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The Enemy

The Enemy

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Published by Mike Campagna
This is Study Guide 3 for the Heart Chat Spiritual Warfare online Bible study on Facebook
This is Study Guide 3 for the Heart Chat Spiritual Warfare online Bible study on Facebook

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Published by: Mike Campagna on Oct 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Enemy
Heart ChatBible Study
w/Pastor Mike
Spiritual Warfare Bible StudyInstructions and Schedule
© A Heart For God Ministries
Chat takes place on Facebook for 1 hour every Sundayat 4 pm Pacific USA.
Web address for chat ->http://www.tinyurl.com/HeartChat-Facebook If you are unable to attend at the chat time, feel freeto check out and interact with the chat (via yourcomments and "likes") when it's convenient. I willcheck in throughout the week to make sure andrespond to you.Study guide for each week will be posted on Facebook the Monday before chat. (For example,the guide for the Sept 30th chat will be posted on Monday, Sept 24.)Read through the study guide for the week and do the exercises to prepare for chat.
SCHEDULE (6 weeks)
 Sept 30 Introduction to WarfareOct 7 The Weapons / BattlefieldOct 14 The EnemyOct 21 The Full Armor of GodOct 28 War StoriesNov 4 Tips for the TrenchesDavid and Goliath picture in the public domain:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Osmar_Schindler_David_und_Goliath.jpg {{PD-US}} – published in the US before 1923 and public domain in the US.
Spiritual Warfare eBook Study Guide – Lesson 3
© A Heart For God Ministries
Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Attila the Hun, Jim Jones, David Koresh, the Unabomber,Pharoah, Herod the Great, Judas Iscariot, Lee Harvey Oswald, John Wilkes Booth ~ andthe list goes on and on ~ names that will go down in infamy. Just the hearing of thesenames brings back unspeakable horrors and dastardly deeds to one’s mind. Rape, murder,drive-bys, crime, kidnapping, genocide, euthanasia, abortion, beheadings … just thethought of these crimes makes the soul sick.And yet there is one being whose sinful and decadent personality and works stands aloneand above every despicable human being and every despicable action that ever wascommitted or contrived. When you think of him, I want you to think of the combinedmonstrosities of the past and present and realize that those still pale in comparison to theevil of this being. He is most unaffectionately known as Satan, the enemy of God and theenemy of our souls.Write it down: At this very moment, he is calculating how he might bring about thedownfall of your marriage, the destruction of your family, the closing of your church andthe tarnishing of your holy life and witness. If you are not using your armor and weapons,then it’s like playing a soccer match without a goalie. It’s just a matter of time before theopposition will score.
Why Emphasize the Enemy?
I’ve seen my share of moral collapses over the years that can be mostly attributed toone’s having too high a view of themselves and their importance and too low a view of spiritual warfare and the enemy’s cunning and power. Casualties are a result.Throughout history, the devil’s character has been written off: “One of Satan’s[strategies] is to give those who believe that he does exist an entirely wrong concept of what his true nature and character really are. In the Middle Ages, when there were noradios, no magazines, no newspapers, no movies, no telephones, and none of our modernmeans of passing the time, the people were frequently amused by the miracle plays.These were a sort of religious pageant in which religious stories were acted out on thestage. The audience learned to look for one character on the stage who was alwaysdressed in red, wore horns on his head, and [had] a tail dangling out behind him. Hishoofs were cloven, and he had a pitchfork in his hand. The onlookers were quite thrilled

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