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Renaissance Script Version 2 (Steven Edit)

Renaissance Script Version 2 (Steven Edit)

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Published by sbpayne

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Published by: sbpayne on Oct 04, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 An Original Story bySammy Butler, Steven Payne and Llogari Casas CambraWritten bySammy Butler, Steven Payne and Llogari Casas CambraVersion Two (Edit by Steven Payne)
Logline: Two boys find themselves stranded on a beach and have to work together, in spite of theirdifferences, to survive.Premise: What if two polar-opposites where forced to work together?Step Outline:Step 1:
Beach EXT.
Two boys lie unconscious on a island beach, alone. Their capsized ship can be seenin the distance. One boy (SIMON) has been raised by a scientist while the other (CARL) was raised in acatholic church.Step 2: They both awake dishevelled and find themselves stranded. The boys spot smoke from whatappears to be the other
side of the island. They figure this must be where the other surviving ship’s
passengers ended up.Step 3:
Forest INT.
They set off together into the thick forest to make it to the other side. It appears tobecome a competition between the two as they race through.Step 4: They reach a valley that seems too wide to jump across. SIMON disappears into the forest andreturns after having built a hang-glider; he glides across.Step 5: CARL kneels and prays for a moment then stands and leaps across making it safely to the otherside.Step 6: They continue again through the thick of the forest, this time they wait and aid each other.Step 7:
Lake Bank EXT.
As the forest thins they come to a lake bank. The smoke seems to be comingfrom the other side of the lake. The lake is too wide to swim across. SIMON enters the forest andreturns with wood, he has begun to build a boat. CARL fetches some rope and together they build theboat.Step 8: Once completed the boys open the sails of their boat and kneel to pray.Step 9: Wind begins to blow in their favour and carry them to the other side of the lake. The othersurvivors can be seen on the opposite bank.
Version Two02/10/12
“Renaissance Boys”
DayCAMERA: POINTED AT BLEACHED SUN THEN PANS DOWN TO BEACHANGLE: FACING OUT TO SEASTYLE: 3D SETSilhouettes of two figures can be seen lying on an island beach. In the distance a capsized ship half sunk in thewater.ANGLE: FACING ISLANDThe figures are two unconscious boys, SIMON, a boy raised on science, wears glasses and has odd gadgetsclipped to the belt of his explorer style outfit; he looks like a sketch book drawing by da Vinci. CARL, a boyraised on religion, wears a traditional robe and a crucifix around his neck; he looks like a Michelangelopainting.They roll over and, bumping into one another, they wake up.Slowly they stand. SIMON picks one of his gadgets of the floor, noticing their outlines imprinted in the floor.The outlines are silhouettes of their separate influence on the world;
Simon’s revealing a scientific, Vitruvian
esque world, whilst Carl’s is more like the religious works of 
Michelangelo.The boys do not look comfortable with one another.They look out to sea at the sinking ship then towards the island.CARL points to the sky where there is billowing smoke coming from somewhere within the forest that isgrowing in the centre of the island. This is the camp of the other survivors of the ship wreck; the smoke is asignal for rescue.They look at each other with a look of distain and race into the forest, forcibly pushing past one another.INT. FORRESTANGLE: SIDE ON TO ACTION CONTINUSLY. CHARACTERS CENTERED.STYLE: 2.5D, SIDE ONThe boys race, side by side, through the forest. The camera moves to show them side on, as the sun passesfrom east to west above them, indicating that they must make haste, or risk being stranded at night. They jump, dive and roll over the natural obstacles of the forest, leaving a visual trail of their influence on the worldbehind them.SIMON reaches a wide valley too wide to jump across. CARL soon reached the same point.STYLE: ONE SCREENThe boys are now of the same screen and the environment style becomes a combination except around thecharacters.

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