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The Facade Islamic Banking

The Facade Islamic Banking

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Published by yogesh saxena
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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: yogesh saxena on Oct 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Facade, Fascism & Fraud of Islamic BankingInsidious; blueprint is Sedition, Conversion and Ultimate Jihad for Darul-Islam.Since times immemorial different Civilizations and Societies evolved their own Social,Governance, Administrative, Defence, Legal, Business, Economic and Banking systems forits progress& prosperity. In History, many Banking Systems from different communitieshave in force at different places and at different times. Now with Central/federal system wecan not let all these system run, or clash.As a Nation Bharat can not have different Defence Establishments, Different Armies, Naviesor Air Forces for Different Communities, Races, Religions or Sexes. Such dissection isagainst the very Concept of Nation. Nor can different/divisive, independent & ParallelBanking, Currency, Fiscal Policy for different Religions or Casts.While Nationalist and Rational thinkers are trying, to achieve equality among all citizens, byadvocating 'One Nation One Constitution' and Uniform Civil Code' model. On the otherhand some agents, who are also socially respectable and acceptable citizens, hailing from aparticular background, are behaving as, 'White Collared Jihadis' , by rising the demand forSeparate(ist) Islamic Bank(ing). Next demand could be 'Community Based Currency'. In-factit is quite possible, even without actually Printing or Naming it as Separate(ist) Currency, the'Separate Currency* Goal' would be archived, through 'Religion Based Closed CircuitInstruments' like Bonds, Promissory Notes, Shares, Earning, Certificate, once thiscompartmentalized fiscal System is there. Closed Circuit Transaction and Exchange as perShariat law through Islamic Banking would be legal. This legally (forced) acceptedresolution or manipulations will legalize execution of Hawala, Jihad Funding and Financialbaiting and bait.Once Islamic Banking or this Separatist Currency (declared so/ or not) is achieved. Then theneed, cost and risk of illegal Transfer/Hawala Fake Currency and cumbersome managementof Finance for Terrorists/Jihadis will not be there. As it will be legal license, for illegalactivities. Jihad, Silent Jazzy, Conversion and re-partition and take over. Such Kind of Bank(ING) is the surest and shortest way to Disintegrate and Finish our Nation and aCivilization.Demand for Islamic Banking is Sedition and Acceptance Suicidal.No doubt every Community and Individual has own aspirations and those must be fulfilledin a democratic Nation like ours. Like we have one Railways Bhartiye Rail, all trains rununder it, off course for different Festivals, Pilgrimage or Occasions railways run specialtrains e.g. for Urs special trains ply to Ajay Meru/Ajmer, or special trains and facilities arethere for vacationers and students. There is and cannot be any objection to that.But in case commuters form a pressure group on communal or any other basis, want to runtrains on their own, managed and own by their closed/communal, homegrown parallelestablishment, that is not permissible or possible in any sovereign country.Similarly any Social, Neighborhood, Professional, group can form a co-operative, privateBank or NBFI but with in the Ambit, Principals, Rules and Guidelines of RBI and with inthe Constitution of India. Any separatist banking is disharmonious, disintegrating and thesystem or concept is itself is incendiary divisive.If anyone wants to reap 'Banking Business Profits', but is against the naming it as 'Interest'because of his or her own reasons, in that case Government, Banks and concerned/hyperGroup and Language Experts can work together, to coin a different acceptable sugar coatedword for 'Interest'.But a different, disharmonious, conflicting, closed and communal, parallel Banking Systemcan not be adopted for someone's Allergies, Mythological Fantasies or Fears.More over now a days M.F.s, Chit Funds, Thrift Societies and numbers of other systems andinstitutions that are legal, rational, realistic, non-discriminatory, time-proved and acceptable.These Institutions issue different Instruments like Certificates, Assurance Bonds etc. that
ensure Profits from 'Banking/Money Management' and do not use „Unholy Word Interest‟.
The (objection-
ed) Head or Account is put under some other name and not „Interest‟. So the
Allergic to word 'Inter
est', can opt for any other name as „Assured Returns‟, „TimeGuaranteed Fixed Income Recurring Cheque‟, „Hundi‟, „Promissory Note‟.
