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Troubleshooting Login Problems in Oracle Applications 11i

Troubleshooting Login Problems in Oracle Applications 11i

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Published by kiran0123456789

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Published by: kiran0123456789 on Oct 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Troubleshooting Login Problems in Oracle Applications 11i
The fact you are unable to login to Oracle Applications 11i can be a symptom of acompletely different underlying problem. So it is important you determine the rootcause of the login failure.The troubleshooting steps provided are intended to help reach that root cause.Login issues can be
divided into 2 broad categories.
 The first category is where
login page does not render at all
. In other words the
main page is completely inaccessible or unuseable
.The second category of problem is issues
encountered after entering ausername & password combination
. In this category are things like:
Errors received because the system is unable to process the login request, or 
After login the homepage is not rendered.
Approach to Troubleshooting
Error messages will not necessarily indicate the root cause of the problem so it isimportant to collate information on the scope and nature of the problem.• Was it working previously? If so, what has changed, are all the Server processesrunning?• Are all users affected? If not, what is common link to users with problem?• If this is a single user issue, does it only affect the one PC or user id? What arethe user level profile options for this particular user?• Is the problem confined to one network segment or one PC?• Do you get different behaviour in Internet Explorer to Netscape browser?• What is your instance architecture? Are you using load balancing, RAC, SSO,etc.?The troubleshooting tips below have been split into the quick checks that can bedone easily on the fly, and detailed checks that may involve bouncing servers andmay require editing files/packages so will need to ensure they can be restored if required.
1. Validate TNS Connectivity
a. Make sure you can TNSPING and sqlplus the database alias used from theAPPL_TOP (i.e. After running APPSORA.env). Do:tnsping [sid]sqlplus appsun/appspwsqlplus appsun/appspw@[sid]Also, validate that APPLSYSPUB/PUB can connect b. Change to the $IAS_ORACLE_HOME, run the [sid]_[host].env file.This will set the $ORACLE_HOME to be iAS. Now check that you can TNSPING and sqlplus the database alias.
2. Determine the DBC file in use and make sure it is valid:
 b. Validate the OS location & permissions of the dbc file. Do: ls –al$FND_SECURE/*.dbc (11.5.10+).If $FND_SECURE is not set, then the dbc filebr> This should return the valuefrom step 1ad.The permissions on the file should be 644 and it should be owned my the“applmgr” user.c. Verify the contents of the dbc file with the AdminAppServer utility.Do:java oracle.apps.fnd.security.AdminAppServer appsun/appspw STATUSDBC=[path to dbc]/[dbc_name].dbcThis should return STATUS: VALID and the current status of AUTHENTICATION: [SECURE/ON/OFF/null] among other values.d. Validate the autoconfig context file (11.5.8+) uses the correct dbc file. Your context file is located in $APPL_TOP/admin and is typically named[SID]_[host].xml. Review the value for s_dbc_file_name, it should match the dbc just tested in 1c.
3. Is the web server running and able to render static html?
a. Are you able to access the page:http:// <host><domain>:<port>/aplogon.html b. If not, then do: ps –fu [applmgr] | grep http(or ps –fu [applmgr] | grep http | wc –l )This should return at least 5 http processes running … otherwise you webserver may not be started…Make sure you are using the Oracle provided start script in:$COMMON_TOP/admin/scripts/[SID]_[host]If these tests fail you need to review your iAS installation and/or log a TAR.4. Use the following programs to verify the installation and check that the servletsare functioning.a. http(s)://<host><domain>:<port>/servlets/IsItWorking(11.5.10) This may fail with:Forbidden You don't have permission to access /servlets/IsItWorking on thisserver.This is due to enhanced security delivered with the autoconfig templates.Please try test 4b instead. b.http(s)://<host><domain>:<port>/servlets/HelloIf this one fails, this indicates an issue with your Jserv set-up. You then need tofollow Note:230688.1 to drill down into this problem.5. Validate that jsp work.a. http(s)://<host><domain>:<port>/OA_HTML/jsp/fnd/aoljtest.jspIf this one fails to render, this indicates an issue with your Jserv set-up. You thenneed to follow Note:230688.1 to drill down into this problem.Otherwise you enter the values requested, and follow the link at the bottom of the first page to runthrough this set of diagnostic tests. Report all tests that fail in a TAR.

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