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Published by Being Vikram

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Published by: Being Vikram on Oct 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Presented by:Vishakha Jain PG-11-082Harish Mordani PG-11-Vikram
Scheduling is the allocation of starts and finish time to eachparticular order. Therefore scheduling can bringproductivity in shop floor by providing a calendar forprocessing a set of jobs.
The single machine-scheduling problem consists of n jobswith the same single operation on each of the jobs,
while the flow shop-scheduling problem consists of n jobswith m operations on each of the jobs. In this problem, allthe jobs will have the same process sequences.
The job shop scheduling problem contains n jobs with moperations on each of the jobs; but, in this case, theprocess sequences of the jobs will be different from eachother.
Basic data necessary to describe job
Processing time (tj ): It is the time required to process job j.
Ready time (rj ): It is the time at which job j is available forprocessing.
Due date (dj ): It is the time at which the job j is to be completed.
Completion time (Cj ): It is the time at which the job j is completedin a sequence.
Flow time (Fj ): It is the amount of time job j spends in the system.It is the difference between the completion time and the readytime of the job j. i.e. Fj = Cj
Makespan : total time to completely process all jobs.
Lateness (Lj): It is the amount of time by which the completiontime of job j differs from the due date (Lj = Cj
d). Lateness can beeither positive lateness or negative lateness. Positive lateness of a job means that the job is completed after its due date. Negativelateness of a job means that the job is completed before its duedate.

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