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COMPLETE BOOK II - Christian and Anastasia FanFiction - All Chapters

COMPLETE BOOK II - Christian and Anastasia FanFiction - All Chapters



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Published by Emine Fougner
This is a fanfiction based on 50 Shades Darker; Christian Grey's POV.
This is a fanfiction based on 50 Shades Darker; Christian Grey's POV.

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Published by: Emine Fougner on Oct 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“Mommy, I’m hungry!” I say looking for her. But mommy isn’t here.“Mommy! Mommy!” Mommy is in the bedroom. I go to the door. I’m not supposed to open it if it is closed. But I’m too
hungry. The door is very dirty. It has spots all over it. I reach for the
handle. There is noise inside. Mommy is crying. Is she hurt? The man is here. I’m not supposedto go in when the man is in there. But I’m too hungry. I slowly open the door. I peek i
Mommy is bent over the small bed. She’s holding onto the metal bar. She’s naked. The bad manis behind mommy. He has no shirt, but he has pants on. I only see his back. He’s pushingmommy. Mommy is crying. “Don’t! Please! Stop!” she is saying.
“I own you! If I want pussy, I get pussy, you whore!”“The kid’s in the apartment, please!” she begs some more. Oh, I’m the kid.
“Mommy,” I say scared. “I’m hungry...”
Mommy cries harder. “Jesus Christ!” mommy sounds upset. “Please, let me go! My kid…” she
says her voice scared and small.
He yanks his unbuckled belt off his pants very fast and hits mommy with it. Mommy cries out.
He’s so angry. He turns back to me and his pee
-pee is hanging out. I run to the kitchen. There isno place to hide. I hide under the sink. He finds me. My little hands are shaking. I cover my face
with my hands. Maybe he won’t see me. But he always does. He grabs my elbow and pulls meout of the cabinet. My arm scratches. I hit my head under the counter. I’m scared to cry. He hits
e harder if I cry. If I make no sound maybe he won’t make me bleed.
“You cost me my fun you little shit!” He pulls me and turns me over. He pulls my shorts down,
and hits and hits and hits me. It hurts.
“Mommy!” I cry out. “Mommy it hurts! Help me mommy!” He remembers his belt in mommy’sroom. He gets up, and drags me by my arm to mommy’s room. He tosses me on the bed. He
takes the belt and starts hitting me. I scream. It hurts a lot! Mommy curls up on the floor. When
I scream she cries more. But mommy doesn’t come to stop him. She just cries louder in the
bedroom. He drops me to the floor. He holds his big foot up. Then he kicks me. I roll on thefloor. Finally the wall stops me. I silently cry. I cover my mouth to stop the noise.
“The bitch and her fucking bastard!” he yells. He turns his back. I hear his footsteps leaving. I’mscared to look. Is he gone? I’m hurt. My head is bleeding a little. Mommy slowly crawls. She
grabs the old shirt from the floor
. She puts it on. Mommy’s hands are shaking. She doesn’t look
at me. She crawls to the bathroom. I keep watching mommy still silently crying. She comes back
out of the bathroom. Mommy’s eyes are big, red, and scared. She is holding a small bottle.
Mommy wo
n’t look at me. She goes to the kitchen. I slowly follow her. She turns the faucet on.
Then she fills the dirty cup with water. She comes to sit on the couch still shaking. Tears arecoming from her eyes, but she makes no sound. Just tears.Mommy opens the bottle. She shakes it. She looks at it. She looks at me with her sad eyes. She
cries a little more. She doesn’t smile. She holds the bottle up to her mouth. Pours it. She drinksthe water. I’m hungry too mommy, I think to myself. But I won’t say it. Momm
y is sad. She lieson the couch.
“Come here Christian,” she says. I walk to her.“Lay down next to mommy,” mommy says. I climb on the sofa. I lay down next to her. She holdsme. I’m hungry. But mommy is holding me. It’s
better she’s holding me. Mommy’s
eyes criesmore. She still makes no sound. She kisses the top of my head.
“Goodbye Christian,” she says. Mommy is tired. She’s going to sleep. “Goodnight mommy,”
Isay. We are going to sleep.

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Brina reviewed this
Rated 5/5
awesome this was amazing!! do a book iii I will love that
rashmi liked this
valberts1963 reviewed this
Rated 5/5
AMAZING FSoG fan fiction from Christian's point of view. In some ways it was even better than the original book on which it is based. I wish she had time to write more. Definitely an author to watch!
Jen Bowar liked this
sfearless98 liked this
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