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The Reason for God - The Cross

The Reason for God - The Cross

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Published by Dave
Why does Jesus need to die?
Why does Jesus need to die?

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Published by: Dave on Oct 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Reason for God:
The (True) Story of the Cross
Here is the positive case for belief in the Christian faith so far:There are clues to believe in a personal Creator God / Moral Law giver. Not only that, wealready presuppose God by living as if moral laws really exist. That’s bad news: We break our own ethical standards by self centered living.The solution is not moral improvement, but radical grace from GodBut why must Jesus die on the cross for us in order for God to forgive our sins? Isn’t thatHis job anyway? Some people call it 'cosmic child abuse' (a fierce Father needs to punishthe innocent Son before He could forgive the guilty).Keller argues that real forgiveness is costly suffering. If someone damaged your car, youcan either ask him to pay all/share the costs or you absorb the full cost of his misdeedyourself. Someone has to bear the payment.If someone wronged you, you may try to take revenge and make him suffer. But it takes atoll on you – make you hard, cold, cynical, prejudiced and vengeful. The cycle of retaliation can spread and intensify (The Prestige). The other option is to forgive (refuse tomake them pay for what they did). It is a form of suffering. But it leads to new freedom,life and peace. It breaks the cycle of violence. Shouldn’t we confront the wrongdoers torestrain them, ask them to repent or protect others? Yes, but out of love/first seek forgiveness. Otherwise what we seek is not justice but revenge, not their change but their  pain. Example: Dietrich Bonhoeffer Since forgiveness means absorbing the debt of sin yourself instead of making the guilty payfor it, should it surprise us that when God forgives us that He went to the Cross and diethere? It is important to realize that Jesus is not just a third-party bystander. For Christians,Jesus is God Incarnate. He is the Judge Himself receiving the punishment. He is eternallyone with the Father.The cross is biblically portrayed as a Trinitarian conspiracy of love where the Father ‘soloved the world that he gave his only-begotten Son’ (John 3:16) and the Son voluntarilyaccepts the cross as the supreme expression of His own love: “Greater love has no manthan this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. You are my friends.” (John 15:13) Itis not primitive deity that demands blood for their wrath to be appeased but God becamehuman to offer his own blood so that he can destroy all evil without destroying us.Some people argue that the cross is primarily a display of how great God’s love is for us.(Romans 5:8). His sacrificial death melts away our hate, awakens moral change and movesus to imitate Christ (moral influence). The sole obstacle to salvation lies in the subjectiveresistance of sinners. But unless the cross
rescues us, it would be an emptyshow of sentimentality just like a silly lovesick boy who declares, "Darling, I will prove my1

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