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Pushing the Envelope

Pushing the Envelope

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Published by Michael Erlewine
An article about rites of passage, and about separating from the body not at death but in the prime of life.
An article about rites of passage, and about separating from the body not at death but in the prime of life.

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Published by: Michael Erlewine on Oct 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PUSHING THE ENVELOPEBy Michael Erlewine (Michael@Erlewine.net)While I am on this jag, I will push the envelope a bitfurther and perhaps test your credulity. I admit, what Iam going to share with you is a little far out, but see ifit makes any sense.This is a concept that is mostly from my ownexperience. It happened to me, so you probably can’tread about it anywhere else. And I am sure some ofyou will just shake your head, which is, of course,your right. I even understand why you might, but still, Ican’t go against my own experience, so here it is.I am seventy-one years of age, but inside this agingbody is the consciousness of a 25-year old. For somereason, it seems I stopped aging on the inside on May12, 1967. I can remember the day and the hour, afterwhich I somehow froze in time at that particular age. Iwill spare you the story of what went down, as thatwould be a long story of its own.And I can remember what happened to me before1967, as a kid, but from the point of view of a 25-yearold. Even today, I mostly have the energy of someonethat age. So, what happened? I wish I could explain itexactly.In general, I feel part of me died or stopped on thatparticular day in 1967. And I have gently tried to askothers I meet who are also older, what age do theyfeel they are “inside?” And the response I get is thatthe age others think they are varies. Not everyone is25 years old. They are of varying ages. What age doyou feel you are? How do I explain this phenomenon?Well, something sure happened back then or today Iwould be 71 on the inside, whatever that would be
like. For some reason, the “I” of me stopped changinginside way back then. Call it a Peter Pan complex, butI have never aged a day since, at least as to who Ifeel I am on the inside. Something or someonestopped growing older. What was that all about?Then it was mentally just a hop, skip, and a jump towondering if some inner cord snaps for each of us,not at the age-old end of life, but right in the middle,somewhere in our prime. It is like a kind of death, andan ensuing immortality that appears to remainunchanging. I grant you this may sound kind of nutty,but as I pointed out, I have no other explanation. Thisis a real question for me. Perhaps some of youreading this can enlighten me?If I want to get maudlin I can say I am a 25-year oldtrapped in a 71-year old body, but that is not how Itend to think of it. What I do entertain is that a certain‘kind’ of death happens smack in the middle andprime of life, after which we don’t change. In someways we are immortal. Furthermore, I believe thatthose who claim to be born again, mostly evangelicalChristians, are just those of us who become aware ofwhat happened to them, of what I am talking abouthere. And it happens to all of us.Thankfully, I happen to like being 25-years old, sincethat was more or less a banner year for me. I don’tfeel like forty, fifty, sixty, or seventy years old. I am 25.Ok, color me crazy. I can live with that. But before youwrite me off, ask yourself what age do you feel youare? You might be surprised. My guess is that thishappens to each of us and that it is only theawareness of this change that is lacking, so just takea good look at yourself. How old are you?

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