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Published by Danielle Duran
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Published by: Danielle Duran on Oct 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Meeting and conventionsTheater set up- cheapest easiest way to get masses in one room. not customerfriendly, no room for food or note taking, crampedclassroom- good for long sessions and note taking, room for food, lots of man hoursto set upConference or board room style- max 30 ppl, one large table with chairs around, not good for audio visual presentations, speakers, or large groups. good working spaceand atmosphere, interactionbanquet rounds- 6-10 ppl per table, good for meal functions, small businessmeetings and small group work. 1/2 rounds allow all to face front. takes up a lot of spacehollow square- only sit on outside edge, tables on perimeter, skirt inside square, vipevents, more upscalechevron or v shape- allows discussion among small groups, not used often, spaceintensive with little benefit,herringbone- informational type meetings, enclosed feelStaff banquet captainhead house man/womanhouse men/womenHutchinson Manor5 segments of htitravel and tourismlodgingassembly and event mgmt restaurant and managed servicesrecreationbusiness travelers tend to be younger and shorter staystravel and tourism 2nd largest employertravelers add money to local economy- multiplier effect sustainable tourism- keep sites and resources available for years to come without destroying natural environment cultural tourism- cultural events and festivalshistorical tourism
nature tourismvolunteer tourism- give back to communitywhy do ppl travel?Note takingcolin powell videolook out the from windshield of live, never rearview mirrorsubordinates get the job done, put them in the best environment to achieveclear sense of purpose- goal, mission, convey sense of purpose to every membertake care of the troops/follower- train them, equip them to get the job donecommend them when they do well- maybe promotion, maybe a good worddon't work around bad followers, do something about them (fire) don't turn awayfrom problems even if it means hurting someones feelings for the good of theorganizationlet followers know you believe in them, support them and you're in it togetheranyone can be a manager, leaders are as concerned about others as much asthemselveswe need new customers and repeat customersif you don't have something you need you are just as responsible as the manager-tell them your needs because they affect the guest experienceGoals: become trained bartender, get all A's in my classes :)only 3-6% of people achieve goals they write downdo somethingdon't expect someone to do something you won't do yourself don't promise something to a customer that can't be donedo something in order to make an impact come to class preparedimprove listening skillswithout concentration there is no focus and without focus there is nolearningdevelop a note taking method that works for youCornell Method of taking notes is most commonThere is a great difference between knowing a thing and understanding it pay attention to content review and edit your notesmost important part of note taking is the ability to increase learning capacitycod.edu/people/faculty/fancher/study.htm9/10This class is all about you!
Shout your mistakes from the mountaintopsPeople can't use use as a scapegoat if you make them aware of your mistakeStrength- Outgoing, hardworking, critical thinker, Friendly, eager to pleaseWeaknesses- critical, perfectionist, workaholic, impatient,Opportunities-Threats- no support system,9/11 videoGander took in 7000 displaced passengers and landed our planesoperation yellow ribbonsmall community that relies on neighbors167 planes had to be landedonly 500 hotel bedsred cross sent supplies from donors throughout newfoundlandcouldn't removechecked bags, not clothes, prescriptions, etc4 days in gander before airspace opened back uphospitality starts and ends with youyou do it every daymust have a calliong for it 9.17horst schulzeservice should be defect freeservice should be timelypeople should carekeep guests- loyaltyfind new guestsget as much money as you can from the guest withou losing themcreate efficienciesvideoas soon as they see you they form an opinion1. first step of service must be welcome2. comply to the customer's expectations3. thank the guest create customer loyaltya dissatisfied guest is your enemya satisfied customer is neutrala loyal customer will come to you when the competition offers a better dealprimary goal should be to create customer loyalty, based on trust. create trust bycaring for the guest.

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