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Hidden Dangers of Facebook - The Times of India

Hidden Dangers of Facebook - The Times of India

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Published by Mohammed Adnan Khan

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Published by: Mohammed Adnan Khan on Oct 04, 2012
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7/29/12Hidden dangers of Facebook - The Times of India1/7timesofindia.indiatimes.com/tech/social-media/Hidden-dangers-of-Facebook/articleshow/15234951.cms
The Times of India
|The Economic Times|
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Social Media
The Times of India
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 When Kamesh D (name changed) received aphone call from a friend asking him if he was introuble, he was mildly surprised. The surpriseturned to alarm as he learnt that his friend hadreceived a message on Facebook, saying that hehad been robbed of his mobile and money whileholidaying inParisand updatingFacebook  courtesy of a stranger, and asking for money to be sent to a strange account.Kamesh was lucky. He was able to logon toFacebook, change his password and update hisstatus, asking his friends to ignore any requestsfor money. Kamesh had become, for a brief period of time, a victim of the 419 scam - updated for the Facebook age.Read: 9 random things people do on Facebook  In 1995, there were 16 million users of the internet. It took another 10 years for the number of users to hit 900 million. Facebook had a million users, in 2004, its year of incorporation. In2006, it had 16 million users. As of April this year, the social networking site had hit 901 millionusers around the world, doing in six years what had taken the entire Internet a decade. Where there are crowds, there are criminals. And it's not surprising that Facebook attracts a whole new breed of scamsters. Their objectives remain the same -- it's either money, personalinformation or redirection to shady schemes or page hits.In 2009, a woman named Leanne Saylor took a Facebook quiz. You know the type "Which Star Wars character are you most like?" or "Which celebrity are you?" There are thousands of theseon Facebook. Saylor took an online IQ test. On completion, she was asked to enter her mobilephone number to receive the results on her phone. She got the results - and she also gotsubscribed to three mobile text messaging services that ended up with an additional $44 (Rs.2,434) on her mobile bill. Anyone active on Facebook is bound to have seen posts like this "COOL!! i cant believe its realand official we can now see who's viewing our profile, Check Who's Viewing Your Profile here"or an image list of a user's friends with the caption "Your profile visitors in the last 12 hours".The links that accompany these posts invariably lead to one scam or the other.The problem lies with the nature of Facebook applications. When you launch a Facebook application, you first get past a permissions page. For example, the popular "MyCalendar" app" "
Hidden dangers of Facebook 
Narayanan Krishnaswami, TNN
Jul 29, 2012, 09.30AM IST
Symantec|Facebook’s Security Page|Facebook’s Security Option|Facebook Users|Facebook Security|Facebook Dangers|Facebook Account|Facebook|Drive By Download| Active X
Hi there,
Login with your Facebook ID to seewhat your friends are reading onTimes of India.
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Social Media
 Facebook is also home to many malicious links and apps, thanks to fraudsters capitalizing on the popularity of the social networking site.
7/29/12Hidden dangers of Facebook - The Times of India2/7timesofindia.indiatimes.com/tech/social-media/Hidden-dangers-of-Facebook/articleshow/15234951.cms
, , ,gender, your networks, your user id, your friend list and any other information you made public. Angry Birds Friends, one of the most popular Facebook games, requires all the aboveinformation and your email id. It will also make posts on your behalf on your timeline. When auser signs up for an app, all this valuable information is made available to the app developer -and the use of this information is entirely dependent on the app developer's benevolence.David Hall, regional consumer product marketing manager forSymantecAsia Pacific says that the most common ways scamsters benefit from Facebook attacks are through redirection toscammy product pages, premium subscription services and more dangerously, the so-called"Drive By Downloads". A Drive By Downloadhappens when a user either dowloads a piece of software - a browser plug-in, an ActiveX control or any other piece of executable software without fully understanding what it does - or a piece of software downloads itself on to the user's computer without the user'sknowledge or consent.Ultimately, not being taken in depends on being careful. If one of your friends hasuncharacteristically watched a video titled "OMG, Look at what this girl wore to the beach",ignore it. If you see a post about a tool that allows you to remove the Facebook timeline, ignoreit. Facebook also doesn't allow anyone to track who's seen your profile . And use Facebook'ssecurity options.Facebook's security page allows you to enforce secure browsing. You can also choose to benotified by email or text when someone accesses your account from a strange device ormachine. You can also use the security page to set up app passwords, meaning you have differentpasswords for apps and yourFacebook account. Finally, you can review the active Sessionssettings to see the locations and operating systems from which your account has been accessed.
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Facebook has 50 million usersin India
9 random things people do onFacebook 
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Hidden dangers of FacebooTwitter: Data centre problems caused outageTwitter central to most UN member nations'governments: Study 9 random things people do on Facebook 
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The Times of India | Tech
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Intel launches 'Me The Musical'on Facebook 
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7/29/12Hidden dangers of Facebook - The Times of India3/7timesofindia.indiatimes.com/tech/social-media/Hidden-dangers-of-Facebook/articleshow/15234951.cms
FB is full of dangers. Anything that you do or post can be liable for 'criminal'scrutiny. A simple post by your daughter or son "Dad has finally agreed totake all of us on the holiday that he promised 3 years ago! We will be goingto Hawai for a week" will indicate that your house is empty for 7 days - ripefor burglary. Any phone number given can be exploited, Stay away from FB
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the most idiotic thing that I cant abide is loving through facebook!!! I don'tknow how people choose their partners without knowing even his/her name istrue or not...!!! crappy people....
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These are not hidden dangers, these are open dangers, it is that people donot take enough precautions to safeguard their interests.
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love to ve an intro into more security access. As to say i ve accessed manyof the links that r dangerous!
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very nice article.. very informative..
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My principal is don't interact with strangers. People sparing less time for their real and tested friends and unnecessary wandering in search of mirage (cyber friends).
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 Always make judicious use of facebook. Don't simply log into facebook asyou are having some leisure time. Think twice before making any clicks or posting some information.
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thieves, one and all..... making fools of innocent users.
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