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Nette v. Stiles Certification Judgment

Nette v. Stiles Certification Judgment

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Published by Omar Ha-Redeye

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Published by: Omar Ha-Redeye on Oct 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta
Citation: Nette v. Stiles, 2010 ABQB 14Date:
0803 08204
Sandra Gay Nette and David Nette
Plaintiffs- and -
Gregory John Stiles, 402294 Alberta Ltd., Lydia Jean Saunders,Shera Brandley, 860058 Alberta Ltd., a partnership operating under the trade name,The Spa At Life Stiles, Alberta College and
Association of Chiropractors andHer Majesty the Queen in Right of Alberta (Minister of Health and Wellness)
Corrected judgment:
A corrigendum was issued on January 14, 2010; thecorrections have been made to the text and the corrigendum is appended tothis judgment.
Reasons for Judgment re an Applicationfor Certification of a Class Proceedingof theHonourable Mr. Justice R. Paul Belzil
Part 1.The Application
   2   0   1   0   A   B   Q   B   1   4   (   C  a  n   L   I   I   )
Page: 2[1]The Plaintiffs seek certification of a class action under the
Class Proceedings Act 
. Iheard this application in my capacity as Case Manager of the action.
Part 2.The Action
[2]On June 12, 2008, the Plaintiffs filed a Statement of Claim in a proposed classproceeding. An Amended Statement of Claim was filed on October 17, 2008. The claim arisesas a result of catastrophic injuries sustained by Sandra Nette who alleges that the injuries werecaused by the Defendant Gregory John Stiles, Doctor of Chiropractic, who provided chiropractictreatment to her.[3]The action has been discontinued against 402294 Alberta Ltd., Lydia Jean Saunders,Shera Brandley, and 860058 Alberta Ltd., a partnership operating under the trade name The SpaAt Life Stiles.[4]On July 9, 2009, I issued a Judgment, reported at 2009 ABQB 422, striking out allallegations against Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Alberta (Minister of Health and Wellness)pursuant to Rule 129(1)(a) on the basis that these allegations did not disclose a cause of actionagainst the Provincial Crown. No appeal has been taken from that Judgment.[5]Prior to hearing the Certification Application, I granted an Order, consented to by theremaining Defendants, permitting the Plaintiffs to file an Amended Amended Statement of Claim which essentially deletes all references to the discontinued parties as well as theProvincial Crown, and which also amended some defined terms.[6]The AASOC is a complex and lengthy pleading, seeking certification as a classproceeding under the
Class Proceedings Act 
, S.A. 2003, c. C-16.5, various claims against Dr.Stiles and the Alberta College and Association of Chiropractors (ACAC). Dr. Stiles is named asa proposed representative Defendant. ACAC is named as a Defendant on the basis that it failedto properly regulate the practice of chiropractic in the Province of Alberta, including the practiceof Dr. Stiles, which it had the authority to do pursuant to the
 Health Professions Act 
, R.S.A.2000, c. H-7 (as amended) (
). Claims for pure economic loss were abandoned in the courseof argument.
Part 3.
Class Proceedings Act
Class Proceedings Act 
enables a plaintiff who has commenced a proceeding to applyfor certification of the action as a class proceeding. Section 5 governs the certification of a classproceeding and reads as follows:5(1) In order for a proceeding to be certified as a class proceeding on an applicationmade under section 2 or 3, the Court must be satisfied as to each of the following:(a) the pleadings disclose a cause of action;
   2   0   1   0   A   B   Q   B   1   4   (   C  a  n   L   I   I   )
Page: 3(b) there is an identifiable class of 2 or more persons;(c)the claims of the prospective class members raise a common issue, whether ornot the common issue predominates over issues affecting only individualprospective class members;(d)a class proceeding would be the preferable procedure for the fair and efficientresolution of the common issues;(e)there is a person eligible to be appointed as a representative plaintiff who, inthe opinion of the Court,(i)will fairly and adequately represent the interests of the class,(ii)has produced a plan for the proceeding that sets out a workablemethod of advancing the proceeding on behalf of the class and of notifying class members of the proceeding, and(iii)does not have, in respect of the common issues, an interest that is inconflict with the interests of other prospective class members.(2) In determining whether a class proceeding would be the preferable procedure for thefair and efficient resolution of the common issues, the Court may consider any matter thatthe Court considers relevant to making that determination, but in making thatdetermination the Court must consider at least the following:(a)whether questions of fact or law common to the prospective class memberspredominate over any questions affecting only individual prospective classmembers;(b)whether a significant number of the prospective class members have a validinterest in individually controlling the prosecution of separate actions;(c)whether the class proceeding would involve claims that are or have been thesubject of any other proceedings;(d)whether other means of resolving the claims are less practical or less efficient;(e)whether the administration of the class proceeding would create greaterdifficulties than those likely to be experienced if relief were sought by othermeans.(3) Where the Court is satisfied as to each of the matters referred to in subsection (1)(a)to (e), the Court is to certify the proceeding as a class proceeding.
   2   0   1   0   A   B   Q   B   1   4   (   C  a  n   L   I   I   )

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