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Dream Collections

Dream Collections

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Published by Jonathan Pearmain

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Published by: Jonathan Pearmain on Oct 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Collections of Dreams
“All that we see or seem is but a dreamwith in a dream.” 
- Edgar Allan Poe
Roald Dahl’s
This is the BFG’s collection of thedream jars that he brings Sophieinto.
“She saw an enormous cavern witha high rocky roof. The walls oneither side were lined with shelves,and on the shelves there stood row upon row of glass jars. There were jars everywhere. They were piled up in the corners, they filled every nook and cranny of the cave.” 
The design of the BFG’s collectioncomes clearly from the mechanicby which dream work in Dahl’suniverse. The BFG has a dreamtrumpet into which he pours thedreams – he then proceeds to blowthem into the ears of sleepingchildren.The cave is most certainly designedto inspire wonderment and awe –not fear; it’s a friendly magicalplace. This is achieved through alack of sharp edges or leeringperspective; instead soft curves,organic shapes and warm colourpalette give the place a welcomingatmosphere.
Terry Pratchett
The Discworld
A common location visited in many of Pratchett’s Discworld novels is the UnseenUniversity’s Library.Distorted by the power of so many words inone place – connected with books from thepast, present and future by overwhelmingamounts of “L-Space”, it is a confusing placeof magic, monsters, and lost groups of research students slowly descending intoprimitive tribes.
“The Unseen University Library was a magical library, built on a very thin patch of space-time. There were books on distant shelvesthat hadn't been written yet, books that never would be written. At least, not here. It had acircumference of a few hundred yards, but therewas no known limit to its radius. And in a magical library the books leak, and learn from one another …” “It was said that, since vast amounts of magiccan seriously distort the mundane world, theLibrary did not obey the normal rules of space and time. It wassaid that it went on forever. It was said that you could wander for daysamong the distant shelves, that there werelost tribes of research students somewhere inthere, that strange thingslurked in forgotten alcoves and were preyed on by other things that were even stranger.” 
Once again, the concept is an extension of the author’s logic. In the Discworld,knowledge is literally power – therefore acollection of knowledge is undoubtedly goingto be a strange place.

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