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Realty 411 Part 2 - America's Favorite Investment Magazine - Featuring Whiterock Capital

Realty 411 Part 2 - America's Favorite Investment Magazine - Featuring Whiterock Capital

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Published by Realty411
Based in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, Calif., Realty411 publishes online and print magazines, e-newsletters and handles marketing communications for companies interested in reaching investors. Enjoy reading tips and valuable information that can help you in creating long-lasting wealth for you and your family. Real estate is our game, let's play.
Based in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, Calif., Realty411 publishes online and print magazines, e-newsletters and handles marketing communications for companies interested in reaching investors. Enjoy reading tips and valuable information that can help you in creating long-lasting wealth for you and your family. Real estate is our game, let's play.

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Published by: Realty411 on Oct 06, 2012
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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www.realty411guide.com | Vol. 4 • No. 3
 A Resource Guide for Investors
Print • Online • Network
WhiteRock Capital, Inc
Discover why this growing Californiainvestment firm also buys in Arizona
 Photo: John DeCindis
“Show me the money!”You say, Ok, I will.
t’s actually in plain sight and yoursfor the taking, if it weren’t for thatone thing that stands betweenyou and it. That thing is fear.Fear is what stands betweenthe money you’re mak-ing right now and the money youwant to make. Just on the other side of that fear exists an abun-dance of wealth, freedomand happiness. Big money! If 
you could only gure out how to
conquer that fear, that big moneywould be yours. Such a simple con-cept, but it almost seems insurmountable,doesn’t it?What? You’re not afraid of anything? Fear isn’t your problem?Well... if the lack of time, money, credit
and/or knowledge has stied your real es
-tate investing progress, fear is your prob-lem. The reason most would not admit thatfear is their problem is because fear comesin so many different shapes, sizes, namesand intensities that they don’t recognize itfor what it really is. It’s not always calledfear, sometimes it sounds like:
•I’ll call that FSBO tomorrow.•There aren’t any deals out there right
•I can’t qualify for a loan.•The REO agent won’t call me back.•The market is saturated with other inves
•I’ll wait until the election is over.•The market hasn’t hit bottom yet.
Fear, or any variation of the word, isn’tmentioned in any of the above examples, but they are all founded on fear. Until yourecognize fear for what it really is andlearn how to conquer it, the big money youseek will forever exceed your grasp.Through my own personal experiencesand now through several years of coach-ing others in their real estate investing, I’vecome to know fear for what it is 99.9%
of the time: False Evidence Appear 
ing Real (F.E.A.R.). Although
I can’t think of any fear at themoment that I’ve experi-enced as being real, I’msure there’s an excep-tion, so I left the .1%open to satisfy that ex-ception.Fear, literally, is a distressingemotion aroused by impendingdanger, evil, or pain. Fear is a basic sur-vival mechanism related to the behaviors
of ght, ee, escape, or avoidance. The
capacity to fear is a part of human na-ture. This emotion is both learned and in-herited; it is a lessonthat has been passedon from generation togeneration beginningmillions of years agowhen humans initial-ly learned to fear thelikes of saber-toothedtigers and hungry
wolves (now that’s
what I call impending
danger, evil, or pain!). The last I checked,
threat from these beasts did not interferewith my last attempt at closing a deal. Howabout yours? Probably not, but everydayfears that seem just as daunting do.What is important to understand is thatthe vast majority of fears we face cannot be categorized as impending danger, evil,or pain. There are few things out there that
will kill us or cause us physical harm. As
long as we look both ways when crossingthe street and steer away from dark alleysat night, most danger, evil, and pain can bevirtually eliminated from a person’s life.Then why does fear still stop us? The an-swer is simple. Whether a threat is real or imagined, the mind will not automaticallymake the distinction. The mind will initial-ly categorize everything as a saber-toothedtiger, and unless you ignore that initial as-sessment and consciously re-categorizeyour fears for what they really are... False
Evidence Appearing Real, you will forever 
fall short of your personal potential. Simply put, the fear we experience today is strictly psychological. It’s imagined. It “appears”real and dangerous, but it’s not.Whether it’s the lack of time, money,credit and/or knowledge that’s hinder-ing your real estate investing, you’ll wantto know that it’s not those things that arestopping you. It’s the fear, or the unknown,around those circumstances that stop you;
And this is our clue as to how
to conquer fear. The “fear con-queror” is action. Not only willaction produce your results, itwill conquer and cure your fears.Conversely, inaction, indecision,and procrastination fertilize fear causing it to grow.Simply put, take action in theface of your fears and your fearswill disappear.