But Nothing Like Islamic Banking, Jain Banking Laws, Jew System, Arya Vyapar, DravidMudra, or Khalsa Vyapar Maryada.In nutshell Demand for Islamic Banking is Sedition and Acceptance Suicidal.
Sycophants, anti-Nationals and Liberal Image Hungary should behave properly and insteadof surrendering to absurdities they should tell Islamic Banking Supporters to stop it, or quitIndia. The self declared Seculars as true friend should advice of Lunatic Radicals to visitMental Hospital.Why is Shariah Bank Needed?Myth: Muslims are not getting justice from Preset Banks.Fact 1: Its Islam that is Preventing them and not Banking law or any Bias. On the contrary,now days many privileges are granted to Minorities and the biggest chunk of it is grabbed byMuslims.Fact 2: The ratio of deposits by Muslims and loans issued by Banks to is more than to anycommunity.Fact 3: Banks check documents and authenticity of the projects proposed, documentsubmitted by Muslims in comparison to others are most of the times, incomplete, ineffectual,false, bogus, malafideFact4: High Crime Rate, Pending cases is impediment for getting loan.Fact 5: The Education, Training, and other criterion for loan that works are against them.Fact 6: Recovery is doubtful. Banks ratio recovery is lowest from Muslims and their loan tothem ends up as bad-debts more than others loans given to others.How Islamic Banking works and Where money is used?1. Loans only for Halal Businessand Purpose (Religiously Permissible or Justified according to Islam).a. For Jihad, to Finance war against Infidels.b. To build Mosques and Madarsas, Support Conversions to Islam, Love Jihad, CulturalJihad.c. To Finance Muslim business and establishments.d. To support State where it supports Muslims and denies financial or other assistant toinfidels/non-Muslims.Simple Questions1. Would Banks governed by such system finance a Breweries Factory?Answer: For sure NO, O.K. liquor is not good.2. Would it finance a Jhatka Meat Plant which is though against Sharia, but is found a viableproject?Ans. For sure NO.3. Would it finance a Pharmaceutical Plant that uses alcohol for making or processingMedicine?Ans. Big NO.4. If a Pharmaceutical company which is not using alcohol and gets loan from such bank later finds another formula which makes more effective and produce life-saving medicinebut alcohol is required. Can they change processing method or for adding another product orimproving?Ans. The management could be charged with cheating, fraud, blasphemy and stoned todeath.5. Would it Finance an artisans? Who make Idols to be Worshiped?Ans. Forget Loan the Artists Deserve to be Stoned to Death.6. Would it finance a Publishing House that publishes a book containing Darwin Theory, orsome research work that does not stand scrutiny to Islamic viewpoint, If NCERT adds someParagraph, somewhere like Darwin theory, what should poor publisher do?Ans. He should not print it, even he is through agreement bound to do so. Commitments,Business Ethics, Legal Implications, Losses, Personal Goodwill and above all career of students both Muslims and Kafir is meaningless, Will of Maulvi shall Prevail.7. Would Publishing House that prints Holy books for Jews or Hindus or Atheism befinanced? What if it gets printing order latter?Ans. Financial assistance should be provided to, any Gazzi who burns such MediaHouses/Publications and kills Authors, Printers and Editors.8. What if a company employs some new expert who is Kafir, Women, Gay, or Drinks orexisting employ is falls from Grace?Ans. It is duty of company to tap Personal, Social and Religious activities of itsShareholders, employees, suppliers, agents and clients. Make Sure they follow Mullahs Will.Keep bank and Mullahs informed about them.9. Would it finance a Hotel that has Ball Room, Bar, plays Music and opens serves everyone without any discrimination including Muslims 24 Hours even During Ramzaan/Ram-Daan?
