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2 Billion Dollar in Rahul Viz Gandhi Aaccount-Movement for Accountability to Public

2 Billion Dollar in Rahul Viz Gandhi Aaccount-Movement for Accountability to Public

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Published by yogesh saxena
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Published by: yogesh saxena on Oct 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I have Appealed on behalf of myself as well as other supporting organizations and individuals from aroundthe world, to the world's highest body responsible for Global Governance, through Your Excellency withcopies to some of your Excellencies addressed thereto, inter alia with the following demands:
“this problem of International magnitude will not be solved till some sort of stiff actions are 
taken by the United Nations Organizations, which should be directed towards its Member States 
that “they cannot maintain any financial or other relat 
ionship with Switzerland or any other country, having Banking Privacy for Foreign Citizen. Such directions should be imposed for a  period, till these countries do not change their Banking Privacy Laws, to ensure disclosures the following details before the authorities of respective countries: 
Total amount of "unclaimed" money in Switzerland from each country; 
Total amount of money deposited in Switzerland with names of individuals / organizations, 
address and country.” 
His Excellency President of Swiss Confederation Mr. Samuel Schm, and with copies to some of Excellenciesaddressed thereto, as APPEAL TO PEOPLE OF SWITZERLAND.Now I am placing very serious Reports, roaming on in Internet causing either of opposite but, serious impactsagainst very existence of United Nations Organization.Reports (as enclosed herein after this representation for all of Excellencies addressed thereto) which areroaming in the internet are relating to the alleged fact that Soviet (the then USSR) intelligence agency KGBhad deposited US $2 billion in a Swiss bank account in 1985 in the "minor" account of Rahul Gandhi managedby his mother Sonia Gandhi, which causing serious but complete opposite impacts against democratic,sovereign country of India, and further causing serious threats to objects of very existence of United NationsOrganisation, just because Swiss Banking Privacy is prevailing in respect of Foreign Depositors.If this then it is ample clear that Smt. Sonia Gandhi grabbed the reins of Powers of UPA, (which is controllingthe present Government of India headed by Dr. Man Mohan Singh Government), with the help of such moneypowers from Swiss Banking System. This way Swiss People has caused serious interfere in the internal matterof India through privacy in Swiss Banking System. In such case I can understand the reason for Non-Principled alliance between Communists and Congress to form present Government, and also understand forthe reason for denial of justice to me by various Constitutional and ot
her authorities including Hon’ble
Supreme Court of India, Central Vigilance Commission, Central Bureau of Investigation, I. B. under Home
Ministry, all authorities working under Revenue Secretary of Finance Ministry, and Railway Ministry in respectof my Prayers and complaints against misuse of the powers and abuse of authority by Shri Jyoti Basu underNexus Between Shri Jyoti Basu himself and Mafia Leader Sanjay Kumar Jhunjhunwala and his associates andrelations, since denial to me justice is not a matter of an individual, rather atrocities, torchers, harassmentsetc, suffered by me and my family members since 1983 are evidence of complete failure of the entire systemunder political influence of Shri Jyoti Basu.But at same time if than this has been initiated to commit Character assassination or Political Assassinationof an Important Leader of a Big Political Party of a Largest Democracy of the world, sovereign India, LikeSmt. Sonia Gandhi.But both the impacts causing just in opposite directions, were possible only under prevailing privacy inBanking System of Switzerland proving that Banking Privacy in Swiss Banking System is competent tochallenge and threaten to very object of existence of United Nations Organisations, at the Gun Point of suchPrivacy Laws, and can allow to challenge sovereignty of a country like India.Therefore, in the light of this, His Excellency as well as all of your Excellencies addressed thereto will considermy Appeal and immediately considering seriousness of the matter, pleased to introduce necessary proposalbefore Next General Assembly of United Nations Organisations for kind consideration of its Member States intheir own large interests, and also in the larger interest of Globalisation and further in the interest of HumanBeing of the World, whose peace may be threatened if Laws like Banking Privacy of Switzerland allowed tocontinue any further.TWO BILLION DOLLARS IN RAHUL GANDHI'S ACCOUNT?From Our Delhi BureauNEW DELHI: Schweitzer Illustrierte, a Swiss news magazine, has alleged in an old issue that the Sovietintelligence agency KGB had deposited US $2 billion in a Swiss bank account in 1985 in the "minor" accountof Rahul Gandhi managed by his mother Sonia Gandhi.Janata Party President Dr Subramanian Swamy, who had secured an order from the Delhi High Court to theCBI to investigate alleged receipt of slush money by late former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi's family, hascited a November 1991 issue of the Swiss magazine in support of his charge.In an affidavit filed before the High Court, Dr Swamy has contended that the CBI should have atleastcontacted the news magazine to ascertain the facts. Dr Swamy says a proper CBI inquiry would reveal ascandal which will make the Bofors kickbacks pale before it as it involves corruption indulged in by late