But! Easier said than done,
right? Indeed. But, there’s an ex-ercise you can use to make tak-ing action in the face of fear easy.Yep, easy. Imagine what your income, or your life for that matter, would look like if taking action in the face of fear were easy.The sky is the limit!In the interest of helping you reach thesky, I’m about to introduce to you the“easy” way to conquer fear so you cantake actions that will produce the resultsyou desire. I call this easy exercise the
False Evidence Test. When executed withintegrity, the test ushes out the false evi
There’s Big Money in Conquering Your Fear:
And Here’s How to Do It!
Continued on pg. 61
by Matt Theriault 
PAGE 33 •
 Matt Theriault 
he California market is ashot as its deserts and ashigh as its mountains. Theforeclosures are gettingscooped up by savvy all-cash investors who then rehab them and
sell them for a quick prot. The dis
-tressed market is creating phenomenalopportunities for investors. But now thatinventory is shrinking will we see themarket rise even more? Is their ShadowInventory still yet to be released? Toget a view on the state of real estatein California we talked with seasoned
veterans Ruth Ortiz and Christian
Yepez. They are the principals in the
rm USA Real Estate Group, LLC, and
they specialize in the rehabilitation of  properties in southern California. Theyare known as the “Property Flip Pros”
for their unique ability to nd deals andturn a prot for their investor partners in
seemingly non-existent situations.
Currently, Chris and Ruth ip aboutfour to ve properties per month
throughout Southern California.
A re
-cent deal they rehabbed was a property
on La Verne Avenue in East Los Ange
-les. They purchased the two bedroom,one bath house for $136,000. It was a pocket listing brought to them by an-other broker. The total rehab costs were$25,000. The property was put back onthe market at $249,500.Within three days it received tenoffers and went for the asking price
of $255,000. Ortiz says the outcome
was fantastic because they invested ina quality rehab, which included a full
kitchen and bath remodel, new oors,
interior and exterior paint, landscape, plus new appliances and high-end
This sample deal is just one of the
success stories that Christian and Ruth
can share from their nearly 20 year 
real estate business. Ruth got her real
estate license right out of high school.
At the beginning of her career, she said
she was doing property rehabs without
really knowing what they were. Early
on, while taking classes in real estate,she met Christian. They decided to gointo business together and their businessrelationship progressed into marriage.
Eighteen years later, both partnerships(marriage and business) are booming.
Coming Back to California
Chris and Ruth may be slam-dunking
deals now but two years before thecrash, they voluntarily left the Cali-fornia market to seek greater returnelsewhere. “We felt that properties were
over-inated. We sensed that somethingwas going to happen,” Ruth recalls.
They recognized that the high pricesthat forced them out of the market
were articially created. “Prices wereridiculously high. As an investor, you
wondered how long this was going tolast and how were you going to makemoney. We got nervous and that’s whywe decided to get out of state.”
Christian and Ruth ended up going out
of state and working the Texas market
(San Antonio) for awhile. “Whatever 
it took to get the job done, we did it because we just didn’t feel there wasenough room to make money in Cali-fornia.”Whereas others took a bath tryingto force deals in a constricted market,
Ruth and Chris used their accumulated
knowledge and gut instincts to knowwhen to get out.“I had already experienced the crashof the ‘’90s when I was fairly new in the business.”When asked how this crash com-
 pared to the others, Ruth replies: “The
current crash was totally different. Thiscrash was more like a tsunami, a totallydifferent animal.”
Ruth and Christian believe that, a key
to understanding where we are todayin the California real estate market isknowing what precipitated the recent
market crash. “I think the articially
high prices were caused by government
and political manipulation,” Ruth ad
-mits. “It’s an attempt to escalate prices
so people will go out and renance and
 build up lines of credit.”Christian says he remembers a timewhen “If you were breathing and notin prison, the banks would make you aloan and hand you the keys to a home.”
Ruth and Chris believe the real estate
industry nationwide continues to be ma-nipulated by the powers that created allthis. “The crash is being handled not asa quick elevator ride to the bottom, butmore as an elevator ride with intermit-
tent stops on various oors on the way
to the bottom.”These expert investors say the marketis still shaky and they caution novicerehabbers to be careful when buying for 
 prot. “We still have a way to go. We’re
almost at the bottom, but we are notthere quite yet.”
In the meantime, Christian and Ruth
will continue to take advantage of thedistressed California market by doingas many deals as they can before themarket changes yet again.
For more information on rehabbing with Christian Yepez and Ruth Ortiz,contact: 562-304-7787 or visit onlinewww.CaliforniaHomesRepos.com
The Scoop on the California Market withthe So Cal “Property Flip Pros”
by Isaac Newark III
PAGE 34 •
The ‘Property Flip Pros’ 

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