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Bob Dylan's Hasidic Plagiarism of Rabbi Manis Friedman's Secret Messianic Notebook: Somebody Representing Lubavitch Will Be on the Scene

Bob Dylan's Hasidic Plagiarism of Rabbi Manis Friedman's Secret Messianic Notebook: Somebody Representing Lubavitch Will Be on the Scene

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Published by: 'Messianic' Dylanologist on Oct 04, 2012
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Bob Dylan’s Hasidic Plagiarism of Rabbi Manis Friedman’sSecret Messianic Notebook
Somebody Representing Lubavitch Will Be on the Scene
’s ‘Tin Angel’ (2012):
Well, he threw down his helmet and his cross-handled swordHe renounced his faith, he denied his Lord
Rather rich this lyric, coming from Dylan, who in his post-evangelical Year ofOur Lord 1985 espoused the ‘Messianic complex’. But leaving aside thisSaxonesque ‘intrusion’ into Dylan’s ‘Black Jack Davey’-esque ‘Tin Angel’, thesong immediately following ‘Early Roman Kings’, which isn’t about earlyRoman kings, the language here is part of Dylan’s current slightlyostentatiously and stiltedly religious ‘Our Lord’ Messiah trip.From Sir Walter Scott’s ‘The Fire-King’ – courtesy of the ‘muddiestsuperhighway in the universe’ – by definition instantly public domain it wouldseem, where no attribution is needed.
He has thrown by his helmet and cross-handled sword,Renouncing his knighthood, denying his Lord;He has ta’en the green caftan, and turban put on,For the love of the maiden of fair Lebanon.
‘code in the lyrics’ fodder there. Does Dylan refer to ‘Our Lord’when he is chatting with his Hasidic pal Rabbi Manis Friedman? Not on yournelly.Dylan to Scott Cohen for
magazine in 1985 (as reported by Cohen but bydefinition without the all-significant vocal nuance to give the full context ofwhere the pauses and emphases are):
. . . What I learned in Bible school was just another side of an extension of the samething I believed in all along, but just couldn’t verbalize or articulate.Whether you wantto believe Jesus Christ is the Messiah is irrelevant, but whether you’re aware of themessianic complex, that’s all that’s important. 
What's the messianic complex? 
All that exists is spirit, before, now and forever more. The messianic thing has to dowith this world, the flesh world, and you got to pass through this to get to that. Themessianic thing has to do with the world of mankind, like it is.This world is scheduledto go for 7,000 years. Six thousand years of this, where man has his way, and 1,000years when God has His way. Just like a week. Six days work, one day rest. The lastthousand years is called the Messianic Age.Messiah will rule. He is, was, and will beabout God, doing God's business. Drought, famine, war, murder, theft, earthquake,and all other evil things will be no more. No more disease. That's all of this world.What's gonna happen is this: you know when things change, people usuallyknow, like in a revolution, people know before it happens who's coming in and who'sgoing out. All the Somozas and Batistas will be on their way out, grabbing their stuffand whatever, but you can forget about them. They won't be going anywhere. It's the
people who live under tyranny and oppression, the plain, simple people that count,like the multitude of sheep. They'll see that God is coming.Somebody representingHim will be on the scene. 
Sometimes it’s hard to tell for Sutton Hoo is who – where Messianic denial orequivocation is concerned. Then we got the Messianic haughty culture of ahoarse live ‘In the Garden’ with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers in 1986 and’87, whereby Dylan introduces his ‘hero’.From Dylan’s
Modern Times 
Put on your cat clothes, mama, put on your evening dressPut on your cat clothes, mama, put on your evening dressFew more years of hard work, then there'll be a 1,000 years of happiness
Why will the levee break? (Put on your
clothes, atheistic totallyassimilated A J Weberman). Because ‘no more water but fire
time’; the
of the Lord will come like a thief in the
. ‘Not
time, babe, no moreof this’. Fearful symmetry: the ‘code in the lyrics’. ‘Suffer ye thus far’ withMichael Gray’s bluesy infatuation with the ‘Authorized Version’ (which KingJames never
authorized).Luke 22:50-52 New International Version (NIV)
50 And one of them struck the servant of the high priest, cutting off his right ear.51 But Jesus answered, “No more of this!”
And he touched the man’s ear and healedhim.52 Then Jesus said to the chief priests, the officers of the temple guard,(A) and theelders, who had come for him, “Am I leading a rebellion, that you have come withswords and clubs?
Compare this from ‘Belief in Moshiach: Possibility or Certainty’ c) 1992
, an interview with Rabbi Manis Friedman by Susan Handelman:
In the passage you quoted earlier, Maimonides says you can"assume" someone is Moshiach, but you don't know it for sure unless certainconditions are met.FRIEDMAN:
Right.Assume it, and hope it, like Rabbi Akiva did. He went and carriedBar Kochba's armor for him.HANDELMAN:But as with Shabbetai Zvi, we have seen that when people do getvery worked up about Moshiach and they're wrong, the consequences are bad. Moshiach is coming today. Always today Never tomorrow.FRIEDMAN: But how can you reconcile this fear of a false Moshiach with your beliefin Moshiach? What does your belief in Moshiach consist of if you're afraid that hemight be a false Moshiach?
When the real Moshiach does come, what are we going to say? Who's going tobelieve him?Are we going to say, "Got to be careful - remember Shabbetai Zvi? HANDELMAN: Still people find finger-pointing very unsettling. They feel that it's verydangerous to point to someone and claim that he is the Moshiach.FRIEDMAN: If people can point a finger to someone and say, "This is Moshiach,"that simply shows how alive and vibrant their faith in Moshiach is.Whether thisperson is or is not Moshiach is irrelevant.
Would you say that it is irrelevant even if, for example, we decide onthe wrong person?New religions have been formed as a result of the belief thatcertain persons were the Moshiach, and Judaism suffered considerably when theseother religions persecuted the Jews for refusing to accept these "Messiahs."
‘Man of Peace’ (1983):
Well, first he’s in the background, then he’s in the frontBoth eyes are looking like they’re on a rabbit huntNobody can see through himNo, not even the Chief of PoliceYou know that sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace
Michael J. Gilmour, Assistant Professor of New TestamentProvidence College, Otterburne, MB in
Journal of Religion and Popular Culture 
Volume I: Spring 2002They Refused Jesus Too: A Biblical Paradigm in the Writing of Bob Dylan
[18] "Jokerman" (1985, 471-72) explores ambiguity and thedangerous deceptionspossible for those looking to place their faith in something or someone.
Of coursethe question ‘who is he?’ is the one usually asked though clear identification seemsout of reach.
Professor Gilmour reached too high. How so? Because the connection is nottoo difficult for an NT scholar.Deuteronomy 30 (one of the Jokerman’s ‘only teachers’) New InternationalVersion :
11 Now what I am commanding you today is not too difficult for you or
beyond your
From Michael Gray's damned King James Bible, what he likes to call theAuthorized Version (authorized, supposedly, by Bob):
11For this commandment which I command thee this day, it is not hidden from thee,neither is it
far off
.12It is not in heaven, that thou shouldest say, Who shall go up for us to heaven, andbring it unto us, that we may hear it, and do it?13Neither is it beyond the sea, that thou shouldest say, Who shall go over the seafor us, and bring it unto us, that we may hear it, and do it?

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