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Narrative Step Outline Ect.

Narrative Step Outline Ect.

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Published by Emma Foster

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Published by: Emma Foster on Oct 04, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Narrative Project Premise
The Second World War is shown through the eyes of a young boy, the world around himliterally crumbling down as it goes through key dates. Finally arriving to present date warrepresenting that war is on-going.
In a 1930s German home a Jewish family goes about their regular routine. A suddendisturbance pulls the young son into a whirlwind of WWII events from the Nazi rise to theHolocaust concentration camps. Destroyed/rubble of concentration camps begin to turn tomodern buildings, the young boy changing style to become more modern too. Thesebuildings begin to burn symbolizing the continuity of war through time.
3 Act Structure
Act 1- Young child in family home during equilibrium. Opening event of war disruptsequilibrium.Act 2- Main events of war unfold, boy and environment changing throughout.Act 3- One final destructive event is shown then remains of streets which gradually turn tomore modern streets, the child changing to more modern style also. (Represents war stillgoing on)
Opening and Closing Lights
-Oil lamp or candle (Hanukkah)-Street light or sparkle/flame in eye.
Step Outline
Zoom out from Hanukkah candle light.
Child is eating dinner with family (family not shown-just bodies/chatter)
Disturbance- cheers of Germans.
Child goes to walk out front door.EXT. GERMAN STREETS
Buildings start appearing with Nazi flags hanging from them.

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