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Published by Maria
Rosie is missing!!
Rosie is missing!!

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Published by: Maria on Oct 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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2The next story is verifiable up to the end of the narrative, although I might have changedthe names of the characters in order to keep a few details confidential of that day lost in time.As the tape measure snapped back, I thought of my wife Sarah and me moving into ourcottage. It was all bare bricks at the moment, but would look lovely when decorated. Onhearing someone in the room, I looked up expecting to see Sarah but noticed a little girl in thecorner. She could only have been four.
“Hello,” I
said, thinking she was one of the neighbours. “What are you doing here?”
 She smiled, playing with her curly hair tied in a ponytail.
“Where‟s mummy?” I went on puzzled.
 My small visitor looked at me while fiddling with her hands, before running out of thedoor.
As Sarah came in after her, I frowned. “Where did she come from?”
“Who?”“The little girl.”“I only saw you by the door,” she said. “You must have dreamt of her as I went to theshops.”I shrugged. “She was real.”
 We looked in the house, the garden and anywhere else a child could be hiding, but it musthave been a mirage or I might be going mad.
“I can ask the neighbours,” I said.
 We forgot all about the child during the next few years, when we married and had a littlegirl. We named her Rosie.
3Our life with Rosie was a dream. She started to walk and talk early, creating her ownfantasy world in the backyard, where fairies had a hiding place by the old fountain in thegarden.
“Daddy,” she said one day as I mowed the grass. “The queen of the fairies has invited meto a party.”
I smiled. “Can I come too?”
She looked at me from the playpen‟s window. “You wouldn‟t fit in her home.”
 I pruned the plants as she reappeared from under her hiding place later on.
“How are the fairies?” I asked.She shrugged. “They send me to a lot of places with their magic wand. They wave it, saythe magic word and off I go.”
Rosie offered a cup to someone invisible, mumbling her own incantations in an enchantedworld no one else could see. I gathered my tools and made my way towards the shed.
“Daddy,” she called. “Do you want to meet my friends?”
I smiled. “All right.”
As I Crawled through the playpen‟s entrance, I found myself in a world full of dollies.
She fed them imaginary food while sitting on the floor.
“We‟re getting ready for the journey,” she said.
“What journey?” I asked.
“It‟s a secret.”
 I wondered about her words. Rosie liked outings. She would wake up in the early hoursof the morning to help with the preparations, whenever we decided to go on holydays, andafter gathering her toy plates, she put them on a pile on the floor.
“I‟m tired, daddy,” she said.I shrugged. “We‟ll eat first and then you‟ll go to bed.”

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