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Oct4 Final

Oct4 Final

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Published by carillontechnic9873

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Published by: carillontechnic9873 on Oct 04, 2012
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welcomes contributions to its pages.Correspondence can be mailed, e-mailed, or dropped off inperson. Please include your name, address and telephonenumber on all letters to the editor.Only the author’s name,title/position (if applicable) and city will be published.Names may be withheld upon request at the discretion of the
.Letters should be no morethen 350 words andmay be edited for space, clarity, accuracy and vulgarity.The
is a wholly autonomous organization with noaffiliation with the University of Regina Students’ Union.Opinions expressed in the pages of the
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is published no less than 11times each se-mester during the fall and winter semesters and periodicallythroughout the summer. The
is published by TheCarillon Newspaper Inc., a non–profit corporation.
 That’snot so bad.
the staff
In keeping with our reckless, devil-may-careimage, our of-fice has absolutely no concrete information on the
’sformative years readily available. What follows is the storythat’s been passed down from editor to editor for over fortyyears.In the late 1950s, the University of Regina planned the con-struction of several new buildings on the campus grounds.One of these proposed buildings was a bell tower on the aca-demic green. If you look out on the academic green today,the first thing you’ll notice is that it has absolutely nothingresembling a bell tower.The University never got a bell tower, but what it did getwas the
 ,anewspaper that serves as a symbolic belltower on campus, a loud and clear voice belonging to eachand every student.
Illegitimi non carborundum.
the manifesto
Dietrich Neu, Kent Peterson, Edward Dodd, EdKapp, Tim Jones, Madeline Kotzer,Anna Weber
the paper
arts & culture
Okay,so last week,you gotpretty upset with us about our interview with Haanim Nur.Andthat’s okay.But to qualm your outrage,and prevent thelikelihood of a pitchforkrebellion or bricks being thrownthrough our window,we offer  you a follow-up.If this isn’tsatisfactory,Home Depot hassome kick-ass pitchforks.Fear,loathing,and rush.
Julia Dima
Will Whitten
Marc Messett
Arthur Ward
Arthur Ward
Oct.4 - 17 2012 | Volume 55,Issue 7 | carillonregina.com
Be thoughtful,not shitty.
 When the announcementcame out about the changesto the theatre program,it waslikewhen that dude inCalifornia ate a guy’sface,and weall thought the zombieapocalypse had begun.The
spoke with TomChase,who says it’s not theend of theatre at U of R. The Cougar women’s soccer team is surprisingly dominantthis year.Remember when thesoccer team wrote into theDeclass and asked if thesports editor was an assholeor a douchebag? Just to clarify,I’m an asshole.Our arts writer,Kyle went tothe Rush concert in Saskatoonand apparently went on acrazy-ass acid trip.Or,he just went to a Rush concert.Samething,pretty much.He shareshis strange concert adventureon page 9. Taouba Khelifa suggests that being understanding of other people when theywrong youinstead of reacting aggres-sively is a sign of strength andpatience,not weakness.Inother words,just because oth-ers are shitty,doesn’t mean you have to be shitty too.
News Editor: Taouba Khelifanews@carillonregina.com
the carillon 
|Oct. 4 - 17, 2012
CFS and URSU respond toHaanim Nur’s admission of guilt
 Julia Dima
New details surrounding formerURSU president Haanim Nur’sresignation have revealed that sheforged two CFS Saskatchewancheques totaling $700 and at-tempted to cash another chequeworth $300. The third cheque wascancelled by the CFSSaskatchewan national executiverepresentative, Kent Peterson, af-ter the bank alerted him that hissignaturedid not match the oneon file.The CFS national office main-tains that up until the release of last week’s article in the
 ,they have not had enough docu-mentation to pursue legal action.“Up until the article [lastweek], therewas no admission of guilt on her part that she had actu-ally taken any money,” said AdamAwad, who became the CFSNational Chairperson in June of this year.“I haven’t had any con-tact with her since the article ran, but that doesn’t mean that we arenot going to make efforts to con-tact her directly to try and makesure the money is paid.”An official statement released by CFS SK on Friday revealed thatthe irregularities in the CFS’s bank account were first noticed in“early 2012” but does not go intospecifics regarding exact dates onwhen the CFS national executiverepresentative took action.Peterson, who requested to be in-terviewed by the
overemail, declined to elaborate on theexact dates of the events and sim-ply referred the