formerPrime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and exposes the slush money received by Congress President Sonia Gandhi.Dr Swamy has contested the CBI's contention before the High Court last month that the "allegation" thatRahul Gandhi had received benefits from the commercial dealings of an Indian firm in coopertion with theSoviet foreign trade organisations is vague and hence it did not conduct any inquiry.He has claimed in the affidavit that during his recent visit abroad this year, he had received "reliableinformation" that then KGB chief Victor Chebrikov had sought, in writing in December 1985, from the CentralCommittee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU), "authorisation to make payments in USdollars to the family members of Mr Rajiv Gandhi, viz Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Ms Paola Maino,mother of Sonia Gandhi."He has further claimed that the payments were authorised by CPSU by a resolution CPSU/CC/No 11228/3dated 20/12/1985 and the same was also endorsed by the USSR Council of Ministers in Directive No 2633/Rsdated 20/12/1985. He also claimed that these payments had been coming since 1971 as the paymentsreceived by Sonia Gandhi's family "have been audited in CPSU/CC resolution No 11187/22 OP dated
10/12/1984.It may be mentioned here that Dr Swamy had filed a writ petition before the Delhi High Court last yearclaiming that his allegations against Sonia Gandhi and her family members were based on the documents inthe KGB archieves. He said the CBI should have obtained a Letter Rogatory to seek the information from theRussian Government instead of rejecting his charges outright. The case is listed for the next hearing onOctober 28. END
Dhar's book Open Secretsby opus dei  Posted on June 15, 2005 1:26 AM EST
 A retired Indian Police Service officer, Maloy Krishna Dhar, has revealed in his book Open Secrets certain"facts" that otherwise would have remained secret in the files of the Intelligence Bureau, which he served for 29 years. Though some of these incidents have always been talked about at informal gatherings, no one fromthe IB ever tried to produce it in "black and white". Dhar, in his 519-page book, makes a reference to analleged plot by Dhirubhai Ambani's Reliance Industries to replace the then Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi, withhis cousin Arun Nehru. He also gives vivid accounts of Maneka Gandhi's phone being tapped during IndiraGandhi's regime, the love life of BJP leaders Uma Bharti and K.N. Govinda-charya, an encounter with a Delhipoliceman who had managed a posting at a coveted police station in central Delhi after spending Rs 5 lakhsfor this and the identification of four Union ministers in Indira Gandhi's Cabinet as alleged conduits of theKGB, the intelligence agency of the erstwhile Soviet Union. Although the author doesn't provide any directevidence to prove his points, he claims to have picked only those incidents which had a direct bearing on himas an IB operative and with which he was involved on official orders from his boss in the IB. A former jointdirector in the IB, Dhar's book also contains a reference to how Dhirubhai Ambani gained a foothold inside theIndira Gandhi administration through certain bureaucrats. The author also claims in his book that Mr. GeorgeFernandes was rated by the IB as a foreign spy because of his links with Socialist International. "Severalsurveillance measures were adopted to keep a tag on his activities," Dhar claims in his book. On ManekaGandhi he says: "The popular perception that Maneka was thrown out of 1, Safdarjung Road is not correct.She had meticulously prepared for the event ... My static watchers and moles inside the Prime Minister'shouse had noticed Maneka transferring out small baggage items, which allegedly contained cash, fromSafdarjung house to her mother's place at Jorbagh ... Soon after Maneka contrived her exit from theSafdarjung residence of Indira Gandhi, I was directed to mount renewed technical and human intelligenceoperations against Maneka Gandhi and her mother... I was directed to bug the target phone and locate a`safe house' to record the transmitted telephone and room conversations... The assigned task wasaccomplished without breaking into the premises of Maneka Gandhi." On Dhirubhai Ambani and Arun Nehruhe writes: "Rajiv's woes were aggravated by a spate of `scandals' ... Arun Nehru, V.C. Shukla and powerfullobbies that ranged from industrial houses to thirsty and hungry politicians ably assisted him. In fact, certainaccounts attributed a plotted coup by the Reliance Industry of Dhirubhai Ambani to replace Rajiv by ArunNehru. They were indeed close during the days of bonhomie when Arun collected funds for Rajiv's politicalcampaign. Dhirubhai was known to be a kind financier behind many a successful politician in India.""We know nothing about you." told Mr. P.A. Sangma looking at Sonia Gandhi. Every leader in that room wereaware of the fact that the Russian spy agency KGB had deposited US $2 billion (Rs 9400 Crores) in a Swissbank account in 1985 in the "minor" account of Rahul Gandhi managed by his mother Sonia Gandhi that wasreported years back in .Schweitzer Illustrierte, a Swiss news magazine. Is Sonia Gandhi, who called Vajpayeea gaddar (traitor) is the actual traitor? Does Sonia Gandhi alias Maino is a possible KGB and the Vaticansecret agency Opus Dei's plant in India.Sonia had bluffed Parliament in the 'Who is who' record which is part of the Parliament record, wherein it wasstated on page 291 that Sonia Gandhi had a diploma in English from Cambridge University. This is falseinformation and Sonia does not have even a high school certificate. This amounts to lying to the Parliament.Sonia had gone to work as a housemaid in the town of Cambridge and was learning English in a teaching

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