Ans. Such Hotel should be blown to pieces. Moreover, Maulvis Think Tank is planning tochange spelling of RAM-jaan10. Would it accept deposit or open account of a Nursing Home that is owned by a Jew orHindu and administers medicines that are alcohol based?Ans. No.11. A Muslim owned Nursing Home Nursing and possesses Hearse Van that carries bodiesto Cremation Ground, in other words facilitates in burning of the Dead, would it befinanced?Ans. No Burning of Dead is Un-Islamic and facilitating it by Muslim is even Greater Sin.12. Would a Muslim owned and Islamic Banking Funded Hospital be allowed to admitKafirs?Ans. No, not even in emergency, if in a Kafir is admitted and dies, Hearse Van has to Deadto Cremation Ground?13. A Hospital in which Male doctors see Female Patients and vice-verse and is runningsuccessfully but is not Sharia-compatible, should it be financed for further expansion, even itsubmits viability report, collateral security.Ans. No, Such Hospitals are House of Shaitan. Female patient can not beexamined by male doctor emergency or otherwise.14. What if whole Business House or its share is to be sold and Hindu or Jew or Sikh orAtheist is buyer but Business is financed or Pledged with such a Bank?
Ans. Take Money but don‟t part with your share, the money given by them is their duty in
form of Jazia; Kafirs Property is to Confiscated anyway.So they are duty bond to fund Muslim owned hospital, but have no right to use it.Now who needs such Banking?Not the Poor, not the rich, neither Kafirs nor the Muslims, neither State nor the People.
Who are People Behind it? Sunni Islamic world‟s foremost Shariah scholar, Sheikh
-Qaradawi Yusuf al. who sits on the board of some major financial institutions. He has beenbanned from travel to the United States and the United Kingdom for his financial ties toJihadist terrorist organizations. Qaradawi also founded the Islamic American University andstarted the US-based web site Islamonline. He runs a charity organization based out of SaudiArabia known as the Union of Good, which the US Treasury Department has designated aterrorist entity.Then there is Pakistani, Mufti Taqi Usmani, who is probably the most influential Shariahscholar in the financial world. Until his hateful, Jihadist militant credo was exposed to the
 public, Usmani headed HSBC‟s Shariah council as well as that of Dow Jones. (This shows
how clueless and reckless the financial world actually is when it comes to true due diligenceon Shariah-Compliant Finance.) Usmani is still the chair of the Accounting and AuditingOrganization for Islamic Financial Institutions, one of the major industry bodies. This makesUsmani one of the most powerful men in the world of Shariah Finance. Usmani receivescompensation from dozens of banks and investment firms, including Saudi American Bank,Citi Islamic Investment Bank, and Guidance Financial Group in the USA. Before cashing inwith the private sector, Usmani was a Shariah judge on the Supreme Court of Pakistan for 20years. Usmani is a complete Jihadist. In September 2001, Usmani is a prolific writer in Urdu,Arabic and English, having published dozens of books and countless articles. Among hisbooks available in English is a vitriolic attack on
Christianity called “What is Christianity”and a broadside against the West and modernity called “Islam and Modernism.” Here is one particularly revealing quote from “Islam and Modernism:” “Killing is to continue until the
unbelievers pay jizyah (subjugati
on tax) after they are humbled or overpowered.” Usmani is
well-known for his uncompromising views on the mandatory nature of conducting offensive jihad against non-
Muslims “in order to establish the supremacy of Islam” worldwide.
Usmani also complained bitterly at the lack of martyrs to combat American forces in Iraq:
“No one is found having any desire of Shahadah (martyrdom). How many mothers are there
who want to sacrifice their sons for the cause of Islam? How many sisters are there whowant to say goodbye to their brothers departing to wage jihad against non-
Usmani referred to Non-
Muslims in Iraq as “stinking atheists” and “the worst ever butchersand vultures of the world” who are “clawing off the flesh of bodies of innocent IraqiMuslims.”
According to what Usmani has said and written, aggressive jihad against
unbelievers is an Islamic obligation and, as such, does not need any justification. “For a non
-Muslim state to have more pomp and glory than a Muslim state itself is an obstacle,there
fore to shatter this grandeur is among the greater objectives of jihad.” For Taqi Usmani,
offensive jihad can be postponed for a time only in cases when the Muslims in question are

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