for whichyou and your wife have had questions.I have thoroughly answered your 5 questions here, and the 3 prior questions
twice. Any otherwork you require me to output on billing issues will be billed to you at $21.00 per hour.In regards to the questions in your email to me dated June 21, 2012, I have led each of yourquestions followed by bulleted answers.
 S QUESTION #1] 5/15 - I come up with 2 hrs of services not 2.5 hrs.
You are paying me for hours worked, not for individual services. I was in the office from10am-
5pm. That’s SEVEN hours. Period. I didn’t take a lunch that day, because I was
supposed to leave much earlier to get to my Oath Keepers meeting.
You are failing to figure in the 30 minutes you required to discuss the invoice. It is noted onthe journal. If you need to hold me up to discuss the invoice, that 
’s on your dime, not mine.
On May 15th, I worked 7 hours. You owe me for 7 hours.
 S QUESTION #2] 5/16 - I come up with 2.75 hrs of services not 3.5 hrs.
ou are paying me for hours worked, not individual “services”.
I NEVER agreed to being
I was in the office from 11:45am-6:40pm, which is AGAIN SEVEN HOURS, less ½ hour forlunch is 6.5 hours. You owe me for that TIME.
I’m not even sure if I took a lunch, so I’m
erring in YOUR favor.
A few interesting things happened that day:
May Time Clarification
Page 2
I sent you the REVISED invoice per your request, reflecting a change of not total hoursworked, but subtracted 5 hours from my regular time (which was due immediately) and
added it to the ‘deferred’ fundraising time. This was done at YOUR direction and I still
have the invoice with YOUR handwriting on it. So for you to come back AGAIN after the
fact with this belligerent “audit” of that invoice, when you already took time to revise it 
yourself is just plain desperate and dishonest.B.
Another interesting thing that happened that day, was I received that phone call fromyour former tenant who has a judgment against you for withholding her deposit.
Remember that? When she called my cell phone to tell us that if you didn’t pay her the
money you owed her, she was going to show up at the San Dimas Chamber event andout you? I sent you an email that day with her information at 3:14pm:
Dave, Asia Lockett just called my cell phone. She said that she will attend the San Dimas Candidates Forum next Friday withdocumentation of the judgment if she does not hear back from you before then. Said she is willing to settle on it. Otherwiseshe is going to the press with that information.Her number is626-384-8763.
 I was willing to overlook it at that time as some sort of fluke thing, but in light of thetrouble you have caused me in trying to get paid the money you owe me, it isseemingly indicative of a serious personality disorder you apparently have withpaying people what you owe them.C.
Another thing that happened that day is we had visitors. We had a few elderly visitorsthat day who had to be entertained since they were bringing in donations. This isanother reason I would NEVER agree to piecework campaign managing. How do you
May Time Clarification
Page 3
bill for every interruption, or visitors who are donating, that you have to be nice to eventhough they are COMPLETELY in your workspace WITH THE CANDIDATE? Youseriously fail to consider these times, and the times that you interrupted me with thingsthat you apparently AFTER THE FACT will not pay me for. Seriously, your expectationshave been completely unrealistic and I KNOW I am not the only one to ever tell you that.
I worked 6.5 hours on May 16th. You owe it. Pay it.
 S QUESTION #3] 5/19 - I don't know what services were performed for 2.5 hrs. I need clarification on the 2.5 hrs billed 
You were actually “billed” for THREE and a half hours not two. I deferred one of those
hours as a courtesy to the campaign and under the assumption that you were not going tocompletely screw me out of the money you owe me. You owe me that deferred money aswell, Dave.
You owe me for ALL of the time I worked on your campaign.
Do you ever think of checking your email? I noted right on the journal that I worked on the
postponement eblast. If you looked at it you’d see that the blast was extremely thorough
with hotlinks that included our three events coming up the next week as well asencouragement for the shooting event that we were going to hit hard for promo in June. Iworked hard on that blast and it was good for promoting your upcoming events. The least you could do is pay me the measly $49 for the time I worked on it, and the impression that was sent to OVER 10,000 REGISTERED VOTERS that day.
Saturday, May 19th, I worked and billed you 3.5 hours. You owe me for 3.5 hours that day. Pay it.

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