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201210 Baptist Bridge

201210 Baptist Bridge

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Published by Jonathan Villers
October 2012 Edition of the Baptist Bridge
October 2012 Edition of the Baptist Bridge

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Published by: Jonathan Villers on Oct 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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By the grace of God, the Philippi Baptist Churchshall
Embrace, Model
, and
the love of Godthrough Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit
Philippi Baptist Church ♦ 107 Church St. ♦Philippi, WV 26416 ♦ (304) 457
Catch us on the radio live every Sunday Morning at 10:30a.m. WQAB 91.3 FM
mail: office@pbcwv.net Website: www.pbcwv.net
107 Church Street
Philippi, WV 26416
Jon Villers, Pastor 
The Baptist BridgeThe Baptist Bridge
 Inside this Issue
 Pastor’s Message...2
 Prayer requests...3
Getting to know...5
 Banquet ...6 
October 2012
Dear PBC family,
We bring you greetings from your Union Association Churches who consider you a sister church in service. You had20 other churches in the Union Association last month and now you have 21! We welcome the Long Run FellowshipChurch as our newest member to the Union Association as of September, 30, 2012! Their request to join our associationwas unanimously approved at our 208th Annual Gathering that was held at the First Baptist Church of Elkins. I wouldask that you keep Pastor George Murphy, their spiritual leaders and congregation in our prayers. I want to include thechurch's address so that we might have an opportunity to welcome them to our family.1804, 1849, 2012 all carry significance with dates to remember! I have attached a few paragraphs from "West VirginiaBaptist History, The Early Years: 1770
1865" that give you an indication of the importance of the first two dates:
"Undoubtedly, the same reasons were offered for forming the Union Association in the northern areas as for the Green- brier and other Baptist associations. Those were, of course, the need for fellowship of scattered sister churches, sanction-ing of pastors and visiting evangelists, doctrinal unity and stability, and fraternal connections with the larger body of Baptists. Even though there was no national body of American Baptists prior to 1814, minister and lay travelers fromone region to another brought increasing contact between churches and associations. As noted in the early associationalminutes, fraternal representatives bringing greetings from a church or association became a rather common occurrance.The formation of associations was, by this time, becoming a natural consequence for churches finding themselvesgrouped together geographically and, in the case of present West Virginia, those churches were usually separated by arange of hills and/or mountains......The minutes of the Redstone Association of 1804 state: 'A petition from the church-es in Virginia to this Association for a separate Association, viz., Simpson Creek, Pricket's Creek, Hopewell, MountZion, Salem, Union, and Sandy Creek Resolved, to be taken under consideration and rest till next Association.' In 1803the request was granted by the Redstone Association and in
the Union Association met for the first time at Prick-ett's Creek Church in present Marion County."(pg. 51)
I thank Truett Rogers for providing us a history of where we have come from! The second date comes into significanceas we read a little further in his book:
..... First Services were held in the County Court House andin the Grange Hall which was leased by the church. The first resident clergyman was Rev. R. M. Strickler, noted as aYale University graduate." (pg. 137)
And the last date marks our newest addition to the Union Association.
continues to be a year of growth and healthin God's Kingdom! Here is the address of our new sister church
Long Run Fellowship, 30 Free Will Drive, Fleming-ton WV 26347
Pastor George Murphy
We also want to celebrate with the Mt. Vernon Baptist Church who is in the process of ordaining their current Pastor,Paul Byrd. Pastor Byrd has completed his ordination paper and their church will soon be making a call to all of our association churches to send deacons and pastors to participate in his Ordination Council. I serve as chairperson for the Nominating Committee for our association and was privileged to sit down with Paul to hear his heart for ministry andthe calling on his life!!!We have several opportunities each year to connect with our sister Union Association Churches. I would encourage youto come and meet your brothers and sisters in Christ as we continue to learn how we can do far more together than wecan apart!!
Pastor Jon
 Men’s Prayer Breakfast 
 Saturday, October 6 
7:30 am
 Medallion Restaurant 
B Students from the Baptist Campus Ministry are spon-soring a benefit lunch before the walk in the FellowshipHall of Philippi Baptist Church.
A love gift for the foodwill be accepted. The lunch will start at 11:45am.
Mayor Mouser has scheduled a community wide picnicfrom 1
5 that same afternoon. After the walk, it would begreat if our churches would walk over to support thatgathering! They will be using the city lots across from theBC Bank behind the Presbyterian Church downtown
B College, President Creehanfaculty, staff and students
Denny Poling
Lee Beuckman
Dan Bryant
Jamie & Jason Burrow
Ralph and Phyllis Crites
Chuck Boyer 
Eleanor Ruth Burton
Audrey Cross
Sharon Cross
Becky and Mike Elmore
Melissa Franke’s Aunt Gail
Otilia Franke
Jim & Joni Friend
Jane Gibbons
Joe & Beverly Gouer 
Courtney Hill’s grandmother 
Anthony & Noah Hinkle
Holly Camacho
Jerry Jones
Brenda Hunt
Christina Maddy
Donal Matthews
Amanda Means
Shane Miller 
Donna Moore
Dr. Jennifer Parks
Sara Poling’s family
Brenda & Gary Price
Julanne Roy
Margaret Salimi
Braden Scheick 
TommySingley Family
Kaley Sinsel
David Smell
Donna Thorne
Christina Wentz
Elizabeth Wentz
Otilia Franke (Mansfield Place)
Blair & Pearl Marks,
Dr. Shearer,
Mary Tamulitis
Vangie Shaffer: (Mansfield Place)
Germaine & Austin
Unspoken requests for familymembers, unsaved people,community concerns, job andhome loss, financial difficulties.
Also, in need of prayer: Our 
national, state, and country lead-ers and officials. Please pray for 
Victims of crime, war and
violence throughout our coun-try.Pray for protection for military personnel and their familiesthroughout the world and thoseserving our country:Tim Jenkins,Chris Mossburg,Major Kris Wood and
Captain Aaron Cross
1– Jordan Price
5– Eric Wolfe
Tom Kines
Bob Byrne
17– Pete Ferguson
18– Austin Whitman
20– Stephen Lewis
22– Joan Hill
23– Carla Campbell
25– Eli Campbell
27– Pastor Jon Villers
28– Jim Kines
28– Mary Tamulitis
29– Georgeann Davis
Bill Klaus
6– Danny & Melissa Franke
11– Ross & Molly Campbell

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