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Epian Ways April-May 2012

Epian Ways April-May 2012

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Published by: Echo Park Improvement Association on Oct 04, 2012
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Echo Park Improvement Association Newsletter 
 April - May 2012 Volume 19 Issue 2
Echo Park Improvement Association meets at 7 p.m. the 1st Thursday of each Monthin Williams Hall at Barlow Hospital 2000 Stadium Way in Elysian Park
by Christine Peters 
 Ater many months o deliberations the L.A. Cityredistricting Commission turned in (with some relie it isassumed), their nal drat map or the City Council approvalo the proposed new boundaries or the 15 districts thatcomprise our City Council. The Echo Park/Elysian Park area,had initially survived unscathed with no boundary changes.That was, o course, until the March 1 “nal” version wassent to the City or approval by the distraught RedistrictingCommission.What changed? Well, oddly, some “scrivener” went “etcha sketch” on the nal map and or the rst time in theredistricting process, altered the lines that have dened the
by Peter Lassen 
The triangle-shaped property located at thesoutheast corner o Glendale Blvd. and Montana St.,bordered on the east by Lakeshore Ave., presentssome unique design constraints. Formerly a UnionOil gas station, it is relatively small, it has a highvisibility, both to the Echo Park community andto through trac on the Boulevard, and it is toosmall or on-site parking. In addition, because o itsprominent location, the architecture o anything builtthere should express a sense that Echo Park is aunique community.The current developers are expected to resolvethe parking problem by providing on-street parkingalong Lakeshore Ave. To do this, the developers have
Echo Park/Elysian Park borders escape major changes, barely
Building design nearing completion on “the triangle” development
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Rendering is not the nal product - design is still in process.
 April - May 2012 • Volume 19 Issue 2
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Kelly Erickson 
Darren Hubert 
Copyright © 2012 Echo Park Improvement Association
division o Districts 1 and 13 or the lastten years. A small swath o Echo Park south o Sunset, mainly City Parking Lot663, along with buildings between Park  Ave. and Sunset rom Logan St. to EchoPark Ave., were moved into CD1. Morestrikingly a huge swath o Elysian Park and it’s adjacent western boundaryneighbors, were swept into CD1.What was the perceived impactand why any objections? Ater muchdiscussion prior to the March 7Citizens Committee to Save ElysianPark (CCSEP) meeting, the SteeringCommittee voted to solicit CD 1 and13’s help in restoring the existing
Community members restore CD13 boundaries
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boundary that naturally ollowsStadium Way rom Riverside Dr., andthen along Elysian Park Dr. until itreaches Lilac Terrace.Why did this make sense? Largelythe impact would have been eltby the Council Oces themselves.Until this proposed divide, the park was geographically divided so thatconstituents living adjacent to theWest were in CD 13 and Constituentsto the East were in CD 1.With the proposed changeconstituents on the west wouldreside in CD 13 but the Park theylived adjacent to would now bewholly in CD 1 and those requestsor constituent services would nowgo through CD 1 only, tapping alreadystretched resources by putting all othe stakeholder needs in one District.This was seen by many (including bothcouncil oces) as a negative. CCSEPquickly organized a community letterwriting campaign to both electedoces, the ling o Impact statementsin the ocial Council le 11-0187-S3,and the amendment was proposedprior to the midnight March 8 deadlineor proposed changes.The item was scheduled or a voteMarch 16, and at least in regards tothe amendments, prevailed with no
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CicLAviawill takeplace onSunday, April15, takingover roads in avor o bicycles andwalking in East Hollywood, Westlake,Downtown, Little Tokyo, and BoyleHeights.Road closures will take eectthrough 3:30 pm that day. Makesure to check the route on the eventwebsite at
One o the projects we’ve been workingon, along with the Echo Park Community Action Committee (EPCAC), are the“improvements” Metro wants to make tothe SR2 Freeway Terminus - where the 2Freeway dumps onto Glendale Boulevard.On press day, the EPIA invited Metro tospeak to the community about the projectstatus, including where it’s at with plansto apply the “hybrid” solution - which wasopposed by the community.To nd out what happened, be sure tocheck our website or sign up or emailupdates on
CicLAvia returnsto LA on April 15
Status of the SR2 Terminus project 
contention (much can be readabout the not so happy Councilmembers and stakeholders inother districts!). The restoredboundaries are on track to bereinstated with the nal adoptiono the redistricting issues.Moral o the story?Well organized and executedpolitical engagement withsensible, thought out proposalscan and oten do prevail, when“we the people” are unied inour strategy. Having two CouncilDistricts, working together or thebenet o one community is alsoa plus!Thanks to the city staers whowere active in the process, and,congratulations Echo/Elysian Park residents who took the time toengage or a positive change.
Community members work torestore CD13 boundaries
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 A local source for news, music,history and events in Echo Park.

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