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The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life

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Published by KiMii Esteban

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Published by: KiMii Esteban on Oct 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The game is finally here. I spent three days (so far) on the game and below are some thingsI discovered. I will be updating this page often as I learn more. Please post a comment below for some tricks you discovered.See below the 'TIPS' and 'STRATEGIES' for the 'PUZZLES'.Posted byEW Johnson No comments:
Use the keyboard for changing screens:M = mapD = detailsC = collectionsP = puzzlesT = technologySpace = pauseesc = main menuChange the settings under 'OPTIONS' on the main menu to 'FAST' and 'FULL SCREEN'.If you want time to go faster, quit the game and increase the time on your computer by 2hours. Start the game again and 2 years have gone by. Don't jump more than 2 hours intothe future at a time as your villagers may run out of food and starve. You can then buytechnology or get a new project underway and jump 2 years into the future again and againand.... If you adjust the time on your computer past midnight be sure to increase the date by1 as well. Otherwise you will accidentally jump into the past, which often has grave sideeffects for the villagers. You can push the space bar to pause the game before you reset thecomputer's time back to the correct time and that will save your villagers.Click on a project to see what percent completed it is.Puzzles are not solved in order.Don't finish building the huts at the beginning of the game.
When you want a baby don't let them walk back to the hut. Keep an eye on the populationcount and keep trying until you see the population size increase.Always use a child to heal anyone who is sick. That is the only skill a child can be taughtand when they reach 14 years old they will heal the sick on their own even if you are notaround.Keep an eye out for mushrooms, especially at the beginning of the game. Only children can pick up the mushrooms and they may desperately be needed for food in the future.Pause the game if you will not be playing again for a long time.To get to a different part of the map quickly, push the number keys. You can also pick up avillager then press a number key to transport the villager to another part of the map.1 = bottom left, 2 = bottom middle, 3 = bottom right4 = middle left, 5 = middle middle, 6 = middle right7 = top left, 8 = top middle, 9 = top rightYou can change the villagers' names under details.When you hear the bells look for mushrooms or collectibles. I don't always find somethingat that time.To quickly find a child, click the right arrow next to the detail circle when no villager isselected.Drag both huts close to the wood pile before starting construction.Drop a villager on the wood pile and one on the dry grass near the stairs. When they aredone drop a villager on the fire pit to start the fire.Don't put villagers on the blackberry bush for food. Instead drop them on the cutting toolsin the lab (see Puzzle #1 below). This way they will get 30 points for food instead of just 5 points.Keep a careful watch for mushrooms and collectibles especially at the beginning of thegame. If you collect more than one of the same item then the child earns tech points.Herbs: White herb near bridge, yellow above the lab, and orange near the top left of themap.After boiling water (see Puzzle #3 below) drop villager on the table after three herbs have been collected. Then drop any villager, even children and nursing mothers, on the food binto add food to the pot.
Click on the mausoleum floor to go inside. Click on villager's picture for info on thatvillager.Low tide is every 2 hours.Drop a child on another child and they will have some type of contest.After earthen oven is complete, make the stew and drop villager on the fruit tree.Posted byEW Johnson No comments:
At the beginning of the game be sure to select one young female child, two males and twofemales 14 years old or slightly older.Make one villager a farmer and the rest researchers.Start the fire and make cutting tools (See Puzzle #1 below).As soon as you have 5000 points buy level 2 construction and start on the earthen oven(See Puzzle #6 below).

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