 back toCFS SK’s original statement. In aninterview with the Leader Post,Peterson later revealed that the bank first contacted him inFebruary.According to the official state-ment by CFS SK, the bank alertedPeterson that his signatureon aspecific CFS cheque did not seemto match the others. Peterson thencancelled the cheque and confis-cated Nur’s CFS financial docu-ments. Upon examining thecheque, Peterson was able to con-firm it was, in fact, forged.“Unfortunately theChairperson [Nur] was not ableto provide several months’ worthof bank statements and so therewere many questions that neededto be answered beforethe accountcould be fully closed,” reads theCFS SK statement.“The answer provided wasnot an admission, but neither wasit a denial,” Peterson in an email.“In the context, that answer wassimply not satisfactory.”The exact dates of the eventssurrounding the issue werenotrevealed to the
 beforeourdeadline, but the CFS SK state-ment does note that it was “anumber of weeks” beforethe bank account was closed and “thefunds and documents weretrans-ferred to the national organiza-tion.”According to the document,Nur did not submit an “admis-sion of responsibility” to CFS SK.The CFS SK statement notesthat at this point “theSaskatchewan National ExecutiveRepresentative felt he had takenall of the steps he could to addressthis matter.Any decision aboutseeking repayment or taking le-gal action is not under that au-thority of the CFS-SaskatchewanComponent.”For that reason, CFS SK de-cided that it was no longer theirresponsibility to make a publicstatement. Any responsibility forlegal action then fell on the shoul-ders of the CFS national office.“As far as I understand, fromwhat was known by the CFS na-tional office at the time, [the evi-dence] was not conclusive,” saidAwad , who was not the nationalchair during the incident. “Therewas no admission on her part thatshe had taken any money duringher time as chairperson.” Just days beforethe end of herterm, Nur admitted to forging twocheques – that wereboth cashed –and, according to the CFS SK, shecommitted to repaying the money.“Shortly thereafter,the newSaskatchewan ComponentChairperson [Paige Kezima] in-formed the Boardof theUniversity of Regina Students’Union about the matter,” the state-ment reads.Shortly after Kezima informedURSU of their findings, Nurhanded in her resignation as pres-ident on June 12 for “personal rea-sons.”“Wemade Haanim awareof the allegations,” said Mike Young.“It was decided at that time thather resignation would be best foreveryone involved.”However the decision was aninformal procedure, and therewas no official motion asking forNur’s resignation at an URSU board meeting, said Young.Despite Nur admitting tocashing two of the fraudulentcheques, both CFS SK and CFS na-tional have insisted that until anadmission of guilt was presented,there was nothing that they coulddo in terms of a public statementor legal action.“CFS SK did everything in itspurview to gather information.CFS SK had done all it could do,”Peterson said in an email. “CFSSK had only limited informationand no statement of wrongdoingfrom the individual in question.Thus, it would have been inap-propriate and irresponsible tomake public allegations at thattime.”“So that was kind of a game-changer in terms of the informa-tion that we could confirm,”Awad added. “I think the mainthing to note is that her admissionin that article has kind of changedthe options available for pursuingaction. We had not considered itearlier because therehad not beenan admission of guilt.“Now that that has happened,taking a legal course of action isnow an option.”In terms of URSU’s responsi- bility,Young contends that theyhave no grounds to take any ac-tion themselves.“URSU did not have legalstanding to do anything in thismatter,” he said. “URSU has noaccess to the account, URSU hasno signing authority on the ac-count, the account is not in thename of URSU, and URSU doesnot have the financial records of the account. Wecannot be held re-sponsible, morally or legally, foranything that goes on with the ac-count.“We consider this to be a CFSmatter, and URSU does not med-dle in the affairs of other organiza-tions.”“We have done our due dili-gence, our books areclean, andwith the resignation of HaanimNur, we believe that our part inthis matter is over,” said URSUpresident Nathan Sgrazzutti. “We believe that it is in our best inter-est to let CFS deal with CFS. Weare very interested in this matter.It was student funds that weretaken, and because of that wehope to see some action taken onthis issue.”The
is still attemptingto track down relevant informa-tion pertaining to the exact datessurrounding the events as theytook place. It is clear that $700 wasstolen and is yet to be repaid. Wewill be following the events asthey unfold and tracking theprogress of the story as new infor-mation becomes available.
Full disclosure: Kent Peterson serveson the Carillon board of directors.However, the board has no controlover the editorial content decisions of the Carillon editorial board as statedin our constitution.
We had notconsidered itearlier becausethere had notbeen anadmission of guilt.Now thatthat has hap-pened,taking alegal course of action is now anoption
Adam Awad
dietrich neu

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